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AFTERNOON TEA  look up translate image
Refers to a British meal taken mid afternoon, comprising of sandwiches, scones,and pastries accompanied by tea. The 7th Duchess of Bed ford is believed to have started the tradional afternoon tea in the early 19th century.
AGONY OF THE LEAVES  look up translate image
expression describing the unfurling of rolled or twisted leaves during steeping
ANHUI  look up translate image
A major tea producing province in China. one of the major tea producing regions in China.
ANTIOXIDANT  look up translate image
A compound which retards oxidation.
AROMA  look up translate image
Also known as the nose, the odor of the brewed leaf and the resulting liquor. The fragrance or smell of steeped tea, ranging from faint to full to flowery and more.
ARTISAN TEAS  look up translate image
Often refers to premium, full-leaf white, green, and black teas that are hand-sewn into intricate blossoms or rosettes; they require no tea bag or strainer and "bloom" when steeped; sometimes referred to as flowering teas, peonies, or anemones.
ASSAM  look up translate image
A major tea growing region in India. These black teas are known for their strong malty flavor. This state in India is the largest tea-producing district in the world and is best known for its variety of black teas.
ASTRINGENCY  look up translate image
The drying sensation, (or bite) in the mouth caused by certain teas. The drying sensation of the gums and tongue, which gives a tea its refreshing characteristic.
ASTRINGENT  look up translate image
A tea tasting term which describes a liquor which is pungent but inclined to be acidic.
AUTUMNAL  look up translate image
Tea produced late in the growing season often used in reference to Darjeeling 4th flush teas. Teas harvested in autumn. The term is typically associated with teas from India and Formosa.
BAGGY  look up translate image
Describes an undesirable taint sometimes found in teas withered on inferior hessian or stored in sacks.
BAKEY  look up translate image
Black teas that have been over fired may take on this unpleasant burnt flavor.
BANCHA  look up translate image
A Japanese tea made from coarse leaves, usually from the last plucking. This tea is generally consumed domestically.
BASKET-FIRED  look up translate image
Chinese or Japanese tea that has been cured in baskets by firing or drying.
BERGAMOT  look up translate image
A citrus oil derived from the bergamot orange used to flavor black tea to make Earl Grey tea. The essential oil from the fragrant Bergamot orange, which is used as a flavor base for making Earl Grey tea.
BILLY  look up translate image
Australian term referring to tin pot with wire handle to suspend over an open fire in which tea is boiled
BISCUITY  look up translate image
A pleasant baked aroma of a well-fired tea. Used primarily to describe Assam teas.
BITE  look up translate image
A very brisk and "alive" tea liquor. A desirable trait.
BITTER  look up translate image
A twinge or strong sensation noticeable at the back of the tongue.
BLACK  look up translate image
the most common form of tea worldwide. prepared from green tea leaves which have been allowed to oxidize, or ferment, to form a reddish brew.
BLACK CURRANT  look up translate image
The berry-evoking aroma and taste. Used to describe many fine Darjeelings.
BLACK TEA  look up translate image
Fully oxidized leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Black teas are the most popular tea in the world and are also known as Red tea in China referring to the color of the infusion in the cup. The foremost tea sold worldwide. Prepared from green tealeaves that have been allowed to fully ferment and wither. Brews a reddish-orange or reddish-brown infusion.
BLEND  look up translate image
Method to establish consistency between lots of teas. Two or more varietals of tea blended together.
BLOOM  look up translate image
tea taster's term to describe sheen or lustre present to finished leaf
BODY  look up translate image
Tea taster's term to denote strength and viscosity of a brewed tea. The weight of a tea's infusion as perceived in the mouth. A tea may have thin, medium, or full body.
BOLD  look up translate image
Particles of leaf which are too large for the particular grade.
BRASSY  look up translate image
Black teas that have been under withered may take on this unpleasant acidic tang.
BREAK  look up translate image
auction term referring to a lot for sale, usually 18 chests or more.
BRICK TEA  look up translate image
Tea leaves that have been steamed and compressed into bricks. Pu-erh is a common brick tea. Common grades of Chinese and Japananes tea mixed with stalk and dust and molded into bricks under high pressure. Originally these bricks were used by Asian travelers as convenient way to transport the tea. Tea bricks were also used to barter for trade goods.
BRIGHT  look up translate image
A fresh and vibrant quality, characteristic of all fine teas.
BRISK  look up translate image
A lively, astringent quality, characteristic of all fine teas, not flat.
BROKEN  look up translate image
smaller leaf style usually created during manufacture by passing the leaf through a cutter
BROKEN ORANGE PEKOE  look up translate image
A size of tea leaf comprising the smaller leaves and tips.
BURNT  look up translate image
A degree worse than bakey.
CADDY  look up translate image
The name given to a tin or jar of tea, which takes its name from the Chinese or Malayan word 'catty'- a term used to describe the weigh of one pound of tea. In the past, tea caddies were equipped with a lock and key.
CAFFEINE  look up translate image
An alkaloid which acts as a Central Nervous System stimulant and diuretic. A stimulant contained in tea, which can boost the heart rate and alertness and, in elevated quantities, can lead to restlessness or insomnia.
CAMBRIC TEA  look up translate image
a very weak tea infusion in an excess of milk and sugar
CAMELLIA SINENSIS  look up translate image
Botanical name given to the tea bush.
CARAVAN TEA  look up translate image
Tea taken by camel from China to Russia before modern transportation.
CATECHINS  look up translate image
The class of polyphenol found in tea which function as antioxidants.
CEYLON  look up translate image
These black teas are from Sri Lanka, one of the largest tea exporters worldwide.
CEYLON BREAKFAST  look up translate image
A blend of fine teas grown on the hillsides of Sri Lanka producing a rich golden liquor with superb flavor.
CEYLON TEA  look up translate image
Tea from Sri Lanka.
CHA  look up translate image
Romanized spelling of Chinese and Japanese character which defines the word tea. The word for the Chinese and Japanese character referring to tea.
CHAI  look up translate image
The word for tea on the Indian subcontinent. In the west it generally means a spiced black tea made with milk (masala chai). A popular tea drink made from strong black tea, milk, sugar, and spices.
CHANOYU  look up translate image
The Japanese tea ceremony, literally meaning "hot water tea," which celebrates the beauty and mundane aspects of everyday life.
CHARACTER  look up translate image
The flavor and aroma linking a tea to its country, region, district, or estate of origin.
CHEST  look up translate image
Traditional container made of wood with a metal lining used to ship tea from tea estates. Original tea packaging from plantation. Normally made of wood and lined with metal foil.
CHESTY  look up translate image
A term denoting an odor in tea absorbed from the wood of a traditional storage chest.
CHINA OOLONG  look up translate image
A select blend of large leaf teas from China.
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