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A BOWL OF RICE (bát cơm)  look up translate image
In Vietnam, they put a pair of chopsticks up right on a bowl of rice to designate offerings of food to the deceased.
ADMINISTRATOR (người thừa kế chỉ định)  look up translate image
Court-appointed person placed in charge of the estate of a person who passed on without a will. Người do tòa án chỉ định quản lý bất động sản do người chết để lại mà không có di chúc
ALGOR MORTIS  look up translate image
The cooling of the body immediately after death to room temperature and temporary stiffening of the muscles.
AMBULANCE (xe cứu thương)  look up translate image
Vehicle specifically constructed and equipped to transport injured, sick, or incapacitated persons.
APPRENTICE (thực tập sinh)  look up translate image
The name generally applied to an individual learning the embalming and funeral directing procedure under the supervision of a licensee.
ARRANGEMENT ROOM (phòng đại thể, phòng chuẩn bị, phòng quàn)  look up translate image
A room of the funeral home used to make the necessary funeral arrangements with the family of the deceased.
ASHES (tro)  look up translate image
See cremated remains.
ASPIRATE (hút chất lỏng và khí khỏi khoang bụng)  look up translate image
To withdraw fluids and gases from the abdominal cavity.
BACKGROUND DRAPES (rèm hậu, bức trướng nền)  look up translate image
Decorative drapes arranged on a frame and placed behind the casket as a background. Typically made of velour.
BENEFICIARY (người thụ hưởng)  look up translate image
Recipient of the proceeds of a will or insurance policy.
BEQUEST (tài sản theo di chúc)  look up translate image
Any gift of property made in a will.
BEREAVED (tang gia, tang quyến)  look up translate image
the immediate family of the deceased. suffering from grief upon the death of a loved one.
BOILED EGG (trứng luộc)  look up translate image

BONE (xương)  look up translate image

BURIAL CASE (quan tài)  look up translate image
See Casket.
BURIAL CERTIFICATE / PERMIT (giấy phép chôn cất)  look up translate image
Legal permission issued by the local government authorizing burial or cremation.
BURIAL GARMENTS (vải niệm)  look up translate image
Wearing apparel made especially for the dead.
BURYING GROUND (nghĩa địa)  look up translate image

CANDLE (nến)  look up translate image

CANOPY (lều, bạt)  look up translate image
A portable canvas shelter used to cover the grave area during a burial. Also called a tent.
CASKET (quan tài)  look up translate image

CASKET COACH (xe tang)  look up translate image
A motor coach designed and used for the conveyance of the casketed remains from the place the funeral service is conducted to the cemetery. Also known as a Funeral Coach.

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  • CASKET RACK (giá đỡ quan tài)  look up translate image
    A device that allows caskets to be placed one on top of the other for display purposes.
    CASKET VEIL (mạng che quan tài)  look up translate image
    A silk net or transparent casket covering for the purpose of keeping flies and insects away from the remains.
    CASKETING (niệm)  look up translate image
    Placing of the body in the casket upon completion of embalming, dressing and cosmetizing.
    CATAFALQUE (bệ đỡ quan tài)  look up translate image
    The stand on which the casket rests while instate and during the funeral service.
    CEMENTERY (nghĩa trang)  look up translate image

    CENOTAPH (mộ gió)  look up translate image
    An empty tomb or monument erected in memory or a person buried elsewhere.
    CHAPEL (phòng tang lễ)  look up translate image
    A large room in a funeral home where funeral services are held.
    CLERGY (tu sĩ)  look up translate image

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  • CLIENTS (khách hàng của nhà tang lễ)  look up translate image
    Those who employ the services of the funeral director.
    CODICIL (sửa đổi di chúc)  look up translate image
    An amendment to a will changing the original provisions.
    COFFIN (quan tài)  look up translate image

    COLUMBARIUM (nhà chứa bình tro)  look up translate image
    Structure or building designed for the housing of urns of cremated remains in recesses/niches.
    COMMITTAL SERVICE (lễ hạ huyệt)  look up translate image
    The final part of a funeral service during which the remains are buried or entombed.
    CONTEST (phản đối di chúc)  look up translate image
    Any legal challenge to or question of the validity of a will.
    CORONER (nhân viên điều tra cái chết bất thường)  look up translate image
    A public official and in some cases a constitutional officer whose duty it is to investigate the case of death if it appears to be from other than
    CORTEGE (tang lễ)  look up translate image
    The funeral procession.
    COSMETOLOGY (trang điểm cho người chết)  look up translate image
    Utilization of cosmetics to restore a life-like appearance to the deceased.
    COT (cáng)  look up translate image
    A stretcher-like carrier used to remove deceased persons from the place of death to the funeral home.
    CREMATED REMAINS (xường cốt còn lại sau hỏa táng)  look up translate image
    See also:
    CREMATION (hỏa táng)  look up translate image

    CREMATORY (nhà hỏa táng)  look up translate image
    A building with a specifically-designed furnace for the purpose of cremating human remains. E.g: the Universal crematory
    CRYPT (phòng chứa tro)  look up translate image
    Vault or room used for keeping remains.
    DEAD BODY (xác chết)  look up translate image

    DEATH (cái chết, sự chết)  look up translate image

    DEATH CARE INDUSTRY (ngành dịch vụ tang lễ)  look up translate image

    DEATH CERTIFICATE (giấy chứng tử)  look up translate image

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  • DECEASED (người chết)  look up translate image
    Person in whom all physical life has ceased.
    DECOMPOSITION  look up translate image

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