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BABSON TASK  look up translate image
A problem in which black promotion defences to all possible pieces are answered by white promotions to the same piece black has promoted to. An extreme form of Allumwandlung.
BACK RANK  look up translate image
The first rank on the board for each player. It can become weak late in the game if the rooks don't cover it enough.
BACK RANK MATE  look up translate image
A checkmate made by a Queen or Rook along the 8th rank where the opponent's King is blocked in by its own Pawns.
BACKWARD PAWN  look up translate image
A Pawn that has trailed behind and is no longer supported by other Pawns. A backward Pawn is consider a fundamental weakness in a Chess position because it can be attacked. Its defense requires pieces that are better employed in other plans. See also isolated Pawn. 1. A pawn at the base of a pawn chain that can't move forward due to one or more enemy pawns on the adjacent files. 2. A pawn which stands on an open file and cannot be protected by any other pawn.
BAD BISHOP  look up translate image
Any ineffective Bishop. When a Bishop has little or no mobility because of being hemmed by Pawns positioned on squares of the same color as the Bishop's square, it is said to be a "bad Bishop". A bishop whose movement is restricted by friendly pawns on its colour squares. These friendly pawns are in turn restricted by enemy pawns or pieces, thereby being unable to vacate squares for the bishop.
BASE OF PAWN CHAIN  look up translate image
The very last pawn in a diagonal chain. It is the weakest point due to it not being supported by another pawn.
BATTERY  look up translate image
Doubling Rooks on a file or a Queen and a Bishop on a diagonal. A lineup of pieces that move similarly on a single file or diagonal, usually pointing toward a critical point in the enemy's camp. Batteries can be created by Queen and Rooks on a file or rank, and Queen and Bishops on a diagonal.
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