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(DOT)  look up translate image
Virtual objects which bend and deform appropriately when touched. depth cueing: Use of shading, texture, color, interposition, or other visual characteristics to provide a cue for the distance of an object from the observer.
ARTIFICIAL REALITY  look up translate image
Simulated spaces created from a combination of computer and video systems
AUGMENTED REALITY  look up translate image
The use of transparent glasses on which a computer displays data so that the viewer can simultaneously view computer generated and real world scenes. See also avatar: A user's graphical persona inside a virtual world.
AUGMENTED REALITY (AR)  look up translate image
Augmented Reality is a VR related technology which displays virtual objects over the real world by using viewing devices with half transparent glasses. This viewing device is also referred to as a 'see-through head mounted display'. We will use the Virtual Retina Display for this purpose. (source)
AVATAR  look up translate image
The term avatar is derived from Sanskrit and relates to a "mental traveller" in Indian fairy tales. An avatar - my virtual representative - communicates with others in a V environment.
BINOCULAR OMNI  look up translate image
Orientation Monitor (BOOM): A 3-D display device suspended from a weighted boom that can swivel freely so the viewer can use the device by bringing the device up to the eyes and viewing the 3-D environment while holding it. The boom's position and orientation communicates the user's point of view to the computer.
BROWSER  look up translate image
Overviews, such as indexes, lists or animated maps, to provide a means of navigating through the physical, temporal, and conceptual elements of a virtual world.
CAVE  look up translate image
VR world projected on the walls and ceiling of a room to give the illusion of immersion. cue conflict: A theory to explain the kind of motion sickness caused when the body tries to interpret conflicting clues being received by the senses. Frequent causes are faulty calibration of eye devices or delay between the sensory inputs and output display. computer graphics: (1) The branch of computer science concerned with methods of creating, modifying, or analyzing pictorial data. (2) The use of a computer...(more)
A VR installation which consists of several transparent walls on which images are projected. The user of this installation can view the three dimensional environment with shutter glasses. The main advantages of this installation are the high level of detail and the relative large physical space in which one can move. Furthermore, this environment enables good cooperation. CAVE has been developed at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL), University of Illinois, Chicago. (source)
COLOR WHEEL  look up translate image
A 12-hued palette that allows color combinations. Similar colors are adjacent on the wheel, contrasting colors are opposed to each other.

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  • CYBERSPACE  look up translate image
    A computer synthesized reality. Often a computer synthesized 3-D space. See also: virtual reality.
    CYBORG  look up translate image
    A robotic humanoid modeled directly from digital readings of a real human and transformed into a photo realistic, animated character produced via illusionary metamorphosis. data sonification: Assignment of sounds to digitized data which may involve filtering to give illusion of localized sound. data spacialization: Assignment of orientation (yaw, pitch) and position coordinates (x,y,z) to digital sounds assigned to data.
    DATA GLOVE  look up translate image
    A glove wired with sensors and connected to a computer system for gesture recognition and navigation through a virtual environment. Known generically as a "wired glove." deformable object technology
    DOLLY SHOT  look up translate image
    Display of a scene while moving forward or backward. See also pan shot and track shot.
    DOPPLER EFFECT (VR)  look up translate image
    An apparent increase in the frequency of sound or light as its source approaches an observer or a decrease if it moves away.
    DYNAMIC LIGHTING  look up translate image
    Changes in lighting effects as objects or the observer move. dynamics: The rules that govern all actions and behaviors within the environment.
    EFFECTORS  look up translate image
    Interfacing devices used in virtual environments for input/output, tactic sensation and tracking. Examples are gloves, head mounted displays, headphones, and trackers. egocenter: The sense of one's own location in a virtual environment.
    ENVIRONMENT  look up translate image
    In VR terms, this is a computer-generated model that can be experienced by an observer as if it were a place. exoskeleton: mechanically linked structure for control of an feedback from an application.
    EXTENDED REALITY (ER)  look up translate image
    (this is a joke!)A plane in time-space that comprises not only ordinary boring reality but also all these little things that would be so convenient to nearly all of us but have so far successfully avoided any contact to our universe, like fancy futuristic low-cost-and-easy-to-use input/output devices, position tracking mechanisms that actually work, and satisfied customers. In Software Engineering and System Design ER is widely used whenever hardware comes into play, but no one really likes to talk about it.
    EYE CLEARANCE  look up translate image
    The most accurate figure of merit used to describe the HMD positioning relative to the eye.
    EYE TRACKING  look up translate image
    Measurement of the direction of gaze. eyeball in the hand: A metaphor for visualized tracking where the tracker is held in the hand and is connected to motion of the projection point of the display.
    FIELD OF VIEW (FOV)  look up translate image
    The angle in degrees of the visual field. Since a human's two eyes have overlapping 140 degree FOV, binocular or total FOV is roughly 180 degrees in most people. A feeling of immersion arises when the FOV is greater than roughly 60 to 90 degrees.
