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A LA KING  look up translate image
Usally chicken or turkey served in a cream sauce with mushrooms, pimiento, and green peppers.
À LA NAGE  look up translate image
Cooking à la nage means poaching food, usually seafood, in a court bouillon and serving the court bouillon and the vegetables around the food as part the garniture. When making a court bouillon to use for cooking à la nage, cut the vegetables in a decorative manner, such as julienne.
ACIDIFY  look up translate image
To add acid such as vinegar, lemon or lime juice.
AERATE  look up translate image
To add air, as in sifting flour.
AIOLI  look up translate image
Aioli (garlic mayonnaise) is a delicious accompaniment to cold or hot grilled vegetables, steamed or boiled artichokes, boiled potatoes, and grilled or baked fish and shellfish.
AL DENTE  look up translate image
An Italian expression applied in all western kitchens to pasta cooked just until enough resistance is left in it to be felt "by the tooth." Fresh pasta can never by cooked al dente as it is too soft. The expression is also applied to vegetables that have been cooked crisp by steaming, boiling, or stir-frying.
ALBUMEN  look up translate image
A synonym for egg white.
ARBORIO  look up translate image
Risotto recipes The name given to some of the best short-grained rices grown in the Po Valley of Italy, and used to prepare risotto.
AROMATIC  look up translate image
Fragrant, as in herbs.
AROMATICS  look up translate image
Plant ingredients, such as herbs and spices, used to enhance the flavor and fragrance of food.
ARROWROOT  look up translate image
A fine starch extracted from the rhizomes of plants of the genus Maranta.
ASPIC  look up translate image
A clear jelly made from stock or occasionally from fruit or vegetable juices.
AU GRATIN  look up translate image
A dish such as potaotes au gratin which is covered with bread crumbs, butter, and cheese.
BAIN-MARIE  look up translate image
A bain-marie is a pan of water that is used to help mixtures such as custards bake evenly and to protect them from the direct heat of the oven or, in some cases, the stove.
BAKE  look up translate image
To cook using dry heat, either covered or uncovered, in an oven or oven-type appliance.
BAKE BLIND  look up translate image
To bake a pie crust or shell while empty. To prevent pastry from puffing up, the shell is usually lined with baking paper and filled with "blind beans". (See below)
BARBECUE  look up translate image
A cooking method involving grilling food over a wood or charcoal fire. Usually some sort of rub, marinade, or sauce is brushed on the item before or during cooking.
BARD  look up translate image
To tie bacon or pork fat over a joint of meat or poultry before it is roasted to prevent it from drying out during cooking.
BASMATI  look up translate image
The name of the most deliciously flavored long-grain rice from India.Baste To moisten food during cooking with pan drippings, sauce, or other liquid. Basting prevents foods from drying out.
BASTE  look up translate image
To moisten meat or other foods to prevent it drying out while cooking and to add flavor. You can baste using pan drippings or another moist flavoring such as a marinade.
BASTER  look up translate image
A large kitchen syringe used to baste meats with their own gravy, another liquid, or melted fat.
BATTER  look up translate image
A mixture of flour and liquid with the addition of flour, eggs, and sometimes fat, used to prepare cakes, muffins, pancakes, crepes, and quick breads. Also applies to frying batters.
BATTUTO  look up translate image
A combination of chopped raw vegetables for sauting typically carrots, celery, onion and/or garlic, and parsleythat is the foundation of many Italian sauces and other dishes.
BAVARIAN  look up translate image
A type of custard made by folding together whipped cream and a flavorful liquid mixture, usually a crme anglaise flavored with vanilla, coffee, chocolate, or a fruit puree.
BARNAISE  look up translate image
A warm, emulsified egg and butter sauce similar to hollandaise, but with the addition of white wine, shallots, and tarragon.
BEAT  look up translate image
To make a mixture smooth by adding air. Use a brisk over and over stirring motion with a spoon, or a rotary motion using a manual beater or electric mixer.
BCHAMEL  look up translate image
A classic white sauce made with whole milk thickened with a white roux, and flavored with aromatic vegetables,
BEURRE BLANC  look up translate image
A rich butter sauce made by whisking butter into a reduction of white wine, white wine vinegar, and shallots, and sometimes finished with fresh herbs or other seasoning.
BISQUE  look up translate image
A soup based on purees of vegetables and/or crustaceans. It is classically thickened with rice and usually finished with cream.
BLACKEN  look up translate image
Coating meat or fish with spices and herbs, then searing in a hot skillet.
BLANCH  look up translate image
To heat for a short time in boiling water or steam. Used in preparing food for canning, freezing or drying. It helps loosen the skins of fruits, vegetables or nuts.
BLEND  look up translate image
To combine two or more ingredients together thoroughly.
BLIND BEANS  look up translate image
Dried beans, peas, rice, pasta or specially made beads used to fill pastry shells during baking and later removed.
BOCCONCINI  look up translate image
Fresh Italian mozzarella balls sold in a water or brine solution. Available from delicatessens and supermarkets.
BOIL  look up translate image
To heat a liquid to the point that bubbles break continuously on the surface.
BOUILLABAISSE  look up translate image
Mediterranean seafood soup.
BOUILLON  look up translate image
French, for broth. Refers to the liquid resulting from simmering meats, vegetables, and aromatics in water until the meats have lost all their nutritional elements to the water and the broth can jell upon cooling.
BOUQUET GARNI  look up translate image
A bundle of parsley stems, dried thyme, and a large bay leaf, tied together and left to float freely in broth, stock, or sauce.
BRAISE  look up translate image
To cook slowly in a covered pan using a small amount of liquid.
BREAD  look up translate image
To coat with flour, then dip into beaten egg or milk, then coat with crumbs from crushed stale bread, cereal or crackers.
BRINE  look up translate image
A salt, water, and seasoning solution used to preserve foods.
BRIOCHE  look up translate image
The famous flour, egg, and yeast cake of northern France, which is now made in one form or another everywhere.
BRISKET  look up translate image
A cut of beef from the lower forequarter, best suited for long-cooking preparations like braising.
BROIL  look up translate image
To cook by direct heat, under a broiler or over hot coals.
BROTH  look up translate image
Broth and stock are interchangeable terms and mean a flavorful liquid made by gently cooking meat, seafood, or vegetables, often with herbs, in liquid, usually water.
BROWN  look up translate image
to fry, broil or bake food to deepen it's natural surface color but not cooking it.
BROWN STOCK  look up translate image
An amber liquid produced by simmering browned bones and meat with vegetables and aromatics.
BUTTERCREAM  look up translate image
A mixture of butter, sugar, and eggs or custard.
BUTTERFLY  look up translate image
To cut and open out the edges of meat or seafood like a book or the wings of a butterfly.
BUTTERMILK  look up translate image
A dairy liquid with a slightly sour taste similar to yogurt.
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