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ACKNOWLEDGE  look up translate image
to recognize as one's own. In the notarial act called an acknowledgment, the document signer recognizes before a Notary that a signature on a document is his or her own and indicates it was made voluntarily.
ACKNOWLEDGMENT  look up translate image
a notarial act which requires the person who has already signed a document to personally appear before the notary and swear (acknowledge) that he/she willingly signed the document for the purposes for which it was intended. The notary does not have to actually see the person sign the document, but does have to actually witness the person affirm the signature.
ACKNOWLEDGMENT CERTIFICATE  look up translate image
A written statement, affixed to an agreement, signed and sealed by an authorized official that states in a form, usually prescribed by law, that the official took the acknowledgment of the person who signed the agreement.
ACT  look up translate image
a doing, a public act is one who has public authority, has been made before a public officer and is authorized by a public seal.
ADMINISTER  look up translate image
to discharge the duties of an office: to give.
AFFIANT  look up translate image
a person who makes and signs a written statement under oath or affirmation: signer of an affidavit.
AFFIDAVIT  look up translate image
a written statement, signed before a notary, in which the person swears to the notary that the statement is true.
AFFIRM  look up translate image
to make an affirmation: to make a solemn promise on one's own personal honor with no reference to a Supreme Being.
AFFIRMATION  look up translate image
spoken, solemn promise on one's personal honor, with NO reference to a Supreme Being. A person who makes an affirmation is subject to the same penalties for perjury as a person who makes an oath.
AFFIX  look up translate image
to attach physically or inscribe/impress, as signature or seal.
APOSTILLE  look up translate image
A certificate of notarial authority issued by the Florida Secretary of State for notarized documents being sent out of Florida to those countries who are parties to the international treaty commonly known as the Hague Convention.
APOSTILLE / AUTHENTICATION  look up translate image
a certificate of notarial authority issued by the Secretary of State. A document that is notarized in Delaware that is going to another country or Puerto Rico may require the addition of a certificate issued by the Office of the Delaware Secretary of State certifying that the notary was a duly commissioned notary on the date of the notarization. Certain countries signed the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, agreeing to accept a single document, an apostille, to authenticate the signature and...(more)
APPOINTMENT  look up translate image
The act of designating for an office or position.
ATTEST  look up translate image
to confirm (usually in writing) that a document is genuine.
ATTESTATION CLAUSE  look up translate image
the statement a witness signs who is attesting the signature of a document as a witness.
ATTESTED COPY  look up translate image
A copy of an original document that was made by the notary, or that the notary witnessed someone else make. Notaries in some states are allowed to make an attested copy of an original document if it is not a vital record (see below) or recordable document (see below). These states differentiate between an attested copy which may be made by a notary, and a certified copy which may be made only by the public official who has custody of the original record.
ATTORNEY-IN-FACT  look up translate image
a person (not necessarily a lawyer) who is given written authority to sign and/or act on behalf of another individual (the principal), normally through a document called a Power of Attorney.
AUTHENTICATE  look up translate image
To prove or verify as genuine.
AUTHENTICATION  look up translate image
A process by which the Florida Secretary of State certifies or verifies the status of a notary public. An Apostille or a Certificate of Notarial Authority is attached to the notarized document.
AWARENESS  look up translate image
being able to understand a document's significance.
BILL OF SALE  look up translate image
a document that passes title of personal property.
CAPACITY  look up translate image
specific role of a representative signer - attorney in fact, trustee, corporate officer, partner or other - when signing for another person, organization or legal entity.
CERTIFICATE  look up translate image
A document testifying to a fact, qualification, or promise; or 2) A written statement legally authenticated.
CERTIFICATE, NOTARIAL  look up translate image
wording completed, signed and sealed by a Notary that states the particulars of a notarization and appears at the end of a signed document or on a paper attached to it.
CERTIFICATION AUTHORITY (CA)  look up translate image
a trusted party that issues computer-readable tokens, called digital certificates, that prove the identity of people using digital signatures to sign electronic documents. This is done by a certification company obtaining proof of identity similar to what notaries do when performing a notarial act. The CA then creates a digital certificate that is associated with that individual's digital signature.
