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ABSENCES  look up translate image
Absences from work must be taken as paid or unpaid leave. Use of leave must be approved by the employee's supervisor. Leave benefits vary by employee type.
ADOPTIVE LEAVE  look up translate image
Adoptive leave isleave from work for an adoptive mother or sole male adopter after the adoption of a child.
AGENCY WORKER  look up translate image
Someone who is employed by an agency to work for another person or company.
ALTERNATE WORK SCHEDULE  look up translate image
See Work Schedule.
ALTERNATIVE HOLIDAY  look up translate image
If you work on a public holiday that is a normal working day, you are entitled to an alternative holiday. An alternative holiday compensates you for having to work on a public holiday. These are sometimes referred to as "a day in lieu".
ANNIVERSARY DATE  look up translate image
An employee's most recent date of hire into regular state service; it is not changed by transfers among state employers or leaves of absence. For classified staff, this is the date on which the annual leave balance may not exceed 240 hours. Professional staff have different leave requirements. See UW policy requirements for professional staff.
ANNUAL HOLIDAYS  look up translate image
Usually refers to how much paid time off work you can have in a year. The law provides for four weeks paid annual holidays per year.
ANNUAL LEAVE  look up translate image
Annual leave is paid time off work for holidays, rest or recreation.
ANNUAL LEAVE (VACATION LEAVE)  look up translate image
All classified non-union, contract classified and professional staff earn annual leave hours for each full month of their employment. Employees working less than a full time schedule accrue annual leave hours on a prorated basis.
ANNUAL LEAVE ACCRUAL MONTH  look up translate image
The calendar month when the annual leave accrual rate changes in accordance with the accrual schedule for the employee's appointment type (e.g., classified non-union, contract classified, professional staff).
ANNUAL LEAVE ACCRUAL RATE  look up translate image
The number of hours of annual leave credited to an employee per month of active service. The accrual rate is defined in the provisions of the applicable human resources program: Department of Personnel (classified non-union) rules and University Policy for classified non-union employees, collective bargaining agreements for contract classified staff, and the Professional Staff Program for professional staff employees.
ANNUAL LEAVE MAXIMUM  look up translate image
See Maximum Annual Leave Balance.
APPOINTMENT TYPE  look up translate image
The category of human resources programs that cover the terms and conditions of the employee's employment. These appointment types are eligible to accrue leave Classified non-union staff: Employees in positions covered by the Department of Personal civil service rules; job codes 2000 - 6999. Contract classified staff: Employees in positions covered by a collective bargaining agreement; job codes 7000 - 8999. Professional staff: Employees in positions covered by the UW Professional Staff...(more)
ATTENDANCE INCENTIVE PROGRAM  look up translate image
For employees whose sick leave balance exceeds 480 hours, the Annual Attendance Incentive Program allows for monetary compensation for any accrued and unused sick leave accumulated during the previous calendar year. Payment is made at the rate of 25%; all hours compensated are deducted from the sick leave balance. See Attendance Incentive Program webpage.
BENEFIT-IN-KIND  look up translate image
A term used by Revenue to refer to a taxable non-cash payment to an employee, for example, the use of a car.
BEREAVEMENT LEAVE  look up translate image
Means paid time off work when someone close to you dies. Under the law you get three days paid bereavement leave when a close relative or family member dies, otherwise you can get one day paid bereavement leave if your employer agrees. Bereavement is paid time off from work that is in addition to annual leave or sick leave as provided by collective bargaining agreement (contract classified staff), Department of Personnel rules (classified non-union staff) or the provisions of the applicable employment program (professional staff and librarians).
BREAKS  look up translate image
Short periods of time for rest and refreshment taken during working hours.
BULLYING  look up translate image
In the workplace bullying is repeated inappropriate behaviour by one or more people against another person or people.
CAREER BREAK  look up translate image
An unpaid period of time away from your employment which can be for family reasons or study, which is approved by your employer.
CARER'S LEAVE  look up translate image
Carer's leave is leave from work to care someone who is deemed by the Department of Social Protection as being in need of full-time care and attention.
CASUAL WORK  look up translate image
Casual work can be sometimes tricky. Usually it is working only as and when the employer tells you to work. This means you will not always have work available, but the employer may call you if they need to. This can sometimes happen because it is hard for the employer to predict when that work needs to be done, or when the work needs to be done quite quickly. If you are employed to do casual work, this must be made clear in your employment agreement.
CASUAL WORKER  look up translate image
A person employed as required without fixed hours or attendance arrangements
CHILD CARE EMERGENCY LEAVE  look up translate image
A paid or unpaid leave granted to classified and professional staff for situations causing an employee's inability to report for or continue scheduled work because of emergency child care requirements, such as the unexpected absence of the regular care provider, the unexpected closure of the child's school, or an unexpected need to pick up the child at school earlier than normal.
