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24-BIT COLOR  look up translate image
Color systems use 24 bits (8 bits x 3 channels-RGB) per pixel, allowing each pixel to display 16.7 million possible colors.
32-BIT COLOR  look up translate image
Color systems use 32 bits (8 bits x 4 channels-CMYK) per pixel.
8-BIT COLOR/GRAYSCALE  look up translate image
In 8-bit color mode, the color monitor uses 8 bits for each pixel, making it possible to display 2 to the 8th power (256) different colors or shades of gray.
A4  look up translate image
ISO paper size - 210mm x 297mm (8 1/4" x 11 11/16), most commonly used for letterheads. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has established standards for paper sizes based on the metric system (millimeters).The standards have been grouped into three different series of requirements. The "A-series" is for general printing.
AAP  look up translate image
Association of American Printers.
ABRASION RESISTANCE  look up translate image
The level of resistance to withstand repeated rubbing and scuffing.
ABRASIVENESS  look up translate image
The level wear, resulting from friction, that paper, ink and coatings cause on dies, cutting blades, plates, etc.
ABSORBENCY  look up translate image
Papers ability to absorb liquids.
ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY (AUP)  look up translate image
A code of conduct addressing appropriate use of electronic services, such as chat, bulletin boards, etc.
ACCESS CONTROL LIST (ACL)  look up translate image
Managing permission and denial of service to users and hosts.
ACCORDION FOLD  look up translate image
A term for two or more parallel folds that result in the sheet opening like a fan. Accordion folds are used on products such as brochures and maps. Accordion Fold
ACETATE  look up translate image
A clear, plastic sheet used on mechanicals to prepare an overlay for art or type that, for example, will print in an additional color. Acetate is also used for overhead transparency printing.
ACETATE PROOF  look up translate image
A color proof made on clear acetate material. Acetate Proof
ACHROMATIC  look up translate image
Having no color or hue. Material that is white, gray and black.
ACID-FREE PAPER  look up translate image
A paper that lacks acid or acid-producing chemicals and because of the absence of this, the paper is more environmentally sound and is more stable over long periods of time.
ACIDITY  look up translate image
The amount of acid contained in paper. The acidity is measured by a pH factor from 0 to 14. The neutral point being 7, 0 to 7 is acid and 7 to 14 is alkaline.
ACKNOWLEDGMENT  look up translate image
1. A notification sent to a customer confirming that their order has been received. The acknowledgement will generally contain specifications of the order for the customers reviewal. 2. A direct mail follow-up program thanking the consumer for their participation in a recent campaign.
ACL  look up translate image
Access Control List - Managing permission and denial of service to users and hosts.
ACROBAT  look up translate image
Software developed by Adobe for creating and displaying Portable Document Format (PDF) files. It can capture formatting information from many publishing applications. This makes it possible to send a formatted document to a computer screen or printer and have it look exactly the way in which it was created. You can also add annotations, nav
ACROBAT CAPTURE  look up translate image
An Adobe plug-in which utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert paper originals into a text-searchable PDF document as it is scanned.
ACROBAT DISTILLER  look up translate image
Adobe software which enables a user to create Portable Document Format (PDF) files from desktop publishing and PostScript files.
ACROBAT PDF WRITER  look up translate image
Adobe software designed to convert documents into Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
ACROBAT READER  look up translate image
Adobe software which allows Portable Document Format (PDF) files to be viewed.
ACROSS THE GRAIN  look up translate image
Perpendicular to the direction of the grain in the paper. (Against the Grain).
ACRYLATE RESINS  look up translate image
A copolymer used in the formulation of adhesives, UV inks and coatings.
ACRYLIC  look up translate image
A chemical term for thermoplastic resins whose make up is based on acrylic acid and its derivatives.
ACRYLIC BASED ADHESIVE  look up translate image
A pressure sensitive adhesive that is made up of high strength, acrylic polymers. A solvent or emulsion system can be used in the application of this adhesive.
ACRYLIC EMULSION  look up translate image
A water based latex made up of acrylic polymers. Acrylic emulsion is used in making adhesives and coatings.
