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A FRIEND OF OURS (đồng bọn, "người nhà")  look up translate image
mob shorthand for introducing one made guy to another made guy. "A friend of mine" is just another jamook on the street.
A TRIPPA DI ZIANATA  look up translate image
"your aunt's tripe."
ACTION (phi vụ)  look up translate image
Old-time term for illicit profits. Also sometimes used to refer to the potential for racket income.
ADMINISTRATION  look up translate image
the upper-level power structure of an organized crime Family, composed of the boss, underboss, and consigliere.
AGITA  look up translate image
anxiety, edginess, an upset stomach.
AIRING  look up translate image
If a Mafioso says this to you he is not inviting you to join him to savor the gentle evening breeze. It means that he is going to kill you.
ALKALI  look up translate image
Whiskey, especially of the bootleg variety. It is slang for the word alcohol.
ALKY COOKER  look up translate image
Prohibition language for a still, a makeshift distillery to make moonshine alcohol.
ALKY RACKET  look up translate image
Prohibition expression for the bootleg business. Alky is a slang expression for "alcohol" and sometimes for an alcoholic.
AMERICAN WAY  look up translate image
This is not a patriotic slogan; it is the Mafia's phrase for the peaceful coexistence of rival crime families.
AMICO  look up translate image
A friend or associate of a crime family who is not a member of the family.
AMICO NOSTRO  look up translate image
The Italian phrase for "friend of ours." It is how a member of a crime family introduces a stranger who is also a made man.
ANTI-TRUST VIOLATIONS  look up translate image
what authorities call the mob practice of carving out exclusive territories. Wiseguys call them "mine."
APACHE INDIAN JOB  look up translate image
Attack by firebomb that kills the victim and destroys the building he was in with such efficiency that identification of the body is difficult.
AREA MAN  look up translate image
An organized crime official who has jurisdiction over a particular area within a crime family's turf.
ARM (biệt danh cho băng mafia ở Buffalo-Niagara)  look up translate image
Nickname for the Buffalo-Niagara Falls Mafia family.
ASSASSIN'S SPECIAL  look up translate image

ASSIST  look up translate image
(v): A call for help from a police officer in trouble.
ASSOCIATE (chân rết)  look up translate image
Though the usual sense of this word conveys a sense of belonging, in Mafia-speak an associate is one who works in affiliation with a Mafia organization but is not an official member.
ATTACH CASING  look up translate image
Making the rounds and collecting bribes of such volume that they have to be lugged home to the don in a briefcase.
AWAY  look up translate image
When a Mafioso is doing jail time, he is simply said to be "away." Another euphemism is the ironic "away at college."
B-AND-A RACKET  look up translate image
A beer and alcohol racket; it is another expression for Prohibition.
BABANIA (heroin)  look up translate image
Heroin, as in dealing. Lucrative but risky for mob insiders because if they're busted, long prison terms might compel them to cut a deal and squeal. Usage: "These babania guys. They go, they get 848, 150 years (in prison). They're in there."--Gotti.
BABBO  look up translate image
A dope, idiot, useless underling.
BABY SITTER  look up translate image
A police or federal bodyguard for a "rat" who is under witness protection.
BACKUP  look up translate image
(v): A call to stop by another police officer's location or to aid another officer as secondary unit.
BAG MAN  look up translate image
A low-level hood who is sent on errands. He is usually either picking up or delivering money.
BANANA RACE  look up translate image
A horserace that has a "sure thing" winner. In other words, the race has been fixed.
BANGKOK CONNECTION  look up translate image
The path that illegal drugs travel from Southeast Asia to the United States. The narcotics industry, long eschewed by the Mafia, eventually became one of its biggest moneymaking rackets.
BARONE  look up translate image
a baron or landlord.[3]
BARRACUDA  look up translate image
A politically incorrect expression for an unattractive woman.
BARREL MURDER  look up translate image
When a murder victim is stuffed into a barrel and left there to decompose, or sometimes weighted down and dumped in the river or at sea.
BEAUTY DOCTOR  look up translate image
A steel-tipped club. This particularly nasty weapon is designed to maim and mutilate the victim.
BEEF (mâu thuẫn)  look up translate image
A quarrel between underworld individuals or groups. Also hard feelings felt by one Mafioso against another. Beefs are generally brought to Mafia higher-ups for resolution.
BIG EARNER  look up translate image
someone who makes a lot of money for the Family. A lot of money.
BIG PAPA  look up translate image
A slang word for the Thompson machine gun, the weapon of choice for many mobsters in the 1930s.
BLACK BOOK (sổ đen)  look up translate image
Nickname for the publicly circulated exclusion lists - generally of racketeers and game-cheats - generated by gaming commissions in Nevada and New Jersey.
BLOW AWAY  look up translate image
(Phrasal Verbs): To kill by shooting, especially with a firearm.
BOGEY  look up translate image
(n): A detective or police officer.
BOLO  look up translate image
(n): Police acronym for "Be On the Look Out."
BOOK (đường dây cờ bạc thể thao)  look up translate image
A gambling racket ordinarily focused on sporting events. The racket is run by a "bookmaker."
BOOKS (số thành viên gia đình mafia)  look up translate image
Membership rolls of the Mafia families.
BOOKS, THE  look up translate image
euphemism for membership in the Family, since nothing is ever written down. When there is an availability (when someone dies), the books are "opened." When no one is being "made," the books are "closed."
BOOSTERS  look up translate image
Small-time street thieves.
BORGATA (gia đình)  look up translate image
Family. The basic structural unit of the Mafia society. The Borgata has an established hierarchy, a body of members or soldiers, and many associates.
BOSS (ông trùm)  look up translate image
Sometimes referred to as Father, Godfather or Uncle in the old tradition, the boss is the leader of the Mafia Family.
The Mafia don who was the de facto head of the Commission. Outsiders assume that the Alpha Mafioso among the heads of the five families is the Boss of Bosses, but internally the term is not used, since the other four family heads would disagree with the fifth don's claim to the title.
BOSS OF BOSSES; CAPO DI TUTTI CAPI  look up translate image
While no one proclaims himself the Boss of Bosses anymore, the press awards this title to whomever they feel is the boss of the strongest of the five Families of New York, who is also said to preside over Commission meetings.
BREAK (hạ bậc)  look up translate image
To displine a Mafia family leader by demoting him in rank.
BROAD (gái bao, con đĩ)  look up translate image
(Often Offensive Slang) A woman or girl.
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