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"THE FIRE'S OUT"  look up translate image
Common expression used when a string of strikes comes to an end.
300 GAME  look up translate image
A perfect game consisting of 12 strikes in a row.
300 GAME JINX  look up translate image
It is customary when someone starts a game with a string of strikes not to mention the possibility of scoring 300, which would "jinx" the player.
ABC  look up translate image
American Bowling Congress. Official rule making body of ten-pin bowling.Alley (also lane bed). Surface on which the ball is rolled. Approach (also runway). The space extending back from the foul line used to make the steps and delivery.
ABSENTEE  look up translate image
See Blind
ACTION  look up translate image
Motion of the pins caused by the bowler's technique; generally, the combination of accuracy, rotation (also see), and other factors, causing pin motion which is horizontal, rather than vertical, since a horizontally spinning pin covers more of the lane.
ADDRESS  look up translate image
Bowler's starting position. (stance)
ALL THE WAY  look up translate image
Finishing a game from any point with nothing but strikes.
ALLEY  look up translate image
1) A group of lanes; 2) bowling establishment; 3) playing surface,usually made of maple and pine boards; urethane lanes may soon outnumber wood lanes.
AMERICAN BOWLING CONGRESS (ABC)  look up translate image
The world's largest sports organization and the official rule-making body of tenpin bowling.
ANCHOR  look up translate image
Last man to roll in team competition. Usually the best bowler; i.e., the bowler most likely to get a strike in the "foundation frame" (the ninth frame) and most likely to "strike out." The term originated in 1913 when a bowler (Hans Arfsparger) for the Anchor Brewing team in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, bowled in the fifth position and struck out 94 times in succession.
ANGLE  look up translate image
The direction the ball travels when going into the 1-3 pocket (1-2 for lefties). Recent studies [see reference at end] have shown an optimum angle of 4-6 degrees; less or more angle tends to leave pins as the width of the pocket decreases.
APPLE  look up translate image
1) Bowling ball; 2) bowler who fails to come through in a clutch situation. (choke)
APPROACH  look up translate image
1) Part of the lane from the very back of the ball return area to the foul line. Most approaches are 16' long; they are required by the ABC to be at least 15'. (platform, runway) 2) Start of the bowler's motion, ending with the start of the delivery, which is when the ball begins its final swing forward to the release.
ARMSWING  look up translate image
The arc of the bowling arm and hand from the first move toward the line until the delivery of the ball over the line.
ARROWS  look up translate image
The triangles embedded on the lane used in aiming the throw.
AUTOMATIC FOUL DETECTOR  look up translate image
Light beam at the foul line which sounds an alarm if the bowler's foot crosses it. Penalty for doing so is loss of pins for that ball; the bowler shoots at a new rack of ten pins (which counts as a spare if all are knocked down). (foul, foul line)
AUTOMATIC PINSETTER  look up translate image
First used in the 1940s, the original editions took note of the pins left, swept the entire area, and reset the pins for the spare. This invention is credited for the great bowling boom of the 1950s; the inventor received $1 million from AMF.
BABY BALL, BABY THE BALL  look up translate image
Too delicate, not enough emphasis on delivering the ball with authority; released too carefully. Baby split: The 2-7 or 3-10.
BABY SPLIT  look up translate image
The 2-7 or 3-10 split.
BABY SPLIT WITH COMPANY  look up translate image
The 2-7-8 or 3-9-10.
BACK ENDS  look up translate image
Last 5-6 feet of the lane, including the pin deck. (ends)
BACKUP  look up translate image
A ball that falls away to the right (for right-handers) or left (for left-handers).
BACKUP ALLEY  look up translate image
A lane that holds or tends to stop a ball from rolling to the right (or left for left-handers).
BACKUP BALL  look up translate image
A ball that curves left to right for a right-handed bowler or right to left for a left-handed bowler.
BALK  look up translate image
1) An incomplete approach in which the bowler does not deliver the ball; 2) to interfere or cause another bowler to stop his approach or not complete it in his normal fashion.
BALL RACK  look up translate image
1) Where the ball rests before it is rolled and after it returns from the pit; 2) the structure used to store house balls.
BALL RETURN  look up translate image
Track between the lanes the ball travels on when being returned to the bowler.
BALL TRACK  look up translate image
Area on lane where most balls are rolled.
BALSA  look up translate image
A slight, powerless hit on the headpin. (thin hit)
BARMAID  look up translate image
A pin hidden behind another pin; 1-5, 2-8, 3-9. (bicycle, double wood, one­-in­-the­-dark, sleeper, tandem)
BED  look up translate image
The entire area a lane is set into, from the approach to the pit, including the channels.
BED POSTS  look up translate image
The 7-10 split.Big four (also double pinochle). The 4-6-7-10 split.
BEDPOSTS  look up translate image
The 7-10 split. (fence posts, goal posts, mule ears, snake eyes)
BEER FRAME  look up translate image
In team play, when all players strike, the one who doesn't must treat (usually liquid refreshments). May also be the low scorer in a designated frame (often the 7th frame).
BELLY THE BALL  look up translate image
Increase the width (number of boards ball crosses from its maximum outside position) of a hook from an inside starting angle.
BENCH WORK  look up translate image
Any type of conversation or actions intended to upset an opponent. (bench jockeying)
BENDER  look up translate image
Hooking or curving shot that comes close to the channel before breaking into the pocket.
BERLIN WALL  look up translate image
See "Blended condition"
BEVEL  look up translate image
Rounding of thumb/finger holes after drilling to smooth their edges.
BICYCLE  look up translate image
Pin hidden behind another pin. (barmaid, double wood, one-in-the-dark, sleeper, tandem)
BIG BALL  look up translate image
A working hook that enables a bowler to carry strikes on less-than-perfect pocket hits.
BIG EARS  look up translate image
The 4-6-7-10 split. (big four, double pinochle, golden gate)
BIG FILL  look up translate image
Nine or ten pins on a spare, or a double on a strike.
BIG FIVE  look up translate image
Spare leave of three on one side and two on the other.
BIG FOUR  look up translate image
The 4-6-7-10 split. (big ears, double pinochle, golden gate)
BLENDED CONDITION  look up translate image
Oil pattern resulting from lanes with a slight depression in the middle; proprietors compensate by "accidentally" over-oiling, resulting in a "regular blended block." If the contrast from the oily center to the dry sides is very great, it's called a "Berlin Wall." A blocked condition around one arrow (usually the second arrow) is a "tunnel block." When the block narrows toward the pins, it's a "funnel block." If you can find the edge of a block, the edge will move toward the center as the oil evaporates....(more)
BLIND  look up translate image
Score allowed for an absent member, usually the average minus ten or a set score (for example, 140 for men and 120 for women); considered a penalty. Many league rules define "Blind" and "Absentee" with different qualifications. (dummy)
BLIND SCORE  look up translate image
When a league bowler is "blind" and can't find his/her way to the league that evening, the bowler's average is simply used (as if he/she just bowled that score) when figuring the team's total for each game.
BLOCKED LANES  look up translate image
A lane maintenance condition in which oil or some sort of lane finish is used to create a track; almost always results in high scoring. [see "Blended condition"]
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