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'SLIGHT  look up translate image
by God's light (common Elizabethan oath). (Twelfth Night)
'TIS ALL ONE  look up translate image
i.e., 'tis all the same, it makes no difference to me. (Romeo and Juliet)
A PATIENT LIST  look up translate image
the limits of patience. (Othello)
A-GOOD  look up translate image
a good deal, plenteously
A-HOLD  look up translate image
a sea-term
A-ROW  look up translate image
in a row
ABATE  look up translate image
to shorten; to cast down; to blunt
ABATEMENT  look up translate image
ABHOR  look up translate image
protest; disgust
ABIDE  look up translate image
to sojourn to expiate
ABLE  look up translate image
to uphold
ABRIDGEMENT  look up translate image
a short play
ABROAD  look up translate image
away, apart
ABROOK  look up translate image
to brook, abide
ABSEY-BOOK  look up translate image
a primer
ABSOLUTE  look up translate image
positive, certain Complete
ABUSE  look up translate image
to deceive; deception
ABY  look up translate image
to expiate a fault
ABYSM  look up translate image
ACCITE  look up translate image
to cite, summon
ACCUSE  look up translate image
ACHIEVE  look up translate image
to obtain
ACKNOWN  look up translate image
'to be acknown' is to acknowledge
ACQUITTANCE  look up translate image
a receipt or discharge
ACTION-TAKING  look up translate image
ACTURE  look up translate image
ADDITION  look up translate image
title, attribute
ADDRESS  look up translate image
to prepare oneself
ADDRESSED  look up translate image
ADVANCE  look up translate image
to prefer, promote to honour
ADVENTURE MY DISCRETION  look up translate image
risk my reputation. (The Tempest)
ADVERTISEMENT  look up translate image
ADVERTISING  look up translate image
ADVICE  look up translate image
consideration, discretion
ADVISE  look up translate image
sometimes neuter, sometimes reflective, to consider, reflect
ADVISED  look up translate image
ADVOCATION  look up translate image
pleading, advocacy
AERY  look up translate image
nest. (Hamlet)
AFEARED  look up translate image
AFFECT  look up translate image
to love
AFFECTIONED  look up translate image
affected, one who puts on airs. (Twelfth Night)
AFFECTIONS SWAYED  look up translate image
passions ruled. (Julius Caesar)
AFFY  look up translate image
to affiance To trust
AFRONT  look up translate image
in front
AGAINST THE HAIR  look up translate image
or, as we say, "against the grain," a metaphor from brushing the hair of an animal the opposite way to which it lies. (Romeo and Juliet)
AGAZED  look up translate image
looking in amazement
AGLET-BABY  look up translate image
the small figure engraved on a jewel
AGNISE  look up translate image
to acknowledge, confess
AGNIZE  look up translate image
acknowledge. (Othello)
AIERIE  look up translate image
the nest of a bird of prey
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