CERTIFIED COPY  look up translate image
an exact, complete and unaltered copy of a document, signed as a true copy of the original.
CERTIFY  look up translate image
to authenticate or attest as being true or as represented.
CIVIL ACTION  look up translate image
Not a criminal action. A lawsuit for the purpose of protection of private (not public) rights and compensation for their violation.
CIVIL LIABILITY  look up translate image
The responsibility and obligation to make compensation to another person for damages caused by improper performance of duties and acts.
CLOSING AGENT  look up translate image
Closing agents can be the lender, escrow, title, closing service companies, etc. A closing agent actually performs the closing process, which includes, disbursement of funds, the issuing of title insurance, if applicable and recording of the deed. In addition, the closing agent, if a notary, can also notarize the applicable documents in the loan package.
CNSA  look up translate image
The acronym CNSA means "Certified Notary Signing Agent". The basic definition of a CNSA is a Notary Public who has been trained by the National Notary Association (NNA) to handle the execution and notarization of mortgage, refinancing and real estate transactions.
CODICIL  look up translate image
A supplement or addendum to a will.
COERCE  look up translate image
To force into submission or compliance.
COERCE, COERCION  look up translate image
to make someone feel they must do something (such as sign a document) when they do not want to do so.
COERCION  look up translate image
forced or compelled into doing something, through fear, intimidation, and/or threats. A notary should refuse to notarize a signature or acknowledgment unless all parties are willingly involved.
COMMERCIAL PAPER  look up translate image
1) Any of various short-term negotiable papers originating in business transactions; or 2) A document whose purpose is to transfer money such as a check, bill of exchange or draft.
COMMISSION  look up translate image
to authorize to perform notarial acts: written authorization to perform notarial acts that is issued by a state's governor, secretary of state or other empowering official. Called an appointment in some states and jurisdictions.
COMPETENCE  look up translate image
the ability to understand. A notary should be comfortable that all parties understand what they are signing or affirming.
CONVEYANCE  look up translate image
a document affecting or changing the title/ownership of real property.
COPY CERTIFICATION  look up translate image
the process in which the notary takes an affidavit from the document custodian stating that the document to which the affidavit is attached is a true and complete copy of a document that is neither a vital record (see below) or publicly recordable document (see Recordable Document below).
CREDIBLE IDENTIFYING WITNESS  look up translate image
someone who is personally known to the notary who can swear to the identity of a person requesting a notarization that is not known to the notary and cannot produce proper identification.
CREDIBLE WITNESS  look up translate image
A believable witness worthy of confidence. Creates a chain of personally known individuals from the notary public to the signer of a document.
Where allowed, a credible witness provides a way to positively identify a signer who lacks satisfactory identification documents. The credible witness must be able to truthfully swear an oath/affirmation that: he/she personally knows the signer; the signer has no other form of acceptable identification; such identification would be difficult or impossible for the signer to obtain; and the credible witness has no connection to the underlying transaction. If one credible witness is used, he/she must...(more)
CUSTODIAN OF THE DOCUMENT  look up translate image
The person who has charge or custody of the document. In the case of making an attested photocopy, the document's custodian is the person presenting the document, who may or may not be the document signer.
DEED  look up translate image
A document by which a person conveys (tranfers) real property. Quitclaim Deed - A deed intended to pass any title, interest, or claim which the grantor may have in the real property, but not professing that such title is valid or containing any warranty for title. Warranty Deed - A deed in which the grantor warrants or guarantees good clear title to the real property.
DEFENDANT  look up translate image
person accused of causing damages and from whom compensation is sought in a lawsuit.
DEPONENT  look up translate image
person who, under oath or affirmation, gives oral testimony that is transcribed for use in a legal proceeding.
DEPOSITION  look up translate image
a written statement used in legal matters that is transcribed from oral testimony given under oath or affirmation and is usually signed by the person giving the oath or affirmation.
DIGITAL SIGNATURE  look up translate image
a specific type of electronic signature used to denote encryption technology. It is a process that provides for a secure signature on an electronic document, one that can prove the signature belongs to the person who signed it, and that can be associated with the document in such a way that any modifications to the document invalidate the signature.
DISPOSE  look up translate image
To store in an orderly manner. In relation to notarial journal, to store for seven years.
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