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"JUST CAUSE"  look up translate image
A "due process" provision commonly negotiated into a collective bargaining agreement that requires the employer to demonstrate proof of an employee's guilt before taking disciplinary action like suspension, or termination. Without such a protection, common law generally allows employers to terminate employees "at-will" (without cause). [for more information, see Hawai'i State AFL-CIO's "Just Cause" site; and the "7 tests of Just Cause" in the Enterprise Wire case. See also Arbitrary and capricious, and At-will.
10-K  look up translate image
The name of the annual financial report required by the SEC of all publicly held corporations.
10-Q  look up translate image
A quarterly report that must be filed with the SEC by any company whose securities are traded on a national or over-the-counter market.
203(B)  look up translate image
FHA's single family program which provides mortgage insurance to lenders to protect against the borrower defaulting; 203(b) is used to finance the purchase of new or existing one to four family ...
203(K)  look up translate image
this FHA mortgage insurance program enables homebuyers to finance both the purchase of a house and the cost of its rehabilitation through a single mortgage loan.
30-DAY LETTER  look up translate image
see letter
341 MEETING  look up translate image
The meeting of creditors required by section 341 of the Bankruptcy Code, at which the debtor is questioned under oath by creditors, a trustee, examiner, or the U.S. trustee about his/her financial ...
36 HOUR RULE  look up translate image
The rule that requires a defendant arrested with a warrant be brought before a judge not later than 36 hours after arrest. MINN.R.Crim.P.Rule 3.02.
401(K) PLAN  look up translate image
[after the section of the Internal Revenue Code that established it] : a retirement savings plan under which an employee may elect to have pretax contributions from his or her wages or salary ...
48 HOUR RULE  look up translate image
The criminal rule that requires a probable cause determination be made within 48 hours of a warrantless arrest. Minn.R.Crim.P. Rule 4.03
90-DAY LETTER  look up translate image
see letter
A FORTIORI  look up translate image
[New Latin, from the stronger (argument)] : all the more certainly : with greater reason : with still more convincing force used in drawing a conclusion that is thought to be even more certain than ...
A LOAN OR A PAPER  look up translate image
a credit rating where the FICO score is 660 or above. There have been no late mortgage payments within a 12-month period. This is the best credit rating to have when entering into a new loan.
A MENSA ET THORO (LATIN)  look up translate image
A divorce by which the parties are legally separated. It is distinct from a divorce a vinculo which completely dissolves or breaks the bonds of matrimony.
A REORGANIZATION  look up translate image
see reorganization
A.K.A.  look up translate image
Used in captions, means "also known as."
A.P.A.  look up translate image
Alcohol problem assessment.
AB INCONVENIENTI  look up translate image
[New Latin] : from inconvenience or hardship used to refer to a rule in law that an argument from inconvenience is a strong argument
AB INITIO  look up translate image
[Latin] : from the beginning [a contract found to be void ab initio]
AB INITIO (LATIN, "FROM THE BEGINNING")  look up translate image
A transaction or document from its inception. For example, an insurance policy may be held to be invalid ab initio or from the purported issuance of the policy.
AB INTESTATO  look up translate image
[Latin] in the civil law of Louisiana : from an intestate
ABA  look up translate image
American Bar Association
ABANDON  look up translate image
1 : to give up with the intent of never again asserting or claiming an interest in (a right or property) 2 : to disassociate oneself from or forsake in spite of a duty or responsibility to [ one's ...
ABANDONED PROPERTY  look up translate image
see property
ABANDONMENT  look up translate image
Leaving without intending to return. This occurs when one spouse leaves another or tenant abandons his premise. 1 : the act of abandoning property or a right: as a : relinquishment by an inventor of the right to enforce a patent see also dedication b : an author's relinquishment to the public domain of his ...
ABATE  look up translate image
To reduce something. For example, to abate a nuisance (such as noise) is to remove or reduce the nuisance. See NEIGHBOURS. abat-ed abat-ing [Old French abattre, literally, to knock down, from a-, prefix stressing result + battre to beat] vt 1 a : to put an end to or do away with [ a nuisance] b : make void : ...
