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(TOTAL) FERTILITY RATE  look up translate image
The sum of age-specific fertility rates (live births at each age of mother per female population of that age). It represents the number of children a female would bear during her lifetime if she experienced current age-specific fertility rates at each age of her reproductive life. Defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
ABORTION  look up translate image
removal of an embryo or fetus from its mother's uterus before it is sufficiently developed to survive. The use of intentionally induced abortions is a common birth control or birth spacing method used around the world. Abortions are usually induced surgically or chemically.
ABSENT PARENT  look up translate image
A parent not living in the same household as a qualifying child as defined by the Child Support Act 1991.
ACCESS  look up translate image
This is the old term for Contact. See Contact.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF SERVICE  look up translate image
The document which is sent by the court to the Respondent at the same time as the divorce petition and which the Respondent is requested to complete and return to the court showing what, if any, issues are in dispute.
ADULTERY  look up translate image
Sexual intercourse that takes place while a person is married, at any time before a Decree Absolute, with someone of the opposite sex who is not that persons husband or wife.
AFFIDAVIT  look up translate image
A formal written statement which contains evidence given on oath or by affirmation. If the person making the affidavit wishes to refer to any document, a copy of such a document should be attached ('exhibited') to the affidavit.
The number of divorces recorded in the calendar year, by age at decree made absolute, to the estimated resident population of the same age at 30 June.
The number of divorces recorded in the calendar year, by age at decree made absolute, to the estimated resident population of the same age at 30 June.
Refers to all forms of settlement other than a court based resolution; includes mediation, directive mediation, lawyers negotiation, collaborative law and arbitration.
AMBILOCAL RESIDENCE  look up translate image
the residence pattern in which a newly married couple has the choice of living with or near the groom's or the bride's family.
ANCILLARY RELIEF  look up translate image
A general term for the various financial orders that a court can make in divorce or judicial separation proceedings.
ANDROGYNOUS  look up translate image
the characteristic of having a blend of both masculine and feminine personality characteristics but not strongly either one.
ANSWER  look up translate image
A formal defence to a divorce petition.
ANTICIPATORY SORORATE  look up translate image
a cultural pattern in which some sexual permissiveness is allowed between a man and his wife's sister in anticipation of a future marriage between them. This is usually associated with sororal polygyny.
ARRANGED MARRIAGE  look up translate image
a marriage partner selection process in which the future bride and groom usually do not participate actively in the decision. Marriages are commonly arranged by parents or their agents when the marriages are seen as principally uniting two families rather than just husband and wife. There is also often the rationalization that teenagers and young adults are too inexperienced to make a wise mate selection. The tradition of arranged marriages has been dramatically undermined whenever romantic love becomes a popular notion in a society.
AVUNCULOCAL RESIDENCE  look up translate image
the residence pattern in which a newly married couple moves in with or near the groom's maternal uncle's house. This is strongly associated with matrilineal descent and occurs when men obtain statuses, jobs, or prerogatives from their nearest elder matrilineal male relative.
BARRISTER  look up translate image
A lawyer who has been called to the Bar and who is qualified to plead in the Higher courts.
BERDACHE  look up translate image
see two-spirited.
BISEXUAL  look up translate image
an individual who is sexually and/or emotionally attracted by members of the same and the opposite gender. See heterosexual and homosexual.
BLENDED FAMILY  look up translate image
A couple family containing two or more children, of whom at least one is the natural child of both members of the couple, and at least one is the stepchild of either member of the couple. (see also Intact family, Step family)
BRIDE PRICE  look up translate image
things of high value given by a groom to his bride's father. It is a way of showing respect for the bride and her parents. At the same time, it is a compensation for the bride's family for the loss of her economic services. It is also a way of validating the groom's right to future offspring. Bride price is most common among polygynous, small-scale, patrilineal societies--especially in sub-Saharan Africa and among Native Americans. Bride price is also referred to as "bride wealth" and "progeny price." See dowry.
BRIDE SERVICE  look up translate image
work or services done by a groom for his wife's family instead of paying a bride price. Bride service is usually for a set period of time, often years. It is a common practice in societies that have little material wealth and strong rules requiring sharing that prevent the accumulation of wealth. Bride price as also been called "progeny price."
CALDERBANK LETTER  look up translate image
A without prejudice letter making an offer of settlement prior to the case going to hearing. If the offer is rejected by the other party and the court awards the same or less then there is the risk of having to pay the other partys costs from the date the offer was made as well as ones own.
