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ATTRACTION  look up translate image
Any visitor service or product which tourists would enjoy visiting or using. An attraction may not be an "attractor" but can still be an attraction. To be considered an attraction, a product must be: a. Findable (clearly located on maps and street addresses, and directions provided). If tourists can't find the facility, it is not a tourist attraction.
ATTRACTOR  look up translate image
A significant tourist attraction, which compels visitation. The primary "must sees" in an area. The top reasons a tourist would choose to visit this area.
BACK TO BACK  look up translate image
A term used to describe tours operating on a consistent, continuing basis. For instance, a motorcoach arriving in a city from a cross-country tour may conclude the first tour upon arrival, then transport a second group back along the same route to the origination city of the first tour
BED AND BREAKFAST (B&B)  look up translate image
Overnight accommodations usually in a private home or boarding house, often with a full American-style or Continental breakfast included in one rate.
BELL CAPTAIN  look up translate image
The person in charge of luggage at a hotel.
BENCHMARKING  look up translate image
The process of comparing performance and processes within an industry to assess relative position against either a set industry standard or against those who are "best in class" (Synergy, 2000).
BEST PRACTICE(S)  look up translate image
Used to designate highest quality, excellence, or superior practices in a particular field by a tourism operator.
BLOCK  look up translate image
A number of rooms, seats, or space reserved in advance, usually by wholesalers, tour operators, or receptive operators who intend to sell them as components of tour packages.
BOOKING FORM  look up translate image
A document which purchasers of tours must complete to give the operator full particulars about who is buying the tour. It states exactly what is being purchased (including options) and must be signed as acknowledgment that the liability clause has been read and understood.
BPA  look up translate image
Blanket Purchase Agreement. These are agreements with vendors that allow buyers to make repetitive types of purchases over a period of time with a summarized bill sent by the vendor once a month.
BREAK-EVEN POINT (BEP)  look up translate image
The point at which revenues and expenses are the same. For example, the BEP is the number of products (or seats, cabins, tickets, etc.) that must be sold for a company to break even. The BEP is calculated as fixed costs divided by the selling price less variable costs. See reasonable number.
BREAK-EVEN PRICING  look up translate image
Pricing a product based on a forecast of the break-even point and the cost of achieving the break-even point.
BREAKAGE  look up translate image
Expenses budgeted for a tour but not used or expended, thus resulting in additional profit to the tour operator. Examples include meals budgeted but not consumed, currency fluctuations in favor of the tour operator, or the tour selling to much larger numbers of passengers than expected.
BUDGETED BALANCE SHEET  look up translate image
A budget that measures total assets and liabilities.
BUDGETED INCOME STATEMENT  look up translate image
A budget that tracks revenues and expenses. Also called the profit and loss statement.
CARRIER  look up translate image
A company that provides transportation services, such as motorcoach companies, airlines, cruise lines, and rental car agencies.
CARRYING CAPACITY  look up translate image
Carrying capacity refers to the number of visitors that can adequately be accommodated with existing infrastructure including lodging, dining, public bathrooms, roads, parking, etc.
CERTIFICATION  look up translate image
A voluntary procedure that assesses, monitors, and gives written assurance that a business, product, process, service, or management system conforms to specific requirements.
CHAIN-RATIO METHOD  look up translate image
A method for forecasting market demand by multiplying a base market figure by a series of consumption constraints.
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  look up translate image
A DMO that operates at the local level and is comprised of businesses that are not necessarily associated with the tourism industry.
CHARTER  look up translate image
To hire the exclusive use of any aircraft, motorcoach, or other vehicle.Community is people living in one place, district, state, or country (NEAP, 2000).
CONFIDENTIAL TARIFF  look up translate image
A schedule of wholesale rates distributed in confidence to travel wholesalers and travel agents.
CONSOLIDATOR  look up translate image
A person or company which forms groups to travel on air charters or at group fares on scheduled flights to increase sales, earn override commissions or reduce the possibility of tour cancellations.
CONSUMER SHOW  look up translate image
A product showcase for the general public. Differs from a "trade show" as a trade show generally targets industry professionals.
CONVERSION  look up translate image
Getting "heads in beds" or otherwise closing the sale. Differs from "hospitality." Hospitality is being warm, friendly and helpful. Conversion is active selling.
COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT  look up translate image
A cooperative agreement is a written legal instrument reflecting a relationship between a Federal agency and a state or local government, tribal government, or other non-federal recipient in which the principle purpose is to transfer money, property, services, or anything of value to the state or local government or other recipient to stimulate or support a public purpose authorized by federal statute. Substantial involvement is anticipated between the federal agency and the recipient during performance of the contemplated activity.
CULTURAL TOURISM  look up translate image
Travel for the purpose of learning about cultures or aspects of cultures (NEAP, 2000).
CULTURE  look up translate image
The sum total of ways of living by a group of human beings that is transmitted from one generation to another (NEAP, 2000).
CVB  look up translate image
Convention and Visitors Bureau. (See also DMO).
DAY RATE  look up translate image
Also called a day room. A reduced rate granted for the use of a guest room during the daytime, not overnight occupancy. Usually provided on a tour when a very late-night departure is scheduled.
DAY TOUR  look up translate image
An escorted or unescorted tour that lasts less than 24 hours and usually departs and returns on the same day. See sightseeing tour.
DEADHEADING  look up translate image
Making a trip or a segment of a trip without passengers, such as driving an empty.motorcoach somewhere.
DEGRADATION  look up translate image
Any decline in the quality of natural or cultural resources, or the viability of ecosystems that is caused directly or indirectly by humans (NEAP, 2000).
DEMAND GENERATORS  look up translate image
Strategies and programs developed by DMOs and suppliers to generate destination demand. Examples include festivals, events, cultural tours, and consumer promotion.
DEMANDS  look up translate image
A consumer's wants backed by the ability to purchase.
DEMOGRAPHICS  look up translate image
Population measures, such as age, gender, income, education, race/ethnicity, religion, marital status, household size, and occupation.
DEPARTURE POINT  look up translate image
The location or destination from which a tour officially begins.
DEPARTURE TAX  look up translate image
Fee collected from a traveler by the host country at the time of departure.
DEPOSIT  look up translate image
An advance payment required to obtain and confirm space.
DEPOSIT POLICY  look up translate image
A specified amount or a percentage of the total bill due on a specified date prior to arrival.
DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH  look up translate image
A form of marketing research that is used to provide detailed answers about customer markets.
DESTINATION  look up translate image
The geographic place to which a traveler is going.
DESTINATION ALLIANCE  look up translate image
A DMO that operates as a for-profit association of select suppliers who form a paid membership network to promote their services to travelers.
A for-profit company that operates similar to a CVB by providing planning and execution services for the convention and meeting market.
A company or other entity involved in the business of increasing tourism to a destination or improving its public image.
DIRECT FLIGHT  look up translate image
A flight that stops one or more times on the way to a destination, but does not require travelers to change planes.
DIRECT MARKETING  look up translate image
Sales and marketing communication that feature direct interaction between a company and its customers without any distribution intermediaries.
DIRECTORS  look up translate image
An industry council of the Travel Industry Association of America www.tourstates.com
DISTANCE LEARNING  look up translate image
Any activity in which the learner participates in a resource education experience from a location remote from the resource in question and without the personal presence of a agency representative, i.e. internet, interactive CD teleconferencing.
A local company that handles arrangements for tours, meetings, transportation, etc. for groups originating elsewhere.
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