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3D  look up translate image
A three-dimensional style of letters, used for added effect on basic letters, sometimes applied to wildstyle for an extra level of complexity. This style was invented by Phase 2.
50 MIL, 50MM  look up translate image
A chisel tipped marker that is 50 mm wide
ALL CITY  look up translate image
What a writer is considered to be when he/she is "up", but this term implies more status than being just "up". Many people can be "up", but only a select few could be considered "all city". Can also refer to a crew instead of just one writer.
BACK IN THE DAY  look up translate image
Refers to the "old days", old school, or when a writer first started writing. Also a hip-hop/rap term.
BACK TO BACK  look up translate image
A wall that is pieced from end to end all the way across. Also can refer to throwups that are one after another.
BACKGROUND  look up translate image
Originated on the subways out of neccessity. Backgrounds were used to make the piece stand out from all the tags and assorted scribbling on a subway car that make the piece hard to discern; the color or design painted behind the piece to make it stand out from the wall or train.
BATTLE  look up translate image
This is done when two writers or two crews have some sort of disagreement. The battle can take two forms: skills battle or getting up - essentially quality vs. quantity. A skills battle is when two writers piece a wall within a certain time period (usually a day or a few hours) and whoever does the best piece is the winner. A getting-up battle is when the writers take a certain area of a city and whichever crew can get up the most in that area within a certain amount of time (say a week to a month),...(more)
BEEF, BEEFING  look up translate image
A grudge between two individuals or two graffiti crews. Often results in physical combat.
BITE  look up translate image
To copy another writer's style. This is considered a no-no and is looked down upon, even though writers often borrow imagery from cartoons and comics.
BLOCKBUSTER  look up translate image
Big, square letters, often tilted back and forth and in (usually) two colors. Mainly invented to cover over other people and to paint whole trains easily, but they are effective on smaller walls for maximum coverage. Blade and Comet claim to have invented these.
BLOCKIE/BLOCKBUSTER  look up translate image
Large, readable block-style letters, often created using bucket paint.

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  • BMT  look up translate image
    Train line in NY that had only ridgys and ding-dongs (except for the As and Cs.)
    BOMB  look up translate image
    Prolific painting or marking with ink. To cover an area with your tag, throwups, etc.
    BOMB, BOMBING  look up translate image
    The act of doing graffiti. Lets bomb that train yo! Also known as smashing, getting up and writing.
    BOMBING  look up translate image
    To go out writing.
    BUBBLE LETTERS  look up translate image
    A type of graffiti letters, usually considered to be an older (and sometimes outmoded) style. Often used for throwup letters because of their rounded shape, which allows for quick formation. Phase2 originally created this style.
    BUFF  look up translate image
    Any means employed by the transit authority to remove graffiti from trains. The more modern usage is when any graffiti is gone over or removed from any surface, not necessarily just from trains.
    BURN  look up translate image
    To beat the competition with your style. Also refers to a really good piece, as in one that "burns".
    BURNER  look up translate image
    Originally a well-done wildstyle window-down whole car, a burner is a very good piece. Obviously, the reference to a window-down car is not applicable for pieces that are not on trains. A burner is any piece that has good bright colors, good style (often in wildstyle) and seems to "burn" off of the wall.

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  • CAN CONTROL  look up translate image
    1. The ability to produce good graffiti via the expert use of spray cans. 2. An oldschool graffiti magazine.
    CAP, FAT OR SKINNY (TIPS)  look up translate image
    Interchangable spray-can nozzles fitted to the can to vary the width of spray. These are usually racked off of commercial products, such as K-Mart's Bug and Tar, various cleaning products or starches. Many stores and graffiti fanzines sell caps nowadays. Also referred to as "tips" (as in "flare tips" and "thin tips".) The really big fat caps are sometimes called "softballs" because of the wide and soft-looking spray they produce. Tips are sometimes referred to by a certain number of fingers, corresponding...(more)
    CAPS  look up translate image
    The button on top of a can of spray paint which is depressed to deliver paint. They come in various sizes and types.
    CHARACTER  look up translate image
    A cartoon figure (usually, but not necessarily) taken from comic books, TV or popular culture to add humor or emphasis to a piece. In some pieces, the character takes the place of a letter in the word.
