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AISLE RUNNER  look up translate image
A long piece of fabric traditionally rolled out before the bridal procession to indicate the arrival of the bride.

  • aisle-runner.jpg [55.47 KB]
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE  look up translate image
    A flat fee that covers a variety of wedding services. Most often associated with destination weddings at resorts.
    ANNIVERSARY CAKE  look up translate image
    A small wedding cake made for the first wedding anniversary.
    ARBOR  look up translate image
    A shelter of branches under which a couple stands to exchange vows. Can also be made of latticework covered with vines.
    ASCOT TIE  look up translate image
    A wide necktie that's worn for the formal daytime wedding.
    ASYMMETRIC  look up translate image
    A dress neckline where one shoulder is covered and the other is bare, or a style that begins at the natural waistline and angles down to one side.
    AUFRUF (OOF - ROOF)  look up translate image
    calling up of a wedding couple to the Torah on the Shabbat.
    B&B  look up translate image
    Short for "bed-and-breakfast." Typically, a house converted into a place to stay, similar to a hotel, where guests can rent overnight rooms. The atmosphere is similar to a home and often includes hearty breakfasts but no other meals. Serves as a popular destination for honeymoons.

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  • BACHELORETTE  look up translate image
    Term for a bride while she is engaged.
    BACKPIECE  look up translate image
    A decorative comb placed on the back of a bride's head that attaches the veil.

  • Backpiece.jpg [49.67 KB]
  • BALLET  look up translate image
    Also known as a waltz, this is a veil length that drops below the bride's knees, but above her ankles.
    BALLET VEIL  look up translate image
    A veil that rests between the bride's knees and ankles.
    BANDSTAND  look up translate image
    A raised platform where the band performs.
    BASKET WEAVE  look up translate image
    Decorative piping on a wedding cake
    BEDEKEN  look up translate image
    An Orthodox Jewish ceremony where the bride and groom's families meet and the groom confirms that the bride is his intended, then covers her face with a veil. Also spelled badeken.
    BEST MAN  look up translate image
    The best man keeps the ring safe, signs the marriage license, announces speeches at the reception and makes his own.
    BIEDERMEIER  look up translate image
    A bouquet of flowers arranged in rings according to their color.

  • BiedermeierBouquet.jpg [71.02 KB]
  • BIG BAND  look up translate image
    A style of music that traditionally involves many musicians and incorporates horn instruments and vocalists. Popular in the '30s and '40s.
    BISCOTTI  look up translate image
    An Italian cookie often flavored with anise or nuts. Common as a wedding favor because of their long shelf-life. Traditionally oblong-shaped.
    BLACK TIE  look up translate image
    A semi-formal dress code; men wear tuxedoes, while women wear cocktail dresses or gowns.
    BLACKOUT DATES  look up translate image
    Dates unavailable for events, either due to holidays or a venue's lack of availability.
    BLENDED FAMILY  look up translate image
    A family where members are not all biologically related. Typically, a result of a marriage when spouses and children from a former relationship or marriage form the family unit.
    BLOCK OF ROOMS  look up translate image
    A group of rooms reserved at a hotel for guests, often at a discounted rate. The block is usually held in the couple's name, with guests paying for the reservations themselves.
    BLUSHER  look up translate image
    A short veil that covers the bride face and protects her make-up before the ceremony.
    BLUSHER VEIL  look up translate image
    A short veil worn over the bride's face while walking down the aisle that is lifted back to present her to the groom.

  • birdcage.jpg [36.63 KB]
  • BODICE  look up translate image
    The portion of a woman's garment that covers the upper part of a woman's body, above the waist.

  • bodice.jpg [83.87 KB]
  • BODY SHAPERS  look up translate image
    Hosiery that provides support under a garment.

  • body-shapers-for-women.jpg [21.54 KB]
  • BOMBONIERE  look up translate image
    An Italian term referring to wedding favors passed out to wedding guests in appreciation of their attendance.
    BON BON  look up translate image
    A type of candy that is covered in fondant or chocolate.
    BOUTONIERRE  look up translate image
    This is a single flower or flower bud or a small group of flowers or buds; worn by the groom, best man, ushers and the male relatives of the bride and groom, on the left (over the heart) lapel of their jackets.
    BOUTONNIERE  look up translate image
    A single flower worn on the lapel of a man's jacket.

  • boutonniere.jpg [83.96 KB]
  • BOW TIE  look up translate image
    The most popular choice of tie to wear with a tuxedo. May also be known as a 'dickey bow.'

  • tie-a-bow-tie.jpg [102.97 KB]
  • BOW TIE(DICKEY BOW)  look up translate image
    A short tie, shaped like a bow, that is worn with a wing or laydown collar.
    BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT  look up translate image
    A process to straighten hair with a flat iron, with a combination of formaldehyde and keratin.
    BREAKING OF THE GLASS  look up translate image
    A Jewish tradition where grooms -- and, occasionally, also brides -- step on a glass at the end of a wedding ceremony.
    BRIDAL BOOT CAMP  look up translate image
    A high-intensity workout regime for brides to lose weight and tone up before the wedding.
    BRIDAL OR BRIDE'S BOUQUET  look up translate image
    The bunch of flowers given by the groom to his bride.

  • bridal_bouquet.jpg [101.57 KB]
  • BRIDAL PROCESSION  look up translate image
    Every girl's chance to be a princess. Resplendent in her gown, and on her doting father's arm, the accompanying entourage can be as lengthy as she wishes (venue and cost permitting).
    BRIDAL SHOWER  look up translate image
    Party given for the bride before the wedding; coordinated by the bridesmaids to offer gifts for the bride and groom.
    BRIDE'S ROOM (BRIDAL ROOM)  look up translate image
    An area at the ceremony venue for the bride and her attendants to prepare for the wedding in private.

  • bridal-room.jpg [32.56 KB]
  • BRIDE'S BOUQUET  look up translate image
    A bundle of flowers for the bride.
    BRIDESMAIDS  look up translate image
    These are the gals who are good friends with the bride, supporting her emotionally both before and on her big day. Although they pay for their own gowns, the bride should give them an idea as to what sort of styles and colors she expects them to wear, as some in this group may try to outshine the star of the show.
    BRONZER  look up translate image
    A lotion, spray or powder that darkens the skin's color, resembling a tan.
    BUBBLES  look up translate image
    Used in a wedding in place of rice to send off the bride and groom.
    BUDGET  look up translate image
    A list of planned expenses for a wedding that serves as a helpful guide to keep track of spending.
    BUFFET  look up translate image
    A type of dining style where guests line up and either serve themselves or request food from the server.
    BURLAP LINEN  look up translate image
    A tablecloth made of or resembling burlap, a material of woven jute or hemp.
    BUSTLE  look up translate image
    When a wedding gown's train is gathered below the waist to prevent it from dragging on the floor, often done after the wedding ceremony but before the reception.f
    BUTLER SERVICE  look up translate image
    A type of catering service where servers offer food and drinks to guests on platters.
    BUTTERCREAM  look up translate image
    A soft and creamy icing that can be colored, flavored and used for decoration or filling for a wedding cake.v
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