ABATEMENT  look up translate image
1 : the act or process of abating or the state of being abated [challenged the of her bequest] [ of a private nuisance by self-help "W. L. Prosser and W. P. Keeton"] 2 : an amount abated : ...
ABATEMENT (REDUCTION OR DECREASE)  look up translate image
The proportionate reduction of a claim when the fund used for payment is insufficient to meet the full amount of the claim. Also, the termination of a lawsuit due, for instance, to the death of a party.
ABDUCT  look up translate image
: to carry or lead (a person) away by threat or use of force or often by fraud ;also : to restrain or conceal (a person) for the purpose of preventing escape or rescue see also kidnapping ...
ABDUCTION  look up translate image
1 a : the action of abducting [ of a robbery victim] b : the tort or felony of abducting a person 2 : the unlawful carrying away of a wife or female child or ward for the purpose of marriage or ...
ABET  look up translate image
To aid, help, or assist. abet-ted abet-ting : to assist, encourage, instigate, or support with criminal intent in attempting or carrying out a crime often used in the phrase aid and abet abet-ment n ...
ABEYANCE  look up translate image
The condition of being undetermined. To hold in abeyance is to place a pending motion (e.g. grievance) outside the time limits until some future time when it may be taken up and processed. [Middle French abeance expectation (of a title or claimant), from abaer to expect, from a-, prefix stressing result + baer to gape, aim at] 1 : a lapse in the succession of property during which ...
ABIDE  look up translate image
abode or: abid-ed abid-ing : to accept without objection abide by : to act or behave in accordance with or in obedience to
ABJURE  look up translate image
ab-jured ab-jur-ing [Latin abjurare, from ab- off + jurare to swear] : renounce ;specif : to disclaim formally or renounce upon oath [solemnly s his allegiance to his former country] ...
ABLE  look up translate image
1 : possessed of needed powers or of needed resources to accomplish an objective [ to perform under the contract] 2 : having freedom from restriction or obligation or from conditions preventing an ...
ABNORMALLY DANGEROUS ACTIVITY  look up translate image
: an activity esp. that is not common in or appropriate to an area, that creates a high degree of risk of harm to someone or something despite the exercise of due care, and whose value to the ...
ABODE  look up translate image
Domicile. past and past part of abide
ABOLISH  look up translate image
: to end the observance or effect of : annul
ABORT  look up translate image
: to induce the expulsion of (a human fetus)
ABORTION  look up translate image
1 : the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus ;esp : the medical procedure of inducing expulsion of a human fetus to terminate a ...
ABORTIONIST  look up translate image
: one who induces abortions
ABOVE  look up translate image
1 : higher on the same page or on a preceding page [the discussion ] 2 : higher or superior in rank or authority [the court ] above the line : in calculations that yield adjusted gross income or ...
ABRIDGE  look up translate image
abridged abridg-ing : to diminish or reduce in scope [no State shall make or enforce any law which shall the privileges and immunities of the citizens of the United States "U.S. Constitution ...
ABROGATE  look up translate image
To repeal, cancel or annul. -gat-ed -gat-ing [Latin abrogare, from ab- off + rogare ask, ask for approval of (a law)] : to abolish by authoritative, official, or formal action : annul repeal [a recent addition to ...
ABSCOND  look up translate image
To hide away. : to depart secretly : withdraw and hide oneself ;specif : to evade the legal process of a court by hiding within or secretly leaving its jurisdiction [ed with the funds] [ from New York] [ to ...
ABSCONDER  look up translate image
An offender who fails to report for probation, parole, or aftercare supervision, and whose whereabouts are unknown.
ABSENCE WITHOUT LEAVE  look up translate image
:the military offense of being absent without leave
ABSENT WITHOUT LEAVE  look up translate image
:absent from one's place of duty in the armed forces without authority
ABSENTEE  look up translate image
: one that is absent: as a : a proprietor who lives away from his or her business or estate b : a potential party to a legal action who is not present or does not have a representative present at a ...
ABSENTEE BALLOT  look up translate image
: a ballot submitted (as by mail) in advance of an election by a voter who is unable to be present at the polls
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