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FAIRY CHESS  look up translate image
Non-orthodox Chess problem compositions. A problem or puzzle where some official rules of the traditional game of Chess are suspended or changed.
FAMILY CHECK  look up translate image
Bogoljubow's lighthearted term for a Knight fork which includes an attack on the King.
FEN  look up translate image
Forsythe-Edwards-Notation. FEN is the standard for describing Chess positions using the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) character set. It is intended as a standard position notation for Chess programmers, for page layout programs, and for confirming position status for e-mail competition. Six FEN fields specify the piece placement, the active color, the castling availability, the en passant target square, the half move clock, and the full move number. The first four fields...(more)
FERS  look up translate image
The medieval name for the piece we now call the Queen, derived from the Persian word "Vizier".
FIANCHETTO  look up translate image
An Italian term that means "on the flank" and applies only to Bishops. A Fianchetto involves placing a white Bishop on g2 or b2 or a black Bishop on g7 or b7. This maneuver places the Bishop to a position from which it controls the longest diagonal. A word derived from the Italian word 'fianco' meaning flank. Italian "on the flank". The development of a bishop to b2 or g2 (b7 or g7 for Black).
FIDE  look up translate image
The acronym for Federation Internationale des checs, the international Chess Federation which organizes the titles, awards and the international rating system. Federation Internationale des Echecs, the world governing body for chess. Founded in 1924, it organizes world championship competitions, draws up rules of the game, and awards the international titles to top players.
FIDE MASTER  look up translate image
Title awarded by FIDE and is ranked below International Master.
FIFTY MOVE RULE  look up translate image
A game can be drawn when fifty moves have been made by each player without a capture or pawn advancement.
FIGURINE NOTATION  look up translate image
A system of recording the moves of a Chess game similar to Algebraic Notation except that small pictures of the pieces and Pawns are substituted for their names. This method has been popularized by published articles in newspapers and other periodicals.
FILE  look up translate image
A vertical column of eight squares. This column of squares runs from the top of the board to the bottom. Designated in algebraic notation as the a-file, b-file, c-file, d-file, e-file, f-file, g-file and h-file. The players' Kings start the game on the same file. A row of eight squares from one end of the chessboard to the other. In Algebraic Notation these are labelled a to h, starting from the queenside of the board.
FINGERFEHLER  look up translate image
German for finger-slip, a description of an obvious but bad move made without thinking.
FIRST BOARD  look up translate image
Also called top board, a term to describe the board in a team match which usually has each team's strongest player.
FISCHER CLOCK  look up translate image
A clock which, in addition to serving the usual functions of a Chess clock, adds a certain amount of time to each player's clock after each move, in order to avoid desperate time scrambles at the end of a game, which often result in poor moves.
FISH  look up translate image
Derogatory term for a Chess player of little skill, poor experience or a bad player.
FIXED CENTRE  look up translate image
Where the centre of the board is occupied by multiple pawns and some of them are fixed in place by opposing pawns. In some cases, pawn movement is possible but the advancing pawns will be subject to capture.
FIXED PAWN  look up translate image
A Pawn whose advance is blocked by an enemy piece.
FIXED PAWN STRUCTURE  look up translate image
Pawn set-ups where there is little or no possible mobility. Since there will be little pawn play, strategies are easier to determine.
FLAG  look up translate image
Part of an analog Chess clock. As the minute hand on the clock nears the 12, the flat is pushed upward. When the minute hand reaches 12 it no longer holds up the flag and it falls. The falling of the flag indicates that the player's time has expired, and if the requisite number of moves have not been played, the player is said to "lose the game on time" (i.e. the game is lost because time ran out, not because of the position on the board, although many games are lost on time when the position is poor and the losing player uses large amounts of time in an effort to try to find a way to save the game).
FLANK  look up translate image
The a, b, and c files on the Queenside and the f, g, and h files on the Kingside. The files that do not belong to the centre, that is the a, b and c files on the queenside, and the f, g and h files on the kingside. Certain openings that focus on flank development are called "flank openings." Typical first moves for these openings are 1.c4; 1.b3; 1.Nf3; etc.
FLANK ATTACK  look up translate image
Attacking on either the kingside or queenside. Such attacks are much more successful when the centre is closed.
FLIGHT (SQUARE)  look up translate image
A square to which the black king can legally move (that is, one not guarded by a white piece, and not occupied by a black piece). If black plays a piece to one of these squares, thus decreasing the king's mobility, it is a self-block. If he moves a piece from one of these squares, it is square-vacation.
FLIGHT SQUARE  look up translate image
A square to which a King in check can move, also called escape square.
FLUID PAWN STRUCTURE  look up translate image
Structures where future pawn movement is likely. Strategy may be difficult to determine, as a change in the pawn structure necessitates a change in strategy.
FM  look up translate image
FIDE Master.
FOCAL POINT  look up translate image
A weak square near the enemy king. This is targeted by the attacker, and the defender may find it difficult to protect. More than one focal point makes an attack stronger.
FOOL'S MATE  look up translate image
The shortest possible Chess game ending in checkmate:1. g4 e5 (or e6) 2. f4 (or f3) Qh4 mate. It is so named because white must play foolishly to allow this mate.
FOOL'S MATE  look up translate image
Checkmate in the manner of 1. f3 e3 2. g4 Qh4*
FORCE  look up translate image
Your army. All pawns and pieces are units of force.
FORCED  look up translate image
A move or set of moves that are required (forced) to avoid a lesser game result. A move or series of moves that must be played to avoid loss of the game or catastrophic loss of material.
FORCED MATE  look up translate image
A sequence of moves that lead to a checkmate no matter what the opponent responds.
FORCED MOVE  look up translate image
A move for which there is only one reply (or if more than one reply, all but one are undesirable).
FORCING MOVE  look up translate image
A move which leads the opponent into a forced move or moves.
FOREPOST  look up translate image
An advanced square which cannot be attacked by a hostile piece of inferior rank. Foreposts are ideal squares for attacking knights as they have a short range. An absolute forepost is where the position is unassailable. A contingent forepost can only be attacked at the cost of creating a weakness elsewhere.
FORK  look up translate image
An attack on two or more pieces simultaneously. Though any Chess piece (except a Rook- Pawn) can execute a fork, the Knight makes a specialty of it. A form of double attack where one piece threatens two enemy pieces at the same time. In a triple fork, three enemy pieces are threatened.
FORSYTHE NOTATION  look up translate image
Compact and simple means of recording a Chess position also known as "FEN" (Forsythe-Edwards-Notation), devised by Scottish player David Forsythe. Beginning at the top, left-hand corner of the board (a8) the position of the Chessmen as well as the unoccupied squares are recorded, rank by rank. White's men are recorded with capital letters, and Black's with lowercase letters.
FORTRESS  look up translate image
A Chess position that cannot be effectively attacked or broken down even with superior material advantage. A defensive blockade to keep out the enemy forces, especially the king.
FORWARD PAWN  look up translate image
A pawn that is at the very front of a pawn chain. It is the only pawn contained in the chain that does not protect another pawn.
FRONTAL ASSAULT  look up translate image
A direct attack on an enemy pawn that is located on the same half-open file as your heavy pieces.
FRONTIER LINE  look up translate image
Nimzowitsch's term for an imaginary line running between the fourth and fifth ranks.
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