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BLINDFOLD CHESS  look up translate image
Games played without seeing the board. A Chess player who plays one or more opponents without sight of the board.
BLITZ CHESS  look up translate image
Rapid or lightning Chess games usually clocked in five or ten minutes.
BLOCK  look up translate image
A problem in which the key provides no threat, but instead puts black in a position of zugzwang, where every move leads to a mate. In a complete block, all of black's moves have mates provided in the set play and the key is simply a waiting move; in an incomplete block, not all black moves are provided with mates in the set play - the key provides for those that don't; in a mutate some of the mates provided in the set play are changed following the key.
BLOCKADE  look up translate image
To stop an enemy Pawn by placing a piece or pieces directly in front of it. This term describes the situation where the advance of a Pawn is prevented by an opponent's piece directly in front of the frustrated Pawn. Immobilization of an enemy pawn by placing a piece (preferably a knight) on the square directly in front of it.
BLOCKADING SQUARE  look up translate image
The square directly in front of an isolated or backward pawn. This square can also serve as an outpost square, as an occupying piece cannot be chased away by pawns.
BLOCKED  look up translate image
This term describes a piece whose mobility is limited by the physical presence of another piece often of the same color. Specific positions that involve blocked pieces include discovered check, double check, and blockade.
BLUNDER  look up translate image
A very bad move that loses material or initiative without any or little advantage. A mistake that overlooks a simple tactical response. A horrible mistake where material is lost, serious tactical or positional concessions are made, or the game is lost.
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