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ALBINO  look up translate image
A problem in which, at some point in the solution, a white pawn on its starting square makes each of its four possible moves (forward one square, forward two squares, capture to the left, capture to the right). If the same behaviour is exhibited by a black pawn, it is a Pickaninny.
ALERTNESS  look up translate image
The ability to take advantage of the opponent's inaccuracies while playing accurately yourself.
ALGEBRAIC NOTATION  look up translate image
Same as Chess notation or simply notation. It is a combination of letters and numbers (a to h and 1 to 8) which denotes the 64 squares of the board. Algebraic notation has become the standard. The modern and most popular way of recording chess moves, using single letter piece identifiers and unique alphabetic file and numeric rank identifiers.
ALLUMWANDLUNG  look up translate image
A problem in which the solution includes pawn promotions to all possible pieces (in orthodox chess, to bishop, knight, rook and queen; in fairy chess, possibly to fairy pieces).
ALPHA-BETA PRUNING  look up translate image
A technique used by computer programmers to cut down on the number of possible moves a computer has to evaluate before choosing the best move.
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