    FISH TANK VR  look up translate image
    The ego center of an observer looking "through" a computer monitor to a virtual outside world using a stereoscopic display system. That is, to a person looking through a stereo "window" to a virtual "outside", the person imagines him/herself to be in a fish tank. force feedback: An output device that transmits pressure, force or vibrations to provide the VR participant with the sense of resisting force, typically to weight or inertia. This is in contrast to tactile feedback, which simulates sensation...(more)
    GESTURE  look up translate image
    Hand motion that can be interpreted as a sign, signal, or symbol.
    GOURAUD SHADING  look up translate image
    The shading of polygons smoothly with bilinear interpolation.
    HAPTIC INTERFACES  look up translate image
    Use of physical sensors to provide users with a sense of touch at the skin level, and force feedback information from muscles and joints.
    HEAD MOUNTED DISPLAY (HMD)  look up translate image
    A set of goggles or a helmet with tiny monitors in front of each eye to generate images seen by the wearer as three-dimensional. Often the HMD is combined with a head tracker so that the images displayed in the HMD change as the head moves.
    HEAD TRACKING  look up translate image
    Monitoring the position and orientation of the head through various tracking device.
    HEAD-COUPLED  look up translate image
    Displays or robotic actions that are activated by head motion through a head tracking device.
    HEAD-RELATED TRANSFER FUNCTION  look up translate image
    A mathematical transformation of sound spectrum that modifies the amplitude and phase of acoustic signals to take into account the shape effects of the listener's head.
    HEADS-UP DISPLAY  look up translate image
    A display device that allows users to see graphics superimposed on their view of the real world.
    HIDDEN SURFACE  look up translate image
    A surface of a graphics object that is occluded from view by intervening objects.
    IMAGE DISTANCE  look up translate image
    Perceived distance to the object. (In contrast to the real object distance, if there exists a real object.)
    IMMERSION  look up translate image
    The observer's emotional reaction to the virtual world as being part of it.
    INTERACTIVITY  look up translate image
    The prefix "inter" means 'between' a or 'in the middle of a'. Activity signifies active behaviour and was borrowed from the Latin word 'agere' in the 17th century. In the context of digital media, the concept of interactivity signifies mutual communication between sender and recipient - the "author" can become the "user" and the "user" can become the "author".
    INTERAURAL AMPLITUDE  look up translate image
    Differences between a person's two ears in the intensity of a sound, typically due to the location of the sound.
    INTERAURAL TIME  look up translate image
    Differences between a person's two ears in the phase of a sound, typically due to the location of the sound.
    INTERFACE  look up translate image
    A boundary across which two systems communicate. An interface might be a hardware connector used to link to other devices, or it might be a convention used to allow communication between two software systems. Often there is some intermediate component between the two systems which connects their interfaces together.
    INTERFACE (VR)  look up translate image
    A set of devices, software, and techniques that connect computers with people to perform tasks.
    INTERNET  look up translate image
    A world wide digital network capable of supporting shared virtual worlds.
    INVERSE KINEMATICS  look up translate image
    A specification of the motion of dynamic systems from properties of their joints and extensions.
    JOYSTICK  look up translate image
    An input device that consists of a short lever gripped with one hand to be moved from side to side or towards and away from the person. Frequently it is used to navigate in a virtual space.
    KINESTHESIS  look up translate image
    Sensations derived from muscles, tendons and joints and stimulated by movement and tension.
    KINESTHETIC DISSONANCE  look up translate image
    Mismatch between feedback or its absence from touch or motion during VR experiences.
    LATENCY (VR)  look up translate image
    Lag between user motion and tracker system response, sometimes measured in from as. Delay between actual change in position and reflection by the program. Delayed response time.
    LEVEL OF DETAIL (LOD) (VR)  look up translate image
    A model of a particular resolution among a series of models of the same object. Greater graphic performance can be obtained by using a lower LOD when the object occupies fewer pixels on the screen or is not in a region of significant interest.
    LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY (LCD)  look up translate image
    Display devices that use bipolar films sandwiched between this panes of glass. They are lightweight and transmissive or reflective, and are often used in HMDs.
    MAGIC WAND  look up translate image
    A three-dimensional input device used for pointing and interaction. A kind of three-dimensional mouse.
    MAGNETIC TEMPLATE  look up translate image
    A tool for interior design that tries to improve on the pen-and-paper approach. It has a line grid and a smooth surface on which room outlines can be drawn with a dry-erase marker. Usually it comes with scaled furniture pieces which can be arranged to display the design.

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  • METABALL  look up translate image
    A surface defined about a point specified by a location, a radius, and an "intensity." When two metaballs come in contact, their shapes blend together.
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