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AB  look up translate image
Appellate Body
ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE(AB-AD)  look up translate image
An absolute advantage exists in condition of when a nation or other economic region of any country is able to produce a good or service more efficiently than a second (other) nation or its region.
ACCEPTANCE  look up translate image
Any agreement to purchase goods under specified terms. An agreement to purchase goods at a stated price and under stated terms.
Changes in a organizations or corporation's financial statements as a result of changes in currency values.
ACP  look up translate image
African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries.
ACQUISITION OF ASSETS  look up translate image
In an acquisition of assets, one firm acquires the assets of another company. None of the liabilities supporting that asset are transferred to the purchaser.
ACQUISITION OF STOCK  look up translate image
In an acquisition of stock, one firm buys an equity interest in another.
ACQUISITION PREMIUM  look up translate image
In a merger or acquisition, the difference between the purchase price and the reacquisition value of the target firm or company.
ACTIVE FUND MANAGEMENT  look up translate image
An investment approach that actively shifts funds either between asset classes (asset allocation) or between individual securities (security selection).
ACTIVE INCOME  look up translate image
In the U.S. tax code, income from an active business as opposed to passive investment income.
ACTIVITY-BASED-COST (ABC)  look up translate image
An accounting method that allocates costs to specific products based on breakdowns of cost drivers.
AD VALOREM  look up translate image
According to value
AD VALOREM TARIFF  look up translate image
A tariff assessed as a percentage of the value of an import.
ADB  look up translate image
Asia Development Bank, head quartered located in Manila, Philippines (ASIA).
ADJUSTED PRESENT VALUE(APV)  look up translate image
An APV is a valuation method that separately identifies the value of an unlevered project from the value of financing side effects.
ADVANCE AGAINST DOCUMENTS  look up translate image
A loan made on the security of the documents covering the shipment.
ADVANCE LICENCE  look up translate image
Advance Licence is granted for import of inputs without payment of customs duties. It is issued in accordance with the Policy and procedures in force and subject to fulfillment of time-bound export obligation. Such licences can be issu
ADVANCE PAYMENT  look up translate image
Advance Payment is a Trading method in which the buyer pays for the goods before they are sent out , method is used when buyer is of unknown credit worthiness. It is applicable in International or domestic trade.
ADVENTURE  look up translate image
Adventure also define for marine adventure." It is a term of art in the marine insurance business. All insured cargo owners and every shipper on that vessel are part of the adventure.
ADVISING BANK  look up translate image
A bank, operating in the exporter's country, that handles LETTERS OF CREDIT for a foreign bank by notifying the exporter that the credit has been opened in his or her favor.
ADVISORY CAPACITY  look up translate image
A term indicating that shipper's agent or representative is not empowered to make definitive decisions or adjustments without approval of the group or individual represented.
AEZS  look up translate image
Refers to a scheme of Agricultural Export Zones.
AFRICAN DEVELOPMENTAL BANK (ABD)  look up translate image
The ABD is one of four major regional developmental banks currently operating in the global economy; it is headquartered in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.
AGENCY COSTS  look up translate image
The costs incurred to ensure that agents act in the best interest of the principal.
AGENT  look up translate image
Someone who represents business in domestic and overseas market. In corporate governance terminology, management is the agent of the principal stakeholders in a principal-agent relationship.
AGGREGATE DEMAND  look up translate image
The total demand of all potential buyers of a commodity or service. Includes all individuals and organizations that have the ability, willingness, and authority to purchase such products.
AIR WAYBILL  look up translate image
A BILL OF LADING that covers both domestic and international flights transporting goods to a specified destination.
ALL-IN COST  look up translate image
The percentage cost of a financing alternative, including any bank fees or placement fees.
ALLOCATION EFFICIENCY  look up translate image
The efficiency with which a market channels capital toward its most productive uses.
ALLOCATION RULES OF INCOME  look up translate image
In the U.S. tax code, these rules define how income and deductions are to be allocated between domestic-source and foreign-source income.
ALONGSIDE  look up translate image
A phrase referring to the side of a ship. Goods to be delivered "alongside" are to be placed on the dock or barge within reach of the transport ship's tackle so that they can be loaded aboard the ship.
ALTERATION  look up translate image
A change in the boundaries of an activated zone or subzone.
ANDEAN PACT  look up translate image
A regional trade pact that includes Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.
ANNUITY  look up translate image
A level stream of equal dollar payments that lasts for a fixed time. An example of an annuity is the coupon part of a bond with level annual payments.
ANNUITY FACTOR  look up translate image
The term used to calculate the present value of the stream of level payments for a fixed period.
ANTI-DUMPING LAWS  look up translate image
Laws that are enacted to prevent dumping-offering prices in the overseas market that is lower than that at which a product is sold in its home domestic market.
APEC  look up translate image
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
APPLICANT  look up translate image
A corporation applying for the right to establish, operate and maintain a foreign-trade zone.
APPRECIATION  look up translate image
An increase in a currency value relative to another currency in a floating exchange rate system.
ARBITRAGE  look up translate image
The process of buying FOREIGN EXCHANGE, stocks, bonds and other commodities in one market and immediately selling them in another market at higher prices.
ARBITRAGE PRICING THEORY (APT)  look up translate image
An asset pricing model that assumes a linear relation between required return and systematic risk as measured by one or more factors according to Rj = mj + b1jF1 + ... + bKjFK + ej.
APEC forum designed to promote economic growth, cooperation, and integration among member nations. The most prominent members are China, Japan, and Korea.
ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (ABD)  look up translate image
One of four major regional development banks currently operating in the global economy; it is headquartered in Manila, Philippines.
ASIAN DOLLARS  look up translate image
U.S. dollars deposited in Asia and the Pacific Basin.
ASK "OFFER" RATES  look up translate image
The rate at which a market maker is willing to sell the quoted asset.
ASSET ALLOCATION POLICY  look up translate image
The target weights given to various asset classes in an investment portfolio.
ASSETS-IN-PLACE  look up translate image
Those assets in which the firm has already invested. (Compare to growth options.)
A loose or low economic and geopolitical affiliation that includes Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Future members are likely to include Myanmar (Burma), Laos, and Cambodia.
AT-THE-MONEY OPTION  look up translate image
An option with an exercise price that is equal to the current value of the underlying asset.
ATC  look up translate image
Agreement on Textiles and Clothing
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