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"A PROMISE FULFILLED" CAMPAIGN  look up translate image
This $7.2 million fundraising campaign started in 1994; the campaign accomplished two goals: to renovate and add to the existing MORGAN LIBRARY; and to start the MORGAN LIBRARY ENDOWMENT. The following contributed to the "PROMISE FULFILLED" campaign. There are areas of MORGAN LIBRARY named after them to recognize their generosity: The Griffin Foundation, Inc. – Pat Griffin Wing– Entire west wing, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors. Ken & Myra Monfort – Recognized with a Framed Certificate...(more)
AACR2  look up translate image
ABSTRACT  look up translate image
Brief summary that gives the essential points of a book, pamphlet or article.
Academic Computing and Networking Services (ACNS) provides networking services and central and distributed computing support to the academic and administrative units of Colorado State University. earthACNS
Project of the Colorado library community in partnership with Colorado SuperNet. The project provides access to the information resources of the libraries of the state to support the education, business, health, social service, and personal growth activities of the residents of Colorado. earthACCESS COLORADO LIBRARY INFORMATION NETWORK (ACLIN)
ACCESS POINT  look up translate image
A name, term, code, etc., under which a BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORD may be searched and identified in an electronic or card catalog. Some examples of access points include author, title and call number.
Formerly CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT. Responsible for lending books and other library materials at the LOAN/RESERVE DESK. Responsibilities include Building Security, charging materials in and out, RECALLS, HOLDS, ARIEL, COURIER, SOS. Also known as LOAN AND RESERVE. earthAccess Services Department a.k.a. Loan & Reserve (Circulation)
ACCESSION NUMBER  look up translate image
Unique alphanumeric code assigned to each book or item in the order of its deposition to the DEPOSITORY.
ACCESSION STORAGE  look up translate image
That part of the DEPOSITORY in which materials are arranged by ACCESSION NUMBER.
ACCOUNTING SERVICES  look up translate image
Office in ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES under the Director, FISCAL SERVICES, which maintains the Libraries’ financial records.
ACCOUNTS PAYABLE OFFICE  look up translate image
Section of the CSU Business and Financial Services responsible for disbursing University funds.
ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE  look up translate image
Section of the CSU Business and Financial Services which handles billings and payments for students, individuals, and commercial customers who owe money to the University.
ACLIN  look up translate image
ACNS  look up translate image
ACQUISITIONS BUDGET  look up translate image
ACQUISITIONS SERVICES  look up translate image
Department in the TECHNICAL SERVICES DIVISION that is responsible for acquiring serial and monographic library materials, and maintaining receipt records and summary holdings for serials. Sections within the department include MONOGRAPHS AND IDENTIFICATION, DOCUMENTS PROCESSING, GIFTS AND EXCHANGE and SERIALS. earthAcquisitions Services
ACRL  look up translate image
ACRONYM  look up translate image
Word formed from the first (or first few) letters of each of the successive parts of a compound term, used as an abbreviation (frequently for an organization). earth Library Lingo Acronyms
ADAS  look up translate image
Assistant Dean For Administrative Services.
ADDED COPY  look up translate image
Additional item which matches an item already owned.
ADDED ENTRY  look up translate image
Secondary entry in a bibliographic catalog. An added entry is found both on cards and in an online catalog or medium. Example: any other than the main entry with the addition of a heading to represent in the catalog a subject, joint author, illustrator, editor, compiler, translator, collaborator, series, institutions, organizations, etc. See also MAIN ENTRY.
ADDED TITLE PAGE  look up translate image
A title page preceding or following the title page chosen as the basis for the description of the item. It may be more general (e.g., a series title page), or equally general (e.g., a title page in another language).
ADDED VOLUME  look up translate image
Additional item added to a previous item creating a multi-volume set.
ADDS  look up translate image
Serial issues in the final form, added to the collection with a barcode and an item record.
ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONAL  look up translate image
Those individuals appointed by the Governing Board as officers of the Board, officers of administration, Deans of administrative departments and all such professional assistants to these officials whose appointments are by Board action. Also included are the professional staff and assistants of the Experiment Station, Cooperative Extension and the Colorado State Forest. Certain research positions directly related to the educational process are also included in this category. earth Administrative Professionals at CSU
Representative body of Colorado State University administrative professionals. earth Administrative Professionals at CSU
Directed by the Assistant Dean for Administrative Services and includes FISCAL SERVICES, LIBRARY TECHNOLOGY SERVICES, and LIBRARIES PERSONNEL.
