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ANALYSIS  look up translate image
The calculation and detailed study of a series of moves based on a particular position in a game. Calculation of possible moves and variations for a position.
ANNOTATION  look up translate image
Written comments about a position or a game, it can be narrative, Chess notation or both. Written comments about a game or position. May include variations from the main line of play.
ANNOUNCED MATE  look up translate image
A former practice to loudly proclaim a Checkmate. It is no longer permitted by the rules of Chess.
ANTI-BRISTOL  look up translate image
The interference of one black piece by another like-moving one on the same line (if the pieces are on different lines, it is a Holzhausen).
ANTICIPATION  look up translate image
If the theme and setting of a particular problem has already appeared in an earlier problem without the knowledge of the later composer, the problem is said to be anticipated. The position does not have to be exactly the same, just very similar. Where this is done deliberately by the later composer, the term plagiarised is used. There is a real chance of anticipation if the problem has a relatively simple theme, since there are only a finite number of positions and themes, and chess problems have been composed for hundreds of years. However, anticipations are not always noticed immediately.
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