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1320  look up translate image
Number of feet in a 1/4 mile.
60 FOOT TIME  look up translate image
See Sixty Foot Time.
AFTER MARKET  look up translate image
Generally, the replacement parts and high performance products market.
AIR BOX  look up translate image
Used primarily on Pro Stock Motorcycles, it settles "negative air" around carburetors the way a hood scoop does on a car.
AIR DAM  look up translate image
Used to direct or block air flow. Used in front to prevent air flow to undercarriage,intended to prevent turbulence and lift.
AIR FOIL  look up translate image
the same as a wing, a stabilizer, generally used to create downforce, which increases stability and tire-to-track adherence at high speeds. Stabilizer, generally used to create down forces, increasing stability and tire-to-track adherence at high speeds.
AMBER LIGHTS  look up translate image
Lights used on the christmas tree to warn the driver of the start of the race. The time between lights depend on the style of racing. Typically there is .4 for the 'Pro Start' tree where there is only one amber light then green, or 'Bracket Racing' at .5 seconds between each light as the tree counts down.
ARM RESTRAINTS  look up translate image
Restraining straps to restrict arm movement in a car accident.
BALLAST  look up translate image
A controlled amount of weight, functionally positioned, used to help car meet class weightrequirements.
BANG THE BLOWER  look up translate image
an explosion inside the supercharger caused by a flame from the combustion process accidentally re-entering the supercharger, where fuel and air are present. Generally caused by a stuck or broken intake valve that normally would be closed during the combustion sequence.
BELLY PAN  look up translate image
Generally, a skin of aluminum or fiberglass used to cover the under carriage of vehicle,assisting in preventing turbulence and air drag.
BIG END  look up translate image
Far side of the track near the finish line.
BLEACH BOX  look up translate image
Section of track before the starting line where cars spin the tires in water.
BLOWER  look up translate image
A crank driven air-to-fuel mixture compressor which increases atmospheric pressure on the engine, resulting in added horsepower. Also commonly refered to as a supercharger.
BLUEPRINTING  look up translate image
The meticulous matching to factory specifications all parts and/or components.Dressing parts to absolute design callout or manufacturer's specifications.
BOTTOM END  look up translate image
Near side of the track past the starting line.
BRACKET RACE  look up translate image

BRACKET RACING  look up translate image
Bracket Racing is when two vehicles of unequal speed face off at the tree. When bracket racing, the green light comes on for the slower car First. Races often come down to the 1/100s of seconds of reaction time which are gained or lost, depending on how good your reaction times are. (.500 is perfect). (.400 on a pro-tree).
BREAKOUT  look up translate image
Used only in handicap racing, "breakout" refers to a contestant running quicker than he or she "dialed" his or her vehicle (predicted how quick it would run). Unless the opponent commits a more serious foul (e.g., red-lights, crosses the centerline, or fails a post-race inspection), the driver who breaks out loses. If both drivers break out, the one who runs closest to his or her dial is the winner.

A racer running quicker than he or she "dialed in" his or her vehicle. Unless your opponent commits...(more)
BUMP SPOT  look up translate image
The elapsed time of the last qualified driver in a closed field, (i.e. the 16th position in a field open to only the 16 quickest qualifiers) The driver can be "bumped" out of the field if bettered by a someone currently not qualified.
BUMPED  look up translate image
When a driver loses standing in qualifying position. See Bump Spot.
BURN-OUT  look up translate image
Spinning of rear wheels at high RPM in water to heat and clean drive tire rubber prior toa run, resulting in increased traction.
BURNDOWN  look up translate image
An intense starting line psychological battle between 2 drivers in which each refuses to fully "stage"for the race. The objective is to break an opponent's concentration, overheat their engine or cool down their tires.
BURNED PISTON  look up translate image
When a cylinder runs lean (too much air in the air-to-fuel mixture) and excessive heat burns or melts the piston. When a cylinder runs lean (too much air in the air-to-fuel mixture) and excessiveheat burns or melts the piston.
BURNOUT  look up translate image
spinning the rear tires in water to heat and clean them prior to a run for better traction. A burnout precedes every run. spinning the rear tires to heat and clean them prior to a run for better traction.
