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A.I. (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE)  look up translate image
the capability of a game to imitate intelligent human behavior.
ACCELEROMETER  look up translate image
This device measures the vibration and motion of the player. It is an integral part of the Wii remote.
ACTION  look up translate image
Game genre that requires the player to have quick reflexes.
ADVENTURE  look up translate image
Game genre in which the player follows a story, solves puzzles, interacts with non-player characters, and explores the "world". Adventure games tend to be quest based, and include exploration, puzzle-solving, and expansive story lines. The vast majority of adventure games are designed as single-player experiences.
ADVERGAME  look up translate image
Type of game that has been created solely to promote a product, such as a movie.
AFK  look up translate image
Abbreviation used in online chat, meaning "Away From Keyboard."
AGGRO  look up translate image
Jargon, derived from the word "aggravation" can be either a noun or a verb referring to the possibility of a computer-controlled character attacking a player.
AI  look up translate image
Abbreviation for "Artificial Intelligence" and usually used to discuss the logic and behavior exhibited by in-game characters. Most often seen in the observation that, "the AI in this game is really lousy."
ALPHA  look up translate image
This is a stage in the development cycle of a game. When a product is described as being an "alpha" or that an "alpha build" is available, this is an indication that it has reached an early phase of its development. Products at this stage are usually functional, but are missing certain elements.
ALT  look up translate image
An abbreviation for "alternate" usually used to describe an "alternate character," meaning a different avatar or player character used by an individual when playing an online game.
ANALOG CONTROL  look up translate image
A type of controller that is sensitive to the degree in which a button or joystick is pushed.
ANALOG STICK  look up translate image
Sometimes called a "thumbstick," an "analog stick" is an input device for a video game controller, and allows for precise control of on-screen action that is directly related to the degree to which the stick is moved.
ANIME  look up translate image
A style of animation originating in Japan that is characterized by stark, colorful graphics. Numerous videogames have environments and characters influenced by anime. Pronounced "an-ee-may" this is an abbreviation of the word "animation" and is used to describe animated movie and video content that originates in Japan.
ANTI-ALIAS  look up translate image
This refers to a smoothing effect applied to graphics to eliminate the stepped look generated by the use of on-screen pixels to draw in-game objects.
ARCADE  look up translate image
Games described as being "arcade style" or being of the genre known broadly as "arcade games" fall into two basic groups. The first are games with their origins in amusement arcades, such as classics like Pac-Man or Space Invaders, but these also include anything that was distributed in a self-contained, usually coin or token operated cabinet that can be found in a public place. The second are games that typically have short levels, simple concepts, and tend to be focused on quick, adrenaline-fueled thrills.
ARCADE GAME  look up translate image
A stand-alone game for use in a public space, commonly seen in the 1980s and early 1990s.
AWESOMENESS  look up translate image
Often used in two different, quite contradictory ways. 1) As an an indication of an unprecedented level of "awesome." Also sometimes prefixed with the intentional misspelling of "the" resulting in the phrase "teh awesomeness." 2) Used sarcastically to indicatate that something is not, in fact, awesome at all.
A gaming system (console, PC, etc.) that supports games that were made for the previous version of the system.
BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY  look up translate image
This refers to the ability of new technology to run software designed for an earlier iteration of hardware. For example, the PlayStation 2 is able to run all games designed for the previous generation PlayStation, and the Nintendo DS is able to run games designed and distributed for the Game Boy Advance. The subject has recently become a hot topic of debate as both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 handle this functionality in somewhat unpredictable ways. The Xbox 360 is able to run a wide selection...(more)
BETA  look up translate image
a nearly complete prototype of a game. Users often test beta versions to alert developers of bugs or problems. This is a stage in the development cycle of a game. When a product is described as being a "beta" or that a "beta build" is available, this is an indication that it has reached a feature-complete phase of its development and is ready to be shown to people outside of the development studio. For online games, a "beta" will sometimes be shared with the public to test functionality, and gather feedback from potential players before the game is released.
BIND  look up translate image
A term that can one several meanings. Firstly, it can refer to a specific in-game action being assigned to a specific button of key on a keyboard. In this case the player "binds" the action to the button. Secondly, it can refer to an item in an online game that has been connected with a specific character and then cannot be traded with other players. The act of collecting the item "binds" it to the player.
BIO  look up translate image
The "biography" or "profile" of a character, or player.
BOOMSTICK  look up translate image
A gun reference.
BORKED  look up translate image
Slang for "broken," and often used ironically, or humorously. Is derived from a combination of things, namely a misspelling of "broken" and the outbursts of the Swedish Chef on The Muppet Show, who's culinary experimentation would often go awry resulting him shouting "Bork! Bork! Bork!"
