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ACCENT  look up translate image
is a distinctive feature that accentuates the look and style of a garment. Can be a touch of color, embroidery, etc, that makes a designer's work look unique.
ALINE  look up translate image
dress/skirt shape that is narrower at the top and gently flaring out to the bottom, following the shape of the letter A. Flattering for bottom heavy figures.
APPLIQU  look up translate image
refers to stitching in which a design is created by sewing pieces of fabric (or other materials) together onto a fabric background.Baby Doll is a short nightgown with hem that terminates just below the hip. A baby doll is longer than a crop top, but shorter than a chemise.
BABY DOLL DRESS  look up translate image
Above the knee empire waist dress, modeled according to the baby doll, often gathered at the top and adored with lace, appliqu, ruffles, bows, etc.
BACK DRAPE  look up translate image
A length of material attached either at the shoulder or the waist that flows over the back to floor length. In some cases, it's removable.
BALLERINA FLAT OR BALLET FLAT  look up translate image
is a flat shoe with a thin, skid-proof sole, often with a drawstring, an elastic top line or a modern design. This is a staple for the city girl.
BANDEAU/TUBE TOP  look up translate image
is a strapless band-shaped bodice.
BASQUE WAIST/V-WAIST  look up translate image
is a dropped waist that starts at, or just below, the natural waistline, and dips in the center creating a "V" shape.
BATEAU NECK/BOAT NECK  look up translate image
A high, wide, straight neckline that runs straight across the front and back, meeting at the shoulders; it has the same depth in the front and back.
BELL SLEEVE  look up translate image
is a long sleeve that flares at the bottom like a bell.
BIAS  look up translate image
is a textile term used when a garment is cut at an angle to the warp (horizontal yarns) and weft (vertical yarns) of a fabric. This is used to create garments that closely follow the curves of the body.
BOHEMIAN  look up translate image
A trend that describes a free-spirited attitude towards fashion with a lot of feminine details; including flounces, ties, ribbons, ruffles and embroidery. It can also be called poetic, romantic and a folkloric style. Originally comes from the Eastern European culture.
BOOT-CUT  look up translate image
Refers to trousers or jeans that are cut below the belly button and flare slightly from the knees to the ankles to accommodate any type of footwear.
BROOMSTICK DRESS  look up translate image
A dress (or skirt) characterized by its numerous pleats and crinkled material.
BUBBLE SKIRT  look up translate image
A voluminous skirt, somewhat resembling a balloon.
BUSTIER  look up translate image
A sleeveless, strapless top or dress held in place by boning, elastic or stretch fabrics. It is designed to help shape and enhance the bust line.
BUTI  look up translate image
A small embroidery motif, usually floral, but can be paisley/ mango shaped or others shapes as well.
CAMISOLE  look up translate image
is a short sleeveless garment for a woman that often feels like lingerie.
CAP SLEEVES  look up translate image
A small short sleeve that sits exactly on the shoulder or falling just on to the arm.
CAPRI PANTS  look up translate image
Three-quarter length pants designed to hit mid-calf, first popularized on the Isle of Capri.
CARDIGAN JACKET  look up translate image
is usually a collarless sweater or jacket that opens the full length of the center front.
CARGO STYLE  look up translate image
Pants or shorts with patch pocket or bellows pocket with a flap (usually a button flap) and made of cargo material, the classics are in green or beige colors.
CHANEL STYLE  look up translate image
Anything that is elegant, simple and easy to wear. The classics are a little black dresses and suits with multi-chain jewelry. The style is named after Coco Chanel, the French couturier.
CHARMEUSE  look up translate image
is a manmade, shiny, silk-like fabric.
CHEMISE  look up translate image
Usually a short nightgown hemmed below the hip and above the knee. Held up by thin spaghetti straps, the gown should fit snugly at the bust and upper torso and fall loosely and flow past the hips.
CHIFFON  look up translate image
A lightweight, plain-weave sheer fabric made with very fine, tightly twisted yarns. It is very strong, despite its filmy look.
CLOG  look up translate image
is a casual shoe on a wooden base, usually closed toe with an open back.
COTTON POPLIN  look up translate image
Medium weight durable textured fabric made with cotton or cotton blends.
COTTON/SPANDEX  look up translate image
A blend of lightweight, breathable fabric made with durable, stretchable, manmade fibers of polyurethane and natural cottons.
COWL NECK  look up translate image
A neckline featuring a piece of material attached to a garment at the neck which is draped loosely and hangs from shoulder to shoulder at the front neckline or back.
CREPE  look up translate image
is fabric which is characterized by a crinkled and puckered surface or soft mossy finish. It comes in different weights and degrees of sheerness.
CREW NECK  look up translate image
A round neck with ribbed banding that fits close to the base of the neck
CROCHET  look up translate image
is a technique for making a garment or shoe with a lacelike effect, involving a hook and a yarn.
CROPPED TOP/JACKET  look up translate image
The hem is cut just above the waist.
DAY TO EVENING  look up translate image
is a look that can take you from a day in the office straight to a night on the town with just minor changes, such as adding or changing accessories.
DCOLLET  look up translate image
is a very low-cut neckline, falling in a V-shape to below the bust giving you a plunging neckline, this looks often also reveals the shoulders and back as well. This is also a name for a woman's neck and cleavage area.
DECONSTRUCTION  look up translate image
Is a term used to describe clothing that has been taken apart and put back together in a new unexpected way, or looks unfinished, raw and as though it may be deteriorating.
DOLMAN SLEEVE  look up translate image
Cut as an extension of the bodice, the dolman sleeve is designed without a socket for the shoulder, creating a deep, wide armhole that reaches from the waist to a narrowed wrist.
DOUBLE-BREASTED  look up translate image
A style of closure in a jacket which has one edge of a garment overlapping another with a double row of buttons or other fasteners.
DRAPE  look up translate image
describes the hang or fall of fabric when made into a garment.
DUSTER  look up translate image
A long, open lightweight coat, with or without a button closure.
EMPIRE WAIST  look up translate image
is a waistline which begins just below the bust, designed with a high waist to create a flattering sweep.
EYELET  look up translate image
is a type of fabric punched with decorative holes and embroidered with purl stitching.
FABRIC LINING  look up translate image
The inner layer of fabric used to cover the inside of a garment. It is usually made of soft, smooth fabric which adds to the outfit by making it more flattering and gives it extra protection.
FAUX  look up translate image
is originally a French word meaning imitation or fake. It is most often used in connection with gems, pearls, leathers, and furs.
FINISH  look up translate image
is the level of perfection with which a garment is completed. In the best garments, the inside will look as complete as the outside.
FLARE PANTS  look up translate image
Pants that flare at the hem, also called bell-bottoms.
FORM FITTING  look up translate image
This is a style which closely skims the body and emphasizes the natural curves without being tight.
GAUCHO  look up translate image
Wide-legged pants or divided skirt reaching mid-calf.
GRAIN  look up translate image
A term used to describe the direction of the weft (vertical yarns). Clothes are traditionally cut on the grain, i.e. along the length of a fabric. On the cross grain refers to cutting fabric in the direction of the warp (horizontal yarns).
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