BYE RUN  look up translate image
A lone run given to a randomly chosen car, because of an unequal number of cars in theround.
C.C.  look up translate image
Cubic Centimeter, a metric unit of volume measurement, equal to approximately 0.061 cubicinch.
C.F.M.  look up translate image
Cubic Feet per Minute. A measure of volume.
C.I.D.  look up translate image
Cubic Inch Displacement. A measure of volume.
CAMBER  look up translate image
Tilting of the top of the wheels from the vertical. When tilt is outward, camber is positive.
CASTER  look up translate image
Tilting of steering axis forward or backward to provide directional steering ability. Positivecaster recommended for drag racing.
CATCH-CAN  look up translate image
A container used to catch liquid overflow, preventing spillage on race track. Alsoknown as catch-tank.
CHRISTMAS TREE  look up translate image
Also called the Tree, it is the noticeable electronic starting device between the lanes on the starting line. It displays a calibrated-light countdown for each driver. An electronic starting device incorporating calibrated lights displaying a visualcountdown for each driver, activated by a designated official.
CHRISTMAS TREE / TREE  look up translate image
The electronic starting device between the lanes on the starting line. It displays a light countdown for each driver.
CHROMOLY  look up translate image
Also Chrome Moly. Short for Chromium Molybdenum steel. A very strong and lighttubing highly adaptable for race cars.
CHUTE  look up translate image
Short for parachute or drag chute. Used to assist high-speed braking.
CLUTCH CAN  look up translate image
The bell-shaped housing, or bellhousing, used to encase the clutch and flywheel. Bell housing, the bell-shaped housing used to encase clutch and flywheel.
CLUTCH DUST  look up translate image
The thick, black smoke which emanates from the rear of many professional class race cars. It is a normal by-product of the friction and erosion of carbon clutch discs during full engagement.
CLUTCH LOCKUP  look up translate image
The progression of clutch-disc engagement controlled by an air-timer management system. The progression of the clutch-disc engagement controlled by an air-timermanagement system.
COMPETITION AREA  look up translate image
The staging lanes and race track surface.
DEEP STAGE  look up translate image
to roll a few inches farther into the beams after staging, which causes the pre-stage lights to go out. In that position, a driver is closer to the finish line but dangerously close to a foul start.
DEEP STAGING  look up translate image
When the racer inches his car forward, not completely passed the starting line(staging line) so much as to turn off the staging light.
DELAY BOX  look up translate image
An electronic device, designed to improve reaction time, which permits a driver to initiate the run by releasing a button by hand, (rather than depressing the throttle by foot) at the first flash of the starting lights.
DIAL IN  look up translate image
Anticipated elapsed time of vehicle to cover the quarter or eighth mile distance, usually measured to 1/100th of a second. Derived from the earliest handicapping computers into which predictions were entered by thumbwheel dials. Modern handicappers utilize keyboard entry. Dial-ins are used to handicap cars in eliminations. When two cars race, the two dial-ins are subtracted, and the slower car is given the difference in a head start.
DIAL UNDER  look up translate image
when drivers in Super Stock and Stock (handicap categories) select an elapsed time quicker than the national index. Drivers select a dial-under, or e.t., that they think their cars will run based on previous performance. The breakout rule is in effect.
DIAL-IN  look up translate image
The time you pick as your handicap. You want to run as close to this time as possible without going faster.
DIAL-INS  look up translate image
Driver's predictions of E.T.'s their cars will run in their first eliminations.
DIALING UNDER  look up translate image
Allows competitors in Stock and Super Stock the option of selecting a time fasterthan the National Index. Applied in handicap elimination racing where breakout is in effect.
DIAPER  look up translate image
an absorbent blanket made from ballistic material, often Kevlar, that surrounds the oil pan to contain oil and parts in case of an engine explosion; required for Top Fuel, Funny Car, Top Alcohol Dragster, and Top Alcohol Funny Car. A blanket made from ballistic and absorbent material, often Kevlar, that surrounds the oilpan and serves as a containment device during engine explosions.
DISPLACEMENT  look up translate image
In an engine, the total volume of air/fuel mixture an engine is theoretically capable ofdrawing into all cylinders during one operating cycle.
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