ACRYLIC INK  look up translate image
An ink which contains acrylic polymers. Acrylic ink is used to print on some plastics and other substrates. Works well on applications that are going to be exposed to the outdoors.
ACS  look up translate image
Address Change Service -A service provided by the USPS that provides change-of-address information to mailers who participate in the service. The information is sent electronically to the list processors and used to update addresses on computerized mailing lists.
ACTIVE SERVER PAGES (ASP)  look up translate image
A document that contains embedded server-side scripting, usually written in VBScript or JavaScript. ASP-compatible Web servers are needed to execute these scripts, such as Microsoft''s IIS. On the client side, they appear as standard HTML files and can be viewed on any platform using any browser. These documents are named with an .asp extension rather than a .html or .htm extension.
ACTIVE X  look up translate image
A Microsoft technology that enables animated objects, pop-up menus, interactive objects, and multimedia effects to be easily embedded onto Web pages.
ACTIVE X CONTROLS  look up translate image
Reusable software components, using Active X technology, that are saved in the user''s Web browser''s cache. They produce animation, interactive objects, and other multimedia effects. The controls can be written in a variety of programming languages, including Java, C++ and Visual Basic.
ADDITIVE COLOR  look up translate image
Using the three primary colors of light (red, green and blue) and adding them in combinations to form colored images as viewed on computer and video monitors. By adding red and green light, each at 100% intensity, yellow is created; by adding blue and green light, each at 100% intensity, cyan is created; and, by adding red and blue light, each at 100% intensity, magenta is created. By adding all three colors of light (red, green and blue), each at 100% intensity, white light is created Additive Color
ADDITIVE COLOR (MODEL)  look up translate image
A color model used to describe colors in a way similar to the way a color display works. The color of the transmitted light is the color you see. RGB is an additive color model.
ADDITIVE PRIMARIES  look up translate image
In referring to color, the three primary colors of white light (red, green and blue) that when mixed in the various proportions, produce any color. When 100% of the primaries are combined, white light is produced.
ADDRESS  look up translate image
Computer notation representing the location of a user, host, device, or information on a network. It usually appears as http://www.(name).com. There can also be addresses that include a /(filename) after the ".com" reference.
ADDRESS CHANGE SERVICE (ACS)  look up translate image
A service provided by the USPS that provides change-of-address information to mailers who participate in the service. The information is sent electronically to the list processors and used to update addresses on computerized mailing lists.
ADDRESS MAPPING  look up translate image
The process by which a numeric Internet address is converted into an alphabetic IP address and vice versa.
ADHERE  look up translate image
To stick or bond two surfaces together with an adhesive.
ADHESION TEST  look up translate image
Any method of tesing the adhesion strength of an adhesive.
ADHESION, PEEL  look up translate image
The amount of force required to remove a pressure sensitive material, using a specfic angle and speed, from the surface it was applied.
ADHESIVE  look up translate image
A substance that is sticky, which when applied to an object it allows that object to adhere to another.
ADHESIVE COATED PAPER  look up translate image
Paper that has some type of adhesive applied to one side.
ADHESIVE STRIKE-THROUGH  look up translate image
The penetration of the adhesive through the facestock of a pressure sensitive label.
ADHESIVE, COLD TEMPERATURE  look up translate image
Adhesive that will create a bond when applied to a cold surface in a cold environment.
ADHESIVE, HIGH TEMPERATURE  look up translate image
Adhesive that will hold up when exposed to high temperatures.
ADHESIVE, PERMANENT  look up translate image
A label with this adhesive cannot be removed without the label being destroyed or leaving residue on the object that it was applied to.
ADHESIVE, PRESSURE SENSITIVE  look up translate image
It is called pressure sensitive because when the adhesive comes in contact with a surface and pressure is applied to the label, the adhesive will allow the facestock to stick.
ADHESIVE, REMOVABLE  look up translate image
A removable label can be removed from the substrate without pieces remaining on the surface. Depending on its level of tack, a removable label can damage the surface of some materials, such as wood and suede. After a period of time or exposure to weather, the removable label will become permanent.
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