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ABRASIVE  look up translate image

ABRUPT  look up translate image

ABUSIVE  look up translate image

ADAPTABLE  look up translate image

ADORABLE  look up translate image

AFRAID  look up translate image

AGREEABLE  look up translate image

ALERT  look up translate image

ALLURING  look up translate image

ALOOF  look up translate image

AMBIGUOUS  look up translate image

AMBITIOUS  look up translate image

AMUSED  look up translate image

ANGRY  look up translate image

ANNOYED  look up translate image

ANXIOUS  look up translate image

ARROGANT  look up translate image

ASHAMED  look up translate image

AWFUL  look up translate image

BAD  look up translate image

BELLIGERENT  look up translate image

BEWILDERED  look up translate image

BOORISH  look up translate image

BORED  look up translate image

BORING  look up translate image

BOUNDLESS  look up translate image

BRAVE  look up translate image

BRIGHT  look up translate image

CALLOUS  look up translate image

CALM  look up translate image

CAPABLE  look up translate image

CARELESS  look up translate image

CHARMING  look up translate image

CHEERFUL  look up translate image

CLUMSY  look up translate image

COHERENT  look up translate image

COMBATIVE  look up translate image

COMFORTABLE  look up translate image

CONFIDENT  look up translate image

CONFUSED  look up translate image

COOPERATIVE  look up translate image

COURAGEOUS  look up translate image

COWARDLY  look up translate image

CRAZY  look up translate image

CREDIBLE  look up translate image

CREEPY  look up translate image

CRUEL  look up translate image

CULTURED  look up translate image

CYNICAL  look up translate image

DANGEROUS  look up translate image

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Describing human personality
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