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A/V  look up translate image
Audio/Visual support such as television monitors, sound systems, projection systems, VCR's or taped music.
A/V CONTRACTOR  look up translate image
A supplier of audio/visual equipment and services. (see A/V)
A1  look up translate image
First class condition.
AAR  look up translate image
Against All Risks.
ACCEPTANCE  look up translate image
Any agreement to purchase goods under specified terms.
ACCESS PANEL  look up translate image
Removable panel or section of exhibit to permit access to lamps,projector mechanisms, etc.
ACETATE  look up translate image
Film positive or negative from which silk screens are produced. Also, afamily of plastics for light transmission and surface protection.
ACETONE  look up translate image
Solvent and/or adhesive agent for bonding many plastic materials.
ACOM  look up translate image
Association for Convention Operations Managers - the industry associationfor event coordinators from hotels and convention centers.
ACOUSTICAL TILE  look up translate image
Composition board made into squares and placed upon the ceilingor walls to reduce sound.
ACRYLIC  look up translate image
The family of clear, color, and translucent thermoplastic resins such asPlexiglas or Lucite.
ACRYLIC EMULSION  look up translate image
A water-based latex made of acrylic polymer and used forcoatings and/or impregnations.
AD  look up translate image
AD VALOREM  look up translate image
According to value; Ad. Val. See DUTY.
ADA  look up translate image
ADJUSTABLE STANDARD  look up translate image
Vertical support that allows shelf bracket to be affixed at anypoint in the support.
ADLUX  look up translate image
A black and white photo transparency.
ADVANCE MAILER  look up translate image
Promotional literature sent to prospective attendees prior to an events opening.
ADVANCE ORDER  look up translate image
An order for show services sent to the service contractor before move-in and usually less expensive than an order placed onsite.
ADVANCE RATES  look up translate image
Fees associated with advance orders, which typically include discounts when paid in advance.
ADVANCE RECEIVING  look up translate image
Location set by show management to receive freight before the start of the show. Freight is stored at this location and then shipped to the show at the appropriate time.
ADVANCE WAREHOUSE  look up translate image
Location set by show management to receive freight before the start of the show. Freight is stored at this location and then shipped to the show at the appropriate time. (Synonymous with Advance Receiving)
ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES  look up translate image
Promotional items with a firm's name and/or marketingmessage.
ADVISORY CAPACITY  look up translate image
A term indicating that a shipper's agent or representative is notempowered to make definitive decisions or adjustments without approval of the group or individual represented. Compare WITHOUT RESERVE.
AFFIXED MERCHANDISE  look up translate image
Client's products fastened to display.
AFFREIGHTMENT (CONTRACT OF)  look up translate image
An agreement between a steamship line (or similarcarrier) and an importer or exporter in which cargo space is reserved on a vessel for a specified time and at a specified price. The importer/exporter is obligated to make payment whether or not the shipment is made.
AGENT  look up translate image
An individual authorized to act on behalf of another person or company.
AIR CARGO  look up translate image
Any property carried, or to be carried, in an aircraft, excludingpassenger baggage.
AIR FREIGHT  look up translate image
Materials shipped via airplane.
AIR RIDE SHIPMENT  look up translate image
The safest smoothest ride made possible by two or four air bags located at the rear axle of the trailers, tractor and/or fifth wheel as opposed to spring ride. (Also called Van Shipment, Air Ride)
AIR WALLS  look up translate image
Movable barriers that partition large areas. May be sound-resistant, but, not necessarily sound-proof.
AIRWALL  look up translate image
Partition wall used to sub-divide meeting and/or exposition space.
AIRWAY BILL  look up translate image
Also called AIR CONSIGNMENT NOTE. A bill of lading issued by theairline that covers both domestic and international flights transporting goods to a specified destination. Technically, it is a non-negotiable instrument of air transport that serves as a receipt for the shipper, indicating that the carrier has accepted the goods listed therein and obligates itself to carry the consignment to the airport of destination according to specified conditions. Compare BILL OF LADING, INLAND BILL OF LADING, OCEAN BILL OF LADING, THROUGH BILL OF LADING.
AISLE  look up translate image
Area for audience traffic movement.
AISLE CARPET  look up translate image
Carpet laid in aisles between booths. Color to be determined by Show Management.
AISLE SIGNS  look up translate image
Signs, usually suspended, indicating aisle numbers or letters.
AMBIENT LIGHT  look up translate image
Uncontrolled and unintentional illumination.
AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT  look up translate image
In the United States, the most current lawregulating the accessibility of public buildings to persons with disabilities.
AMORPHIC LENS  look up translate image
Special lens for projectors used to eliminate distortion in abnormallywide throws.
ANIMATION  look up translate image
Movement of either light or mechanical action.
ANODIZING  look up translate image
The process of preserving metal by adding a protective oxide film by anelectrolytic process.
ANTI-STAT FOR CARPETS  look up translate image
A spray that helps reduce static electricity in carpets.
ANTI-STAT WAX  look up translate image
Solution applied to plastics to minimize dust accumulation.
ANTIDIVERSION CLAUSE  look up translate image
ANVIL CASE  look up translate image
Reinforced molded plastic case, normally with foam cut-outs fortransporting fragile materials.
APPLIQUE  look up translate image
Any applied item typically vinyl or paper backed with adhesive.
AQ  look up translate image
Any Quantity.
ARBITRATION.  look up translate image
Parties in dispute come together to present their sides of the story toan impartial arbitrator who acts as an impartical judge and makes a decision on the dispute.
ARC LIGHT  look up translate image
Illumination produced by a carbon electrode gap employed in slideprojection and silk screen production.
ARCH  look up translate image
An exhibit display ceiling or entryway that spans two points.
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