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ABA  look up translate image
In the US: American Booksellers Association (for independently owned bookstores with a store front location selling new books). In the UK: Antiquarian Booksellers Association (the UK equivalent of the ABAA).
ABAA  look up translate image
Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America (the U.S. equivalent of the U.K. ABA.)
ABAC  look up translate image
Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of Canada (Canadian equivalent of the U.K. ABA.)
ACTION AND ADVENTURE  look up translate image

ADDENDUM (PLURAL ADDENDA) (Phụ lục)  look up translate image
Material to be included in a book after the text has been typeset. It may be printed separately at the beginning or end of the text or it may be printed on a separate slip of paper.
ADVANCE READING COPY  look up translate image
A preview or early review copy of a book that is usually sent to book buyers, reviewers, booksellers, book clubs, and/or publisher sales representatives before the book is published. It could be in a different format, uncorrected, not bound, and/or have a different cover design than the publication issue. The typical publishing process is proof, advance reading copy, and publication.
ADVANCE REVIEW COPY  look up translate image
(ARC) A special pre-publication copy mainly for review purposes - sent to reviewers and others prior to publication date. It is often referred to as an ARC. It is usually softbound in wrappers, which may be similar to dust jacket art of the first trade edition, and occasionally there are textual differences between an advance review copy and a first edition. It is sometimes issued as a hardcover as well with review slip laid in by the publisher. This is preceded by an uncorrected proof copy...(more)
AEG  look up translate image
All Edges Gilt. See "Gilt".
ALL EDGES GILT (AEG)  look up translate image
All three outer edges of the pages of the book have been trimmed smooth and coated with gold leaf.
ALS  look up translate image
Autographed Letter Signed
AMERICANA  look up translate image
A classification of books and other objects having to do with American culture, history, or folklore. Considered different from a book written by an American writer, though an American writer can write an Americana book.
ANNUALS (niêm giám)  look up translate image
Books that are published yearly.
ANTIQUARIAN BOOKSELLER (người bán sách cũ, sách cổ)  look up translate image
A term, in today's usage, that describes a bookseller whose stock in trade is primarily old, rare, and/or collectible books.
APPENDIX (PLURAL APPENDICES) (phụ lục)  look up translate image
Matter that is subordinate to the text of a book, printed immediately following the text.
ARMORIAL (triện son)  look up translate image
A binding or bookplate featuring the coat of arms of a prior owner.
ARMORIAL BINDING (bìa bằng da có đóng triện)  look up translate image
A leather binding stamped with a coat-of-arms.
ART & PHOTOGRAPHY  look up translate image

ARTIFICIAL LEATHER (da giả)  look up translate image
See imitation leather.
AS ISSUED ((tình trạng) nguyên bản)  look up translate image
The book is in the original physical state that it was published in and has all its original components including its binding, text block, illustrations, etc.
AS NEW ((tình trạng) như mới)  look up translate image
Refers to the condition of a book; it is immaculate and without flaws. See also mint.
AS NEW/MINT ((tình trạng) như mới)  look up translate image
A book as bright and crisp as the day it was made, with no signs of wear or defects.
ASSOCIATION COPY (sách liên kết)  look up translate image
A book that was either owned by its author, owned by someone connected to the author, or owned by someone connected to the contents of the book. It can also refer to a book that was annotated by the author. Proof of the association is usually in the form of some written notes.
ATLAS FOLIO (khổ in lớn nhất)  look up translate image
The largest folio size, 17 x 26 inches.
AUTHORS EDITION (bản in có bản quyền)  look up translate image
Book authorized by author, usually foreign editions, around the turn of the last century when many titles were pirated or "unauthorized".
BACKSTRIP (gáy sách)  look up translate image
The covering of the book spine that has the title and author of the book printed on it. It is usually made of cloth, leather, or paper, and is sometimes decorated.

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BACKSTRIP LABEL (nhãn in trên gáy)  look up translate image
See label.

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BAL (Tiểu sử văn học Mỹ)  look up translate image
Bibliography of American Literature.
BASTARD TITLE  look up translate image
See half-title.

Synonym: half-title
BDS (bìa cứng)  look up translate image
BEVELED BOARDS  look up translate image
See beveled edges.
BEVELED EDGES  look up translate image
A binding technique in which the edges of the boards of the book have been cut to a slanted angle. Also known as beveled boards.
BIBLIOGRAPHY  look up translate image
1) The study of books as physical objects; 2) A list of books on a particular topic; 3) A list of works consulted by an author.
BIBLIOPHILE  look up translate image
A lover of books. Literally, a friend of books and usually a collector of them.
BINDING  look up translate image
The process that secures the pages or sections of a publication to keep them in order and to protect them. Binding may be stapled or sewn, sewn and enclosed in wrappers, or by gluing the pages to the outer cover, but most often refers to a hardcover binding. The art of bookbinding has its own fascinating history; knowing the basic chronology of bookbinding history can be an aid in dating undated material and help in the detection of fraudulent material. See also perfect bound.
BINDING COPY  look up translate image
A book that is worth re-binding; the book covers are in serious disrepair, but the text is fine.
BIOGRAPHY & MEMOIRS  look up translate image

BIOPREDATION  look up translate image
An attack to books by living matter, which may include insects or mildew.
BLACK LETTER  look up translate image
Also Gothic. A general term used to describe the group of heavy scripts which developed in Europe in the twelfth century.
BLANK LEAVES  look up translate image
See blanks.
BLANKS  look up translate image
Refers to a blank page that is left intentionally in the book. It can be located at beginning of the book, at the end of a clearly marked division, and/or at the end of book. Also known as blank leaves or printer's blanks.
BLIND  look up translate image
(Stamped or Tooled ) Impressed into paper or binding with no color, leaving an impression only.
BLIND STAMP  look up translate image
A colorless impression that is embossed on paper or on a cloth or leather binding. When it is found on a page, it typically signifies the owner's name or the words "Review Copy." When it is found on the binding, it is typically for decorative purposes. Also known as blind.
BLINDSTAMPING  look up translate image
A design and/or lettering impressed on the covers of a book without the use of gold or color.
BOARD BOOK  look up translate image
A durable book format that is used for children's books, in which all pages are printed on thick cardboard.
BOARDS  look up translate image
The sides of a book, usually made of very heavy cardboard.
BOARDS (BDS)  look up translate image
The front and back covers of a hardbound book. The term originates from when book covers were made from wood, but they are now typically made a stiff cardboard or paperboard. See book anatomy section for illustration.
BONDED LEATHER  look up translate image
A material consisting of two layers of leather and a lining attached to each other by a chemical process or adhesive.
BOOK BLOCK  look up translate image
See text block.
BOOK CLUB EDITION (BC, BCE)  look up translate image
A book that was printed specially for a book club (e.g. "Book of the Month Club") that usually utilizes a lesser quality paper and binding materials. These editions are usually available by book club subscription only and are generally of little interest to collectors due to their low monetary value.
BOOK CLUB EDITION (BCE, BOMC, ETC.)  look up translate image
Editions published by book clubs (i.e.: The Book-of-the-Month Club, Fireside Book Club, History Book Club, The Literary Guild, etc.).
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