ADOBE ACROBAT READER  look up translate image
Part of a suite of programs developed by Adobe Systems, Inc. for creating and distributing electronic documents. The reader component of the Acrobat suite is distributed free for viewing and printing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files on all major computer platforms. earthAdobe Systems, Inc.
ADPS  look up translate image
Assistant Dean for Public Services
ADTS  look up translate image
Assistant Dean for Technical Service
AGGREGATE DATABASE  look up translate image
Most of our digitized journal collection is available through aggregate full-text databases. An aggregate database is a collection of publications in electronic format by a 3rd party vendor that is comprised of information from a variety of publishers-content is unstable because of 3rd party licensing issues.
ALA  look up translate image
ALMANAC  look up translate image
A publication, usually issued annually, containing facts and statistics.
ALPHABETICAL ORDER  look up translate image
1. Arrangement according to the letters of the alphabet. 2. In libraries, filing rules for alphabetizing consistently.
ALTERNATIVE TITLE  look up translate image
The second part of a title proper that consists of two parts, each of which is a distinct searchable title; the parts are joined by “or” or its equivalent in another language (e.g., The tempest, or, The enchanted island).
AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION (ALA)  look up translate image
The oldest and largest national library association in the world. It is headquartered in Chicago, IL; and maintains an office in Washington, D.C. Its primary publication is American Libraries. earth American Library Association Home Page
ANALYTIC  look up translate image
A cataloging record that is created to indicate the author and title of an individual volume within a series or set. The series is classified together under the same call number so that the volumes are shelved together in the STACKS. The CALL NUMBER of the individual record or analytic record will show the volumes or part number for that volume.
ANGLO-AMERICAN CATALOGING RULES  look up translate image
Rules developed by the AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, and other library associations. Used by most libraries in the English-speaking world, for descriptive cataloging for all library materials. AACR2 is the second edition of the book, revised in 1988, which incorporates a number of rule changes. It is also now available in an electronic edition.
ANNOTATION  look up translate image
1. A note that describes, explains, or evaluates; especially such a note added to an entry in a bibliography, reading list, or catalog. 2. Process of making such notes. Annotation is the end product of making such notes.
ANONYMOUS WORK  look up translate image
One in which the author's name does not appear anywhere in the book; of unknown authorship.
ANTHOLOGY  look up translate image
A compilation of writings or poems from one or more authors focusing on a particular subject or literary form.
APPROVAL PLAN  look up translate image
Service whereby vendors send materials for review with the option to buy or return. As of 2003, CSUL no longer have approval plans, just PURCHASE PLANS.
ARCHIVES  look up translate image
See UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES; Location code in SAGE for materials housed in UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES.
ARIEL  look up translate image
Document transmission system. Using commercially available hardware and RLG's Ariel software, users can scan articles, transmit the resulting electronic image over the INTERNET to other Ariel workstations and print them out on a laser printer. Primary users of Ariel at CSUL include ACCESS SERVICES, INTERLIBRARY LOAN SERVICES, ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE BRANCH LIBRARY, and Veterinary Medical Center Library (VTHBL).
ARL  look up translate image
ARTICLE  look up translate image
An essay or research report in a magazine, journal, newspaper, encyclopedia, etc.
ARTS IN THE LIBRARY SERIES  look up translate image
Its purpose is to expand the role of the Library as a center of cultural enlightenment, centering around displays and programs which illuminate the role of art in society and relate this role to the Library's collections. A typical program consists of a display of art objects in the FIRST NATIONAL BANK GALLERY as well as books from the library about the artistic theme.
ASCII  look up translate image
American Standard Code for Information Interchange, pronounced ask-ee. A code for representing English characters (including alphabet, numbers, and other characters) as numbers, with each character assigned a number from 0 to 127. Most computers use ASCII codes to represent text, which makes it possible to transfer data from one computer to another.
ASK A LIBRARIAN  look up translate image
An electronic means of asking reference LIBRARIANS questions concerning library materials unique to the LIBRARIES' collections or other CSU-related information. earth Ask a Librarian.
ASSISTANT DEANS  look up translate image
Titles designated for those individuals responsible for major divisions in the Libraries: Assistant Dean for Administrative Services (ADAS), Assistant Dean for Public Services (ADPS), and Assistant Dean for Technical Services (ADTS).
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