CIVIL DUTY LEAVE  look up translate image
Paid leave granted to employees to serve on a jury or as trial witnesses, or to exercise other subpoenaed civil duties in accordance with the provisions of the applicable collective bargaining agreement or employment program.
CLASSIFIED STAFF  look up translate image
Monthly paid employees holding a .50 FTE or more appointment who occupy jobs that are covered by the civil service rules and/or labor contracts.
CODE OF PRACTICE  look up translate image
A code of practice sets out good practice in employment but is not usually legally binding
COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT  look up translate image
A collective agreement is an employment agreement that is negotiated by a union that covers a group of employees.
COLLECTIVE AGREEMENTS  look up translate image
Agreements negotiated between unions and employers about terms and conditions of employment.
COMMON LAW  look up translate image
Law derived from custom and court decisions, rather than legislation.
COMPARATOR  look up translate image
A comparator means a comparable employee who is doing the same or similar work as a part-time worker or someone on a fixed-term contract.
COMPENSATORY TIME (CA)  look up translate image
Leave time credited to eligible employees who request and receive supervisor approval to receive such time in lieu of cash payment for overtime or holiday work time.
CONSTRUCTIVE DISMISSAL  look up translate image
Constructive dismissal is when you terminate your contract of employment because of your employers behaviour.
This means the employees service or employment is unbroken and can help you qualify for certain employment rights such as redundancy.
CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT  look up translate image
A contract of employment exists if someone is offered work in return for wages and accepts the offer see also written terms of employment.
CUSTOM AND PRACTICE  look up translate image
Custom and practice is where a term of employment is set up by normal behaviour in a workplace rather than by legislation or a written contract. One example is an informal ten-minute coffee break at 11am.
CYCLIC YEAR POSITIONS  look up translate image
A position scheduled to work less than 12 full months each year due to known, recurring periods of leave in the annual cycle. Such positions are most commonly created for 9, 10, or 11 month appointments. Also see Service Period.
CYCLIC YEARLY LEAVE (CYL)  look up translate image
Scheduled periods of leave without pay each year due to known, recurring periods in the annual cycle when the position is not scheduled to work. For classified staff who have completed a probationary period and professional staff who have completed 6 months of service, cyclic year leave without pay does not constitute a break in service and is not deducted from the employees' length of service in granting periodic salary increments (classified staff), or in computing the employees' vacation leave accrual rate.
DEDUCTIONS  look up translate image
Deductions are amounts taken off your pay and listed on your payslip, for example, PRSI.
DISABILITY LEAVE  look up translate image
Leave of absence granted to an employee who is precluded from performing his/her job duties because of a disability, including those related to pregnancy and child birth. See the University of Washington Disability Leave of Absence Policy for classified staff, professional staff and librarians and the University of Washington Disability Accommodation Request Process.
DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE  look up translate image
It sets out in writing how the employer will deal with the alleged shortcomings of an employee.
DISCRETIONARY LEAVE (D)  look up translate image
Discretionary Leave is an annual (calendar year) maximum of 6 paid days off work that a department or division head may award to level 1, 2, or 3 professional staff employees to recognize noteworthy achievement and work effort that have significantly contributed to the unit's mission, goals and/or objectives. See Professional Staff Program for Discretionary Leave for award approval and use instructions.
DISCRIMINATION  look up translate image
This means treating one person less favourably than another person. Discrimination at work is illegal if it is based on gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, race, membership of the Traveller community.
DISMISSAL  look up translate image
This occurs when your contract of employment is ended. If you are dismissed by your employer you may be able to claim unfair dismissal.
DOMESTIC WORKER  look up translate image
A domestic worker is someone who is employed to work in a private home.
DUTY OF CARE  look up translate image
Your employer owes you a duty of care to provide a safe workplace and this is implied by law in your contract of employment. It means that you should not have to work in unsafe or unhealthy conditions.
EDUCATORS  look up translate image
9-month educator positions, job class codes 0417 - 0419. See Appointment Type.
EMPLOYEE  look up translate image
An employee is someone works for someone else in return for payment. There is no definition of 'employee' in employment law. The Code of Practice in determining Employment Status (pdf) contains criteria which can be used to clarify whether a person is employed or self-employed. The employment status of a person is generally determined by the Revenue Commissioners or the Department of Social Protection.
EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT  look up translate image
A legal document that is a written record of all the things you have agreed to as part of your job. Your employer must give you a written employment agreement by law. This is sometimes incorrectly referred to as an employment contract.
EMPLOYMENT PERMIT  look up translate image
Most non-EEA nationals (and certain Bulgarians and Romanians) must have an employment permit in order to take up employment in Ireland.
EMPLOYMENT REGULATION ORDER (ERO)  look up translate image
EROs are negotiated by Joint Labour Committees to regulate conditions of employment and pay in certain employment sectors.
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