CASTE  look up translate image
an individual's rigidly ascribed, or inherited, status within society. In India there are 4 major castes originally based on vocation: the Brahmans (or Hindu priests), warriors, farmers, and shop keepers. The castes are all ranked relative to each other with the Brahmans being at the top. In addition, there are people in India who are outside of the caste system. These outcasts are at the bottom of society. One's caste is extremely important in India. People are careful to marry within their own caste and to avoid physical contact with members of lower castes because of the danger of pollution.
CHARGE ON PROPERTY  look up translate image
A charge on a property is like an additional mortgage. It gives the holder of the charge security as he/she is entitled to be paid out of the proceeds of the eventual sale of the charged property.
CHILD  look up translate image
A person of any age who is a natural, step or foster son or daughter of a couple or lone parent, usually resident in the same household, and who does not have a child or partner of their own usually resident in the household.
CHILD ABDUCTION  look up translate image
The illegal removal of a child from its home, in particular removal from one country to another. It may be illegal even if it is by the parent who lives with the child, if a person with the right to help make decisions about the child, such as the other parent, has not given their permission.
CAFCASS officers can provide dispute resolution between parents and are often used to provide the court with a report outlining the options available when considering any order affecting a child, such as residence or contact.
CIVIL PARTNERSHIP  look up translate image
The Civil Partnership Act 2004 came into operation on 5 December 2005 and enables a same-sex couple to register as civil partners of each other. It provides civil partners with an equality of treatment with married couples in a wide range of legal matters.
CLEAN BREAK  look up translate image
A one-off order that deals with all the financial issues between a husband and wife. There can be no subsequent claim for any other financial provision even if circumstances change.
CO-RESPONDENT  look up translate image
When the respondent puts forward different reasons for the breakdown of the marriage from the petitioners, and seeks a divorce on those facts.
COHABITATION  look up translate image
Living together when unmarried.
A couple living together in a consensual union when not legally married to each other (that is, when not in a registered marriage). The trends outlined here are restricted to heterosexual relationships.
COLLABORATIVE LAW  look up translate image
A new approach built on mutual problem-solving where both parties and their lawyers pledge to work together to negotiate an agreement without going to court.
CONSENT ORDER  look up translate image
An order made by a court in the terms agreed by both husband and wife.
CONTACT (PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS ACCESS)  look up translate image
The arrangement for a child or children to visit or be visited by the parent who no longer lives with them. Contact can also refer to indirect contact such as phone calls and letters.
COUNSEL  look up translate image
Another name for a Barrister.
COUPLE FAMILY  look up translate image
A family based on two persons who are in a registered or de facto marriage and who are usually resident in the same household. A couple family without children may have other relatives, such as ancestors, present. A couple family with children may have adult children and/or other relatives present. (see also One-parent family)
COUPLE FAMILY WITH CHILDREN  look up translate image
This is a couple family with children of any age present. It can be expanded to elaborate on the characteristics of those children, such as their number, age and dependency status. This family may or may not include other related individuals.
COUPLE FAMILY WITHOUT CHILDREN  look up translate image
This is a couple family with no dependent or non-dependent children present in the family. This family may or may not include other related individuals.
COUPLE RELATIONSHIP  look up translate image
A couple relationship is defined as two people usually residing in the same household who share a social, economic and emotional bond usually associated with marriage and who consider their relationship to be a marriage or marriage-like union. This relationship is identified by the presence of a registered marriage or de facto marriage.
CROSS COUSIN  look up translate image
one's father's sister's children or mother's brother's children. The gender of the children is not relevant in making this distinction. See parallel cousin. diagram of a patrilineal descent pattern with the cross and parallel cousins labeled
CROSS DRESSING  look up translate image
see transvestite.
CROSS PETITION  look up translate image
This is when the Respondent argues different grounds for the divorce from those of the Petitioner.
CRUDE DIVORCE RATE  look up translate image
The number of decrees absolute granted during the calendar year per 1000 estimated resident population at 30 June.
CRUDE MARRIAGE RATE  look up translate image
The number of of marriages registered during the calendar year per 1000 estimated resident population at 30 June.
CUSTODY  look up translate image
The right formerly granted by a court for one parent (or both) to make major decisions for a child, such as education. Custody orders predate the Children Act and are no longer made.
DE FACTO MARRIAGE  look up translate image
The relationship between two people who live together in a couple relationship who are not registered as married to each other. In practice, a de facto marriage exists between a couple of opposite sex when the two people are usual residents in the same household and their relationship is reported as: partner, de facto, common law husband/wife/spouse, lover, boyfriend, girlfriend or when their relationship is reported as husband, wife or spouse and the 'Registered marital status' of one or both partners...(more)
DECREE ABSOLUTE  look up translate image
The order made by the court dissolving the marriage.
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