BOSS  look up translate image
a powerful character that a player will face and must defeat at the end of a level. An enemy in a game that is typically larger, and more challenging to beat than others. Typically a "boss" character will be what stands between the player and completing the level before progressing further in the game.
BOT  look up translate image
An autonomous computer controlled character or opponent, used to mimic the effect of other human players participating. Bots are most often seen in first person shooters, and are often used to fill out numbers, or for players to practice against before going online to challenge real opponents.
BRB  look up translate image
Abbreviation/Internet slang for "Be Right Back." Used in instant messages, text messages and in-game chat to indicate that the user will return shortly.
BRICKED  look up translate image
Used to describe a device that no longer functions, such as a console that will no longer turn on. Often expressed in anger, such as in the phrase, "my Xbox 360 is completely bricked."
BTW  look up translate image
Slang for "By The Way." Used in instant messages, text messages and in-game chat.
BUDDY LIST  look up translate image
Exactly what it sounds like it might be; a list of friends whose user names are known and saved for easy access in either a chat program or game.
BUFFED  look up translate image
When a character or object in a game is made more effective, or useful due to a change in the game's rules or systems. Often this occurs as the result of an update to a game. The opposite of "buffed" is "nerfed."
BUNDLING  look up translate image
to sell a package containing a videogame and a piece of hardware. A common example is often seen when games are included with the purchase of a new gaming system.
BUTTON MASHING  look up translate image
This is the act of randomly hitting buttons on a game controller without knowing the correct actions to make. The term is most commonly associated with fighting games that require precise button combinations to achieve complex moves. "Mashing" the buttons very often achieves similar results, though without any real control. Being a "button masher" is often used as a friendly insult between competing gamers to imply a lack of skill.
C.G. (COMPUTER GRAPHICS)  look up translate image
Graphics created and displayed on a computer.
CASUAL  look up translate image
The term "casual game" is used to describe a category of video game designed for a mass audience. They are typically quite simple games without complex plots or control schemes. This has in turn spawned the term "casual player" which is a description of gamer that is less experienced, or lacking in skill. Many recent games have started renaming their "easy" modes as "casual" modes.
CEL-SHADING  look up translate image
A graphical style designed to make a video game look more like a comic book or cartoon.
CHEAT  look up translate image
Though originally a code or sequence of button presses that would allow players to skip levels, or achieve invincibility, the term "cheat" has become a common term to describe any kind of assistance or hint about a game.
CHEAT CODE  look up translate image
Some games have the option of entering codes that effect game play, such as the ability to have unlimited ammunition or to never receive damage.
CHOPPY  look up translate image
Usually used to describe the quality of the animation in a game, indicating that it is of uneven quality.
CINEMATICS  look up translate image
A term used to describe the non-interactive scenes in games that help tell the story. See also: Cut scene, below.
CLAN  look up translate image
A group of players who regularly play together in a particular online multiplayer game.
CLOSED BETA  look up translate image
When a game is said to be in a state of "closed beta" it is being tested by a set of individuals known by the developers. Usually it is limited to employees, and possibly friends and family. Online games are typically tested in a "closed beta" environment before moving on to being put into an "open beta" phase where players from the public are invited to participate.
CO-OP  look up translate image
Abbreviation for the term "cooperative" which is used to describe gameplay where players work together to achieve specific taskssuch as shooting all the bad guys.
COMBO  look up translate image
A combination of moves strung together to devastating effect, most often seen in fighting games.
COMPONENT CABLE  look up translate image
Component video cables allow your console to be connected to your television in a way that results in higher video quality than a standard composite cable. They also allow for a high definition signal, allowing your console to output a 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, or 1080p signal. Component cables split the video across three color-coded RCA jacks labeled Y, Pb, and Pr, which are usually color coded green, blue, and red respectively. Component cables specifically designed for use with game consoles also include the stereo audio jacks, color-coded red and white (or black) for the right and left channels.
CONSOLE  look up translate image
A hardware device that is connected to a television set for the purpose of playing a videogame. The generic term for video games hardware that is plugged into a television, such as the Nintendo Wii, or Xbox 360.
CONTROLLER  look up translate image
This is the generic term to describe the input device for controlling video games.
CREEP  look up translate image
Popular term to describe monsters in a game. Originates from the Warcraft series of strategy games.
CUT SCENE  look up translate image
A non-interactive narrative scene that is used for break up gameplay, and further the story of the game.
CUT-SCENE  look up translate image
A animation technique that continues the storyline between game segments. The player cannot interact with this animation.
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