    CHINA MARKER  look up translate image
    A type of grease pencil used by artists to mark up contact sheets of photos or the photos themselves for cropping. They come in red and blue, and were adopted by writers for tagging because of the grease base. China markers are not very big, only as big as a crayon, but will write on almost anything.
    CLASH  look up translate image
    A type of spray paint.
    CLOUD  look up translate image
    Stylistic form applied to pieces. The use of clouds is not as freqent now as it was in the early days of subway car painting. See "background".
    COMPUTER STYLE  look up translate image
    A certain style of wildstyle that looks digital or bitmapped, as if it came out of a computer.
    CRAZY  look up translate image
    It means crazy in the dictionary definition but can also mean "really" as in "crazy big".
    CREW  look up translate image
    A loosely organized group of writers who also tag the crew initials along with their name. Crew names are usually three letters, many times ending with "K", which stands for "kings" or "kills" in most cases. Some crew names are just two letters, some are four, it all depends.
    CROSS OUT  look up translate image
    The act of going over or crossing out anothers graffiti. Often results in beef and physical combat.
    CRUISER CAP, CRUISERS  look up translate image
    One of the many styles of graffiti caps.
    CTA  look up translate image
    Chicago Transit Authority.
    CUTTING LINES  look up translate image
    A painting technique used on inside fills of letters and characters to get thin lines, thinner than thin tips.
    CUTTING TIPS  look up translate image
    A way to cut standard tips, thus modifying them into fat caps or flare tips.
    DEF  look up translate image
    Really good, (derived from "death"). In its day it had as much use in the hip-hop scene as in the graffiti scene. Not in use as much anymore, in some circles its use is considered downright cheesy. I'm all for bringing it back.
    DEPOT  look up translate image
    The area that stores busses.
    DING-DONG  look up translate image
    Relatively new stainless type of subway car, so named for the bell that rings just before the doors close. Ding-dongs were preferred because they were so flat. They were a quick buff so no one did any full-scale pieces on ding-dongs.
    DIS  look up translate image
    To insult. Comes from "disrespect". Originally it was just a hip-hop/rap term but has found its way into the culture at large. Hey, even my mom says it! See "front".
    DOPE  look up translate image
    Originally a rap/hip-hop term that means "cool".
    DOT  look up translate image
    One of many types of caps. Generally preceded by a color. Blue dots, orange dots etc.
    DOWN  look up translate image
    To be in with, part of the group or action (as in "he's down with us"). Part of your connection, if you are down with someone.
    DRIPS  look up translate image
    Stylized drips drawn onto letters to add effect. Although inept paint application causing unintentional drips is considered the mark of a toy and is wack, stylized drips drawn on letters are acceptable. This style originated early on in New York subway graffiti.
    EVOLVE  look up translate image
    A type of spray paint.
    FADE  look up translate image
    To blend/blended colors.
    FAME  look up translate image
    What a writer gets when he/she is constantly and consistently getting up. One of the goals of writers is to have fame within the subculture of writers, and some, like Chaka, aim to have fame (or at least be recognized) outside of the subculture.
    FAN SPRAY  look up translate image
    A newer type of stock tip on spraypaint cans (used to be only on cheaper brands but almost every company, including Krylon, now sport these on at least one line of their paint) which sprays in a fan pattern that can be adjusted from vertical to horizontal, but is useless for tagging because it looks wack. May be used for fills but the cheezy tips prevent any kind of detailed can control. The tip is not removable for insertion of fat caps.
    FANZINE  look up translate image
    A fan magazine devoted to a narrow interest. Often shortened to "zine" In the graff scene, fanzines would obviously be devoted to writing, featuring photos of pieces, etc. The first graffiti fanzine was "International Graffiti Times" started by Phase 2. Nowadays there are many fanzines such as Can Control, Skills, Crazy Kings, and many others.
    FAT  look up translate image
    Can refer to something being thick, as a "fat line", or can be a general term of good, like "yo, that's fat!" Often spelled "phat".
    FAT CAP, FATS  look up translate image
    One of the many styles of graffiti caps. The produce a large spray pattern.
    FEMALE CAP  look up translate image
    A cap that has no stem coming out of the bottom. Used on specific and less common cans. Also known as a softball or softie. Example: A softball fat would be a female fat cap.
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