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GAMBIT  look up translate image
An opening maneuver in which at least a pawn is offered in return for a strong position, a chance to attack or gaining tempo which permits development. A gambit usually involves the sacrifice of a Pawn or minor piece when a game is in a complex phase such as the opening or middlegame. A gambit is difficult, but possible to refute. An apparent sacrifice of material for a clear advantage is called a combination, not a gambit.

Italian "a trip up". Where the first player voluntarily sacrifices a pawn...(more)
GAME OF THE CENTURY  look up translate image
Widely-used, descriptive term for the Fischer-Byrne game (a Gruenfeld Defense) in the 1956 Rosenwald tournament. Bobby Fischer, 13 year's old at the time, mated IM Donald Byrne using a Queen and Rook sacrifice. Kmoch used the term "Game of the Century" in his Chess Life article to refer narrowly to Chess played by youngsters.
GELBFUHS SCORE  look up translate image
Tie-breaking system applicable to tournaments where players do not all play the same number of rounds. An individual's Gelbfuhs Score equals the sum of scores of the players beaten, divided by the number of games played; plus one-half the sum of scores of players with whom draws were scored, divided by the number of games played. The Gebfuhs Score is equal to the Sonneborn-Berger score when all players play the same number of games.
GENERAL PRINCIPLES  look up translate image
Basic rules that serve as guidelines for less advanced players. Basic rules don't apply to all situations, and more experienced players learn when to apply them in each specific position.
GENS UNA SUMUS  look up translate image
Latin for "We are one family or We are one race". The official motto of FIDE.
GHOSTS  look up translate image
Threats created in the mind of inexperienced players due to lack of confidence or fear of their opponent.
GM  look up translate image
Abbreviation for International Grandmaster.
GMA  look up translate image
The ill-fated Grandmasters Association (GMA) under Koks chairmanship showed how Chess should be organized with a professional circuit that hosted the memorable World Cup series under the tournament directorship of Lubos Kavalek.
GOOD BISHOP  look up translate image
A Bishop free to operate without interference from its own Pawns and thus is very mobile. Such Bishop is very active because it is positioned on a square of the opposite color to the squares on which most of its Pawns are stationed. 1. A bishop not hindered by friendly pawns on the same colour squares. 2. A bishop with adequate scope.
GRAB  look up translate image
Capture a piece, perhaps making a positional concession in the process.
GRADING  look up translate image
A numerical representation of the strength of a Chess player based upon his results in games against other graded players. In the US, the term rating is used in place of grading.
GRANDMASTER  look up translate image
A title awarded by FIDE to players who meet an established set of performance standards, including a high Elo rating. It is the highest title (other than World Champion) attainable in Chess. Once earned, a Grandmaster title cannot be taken away. The highest title (apart from World Champion) that a chess player can achieve. It is bestowed by FIDE upon players who have achieved certain performance norms. Abbreviation GM. Other titles (in order of importance) are International Master and FIDE Master.
GRANDMASTER DRAW  look up translate image
A quick, uninteresting draw.
GREAT BARE KING  look up translate image
Type of win where the victor checkmates the opponent on the same move that also leaves the loser with a bare King.
GRID-BOARD  look up translate image
A kind of board used in fairy chess which is divided into a grid of 16 2x2 squares. For a move to be legal, the moving piece must pass over at least one of these grid-lines.
GRIMSHAW  look up translate image
A common device featuring two black pieces mutually interfering with each other on a single square.
GROTESQUE  look up translate image
A problem or study with an especially unnatural initial position, particularly one with large amounts of material or with a large material disparity between the sides.
GTTINGEN MANUSCRIPT  look up translate image
A Latin document of 33 pages containing analysis of openings and Chess problems. Housed in the University of Gttingen Library, it is believed to have been written by Lucena, circa 1500.
GURIDON  look up translate image
French for pedestal table. A position where a checkmated King has two defenders on diagonally adjacent squares and is attacked by the enemy queen which sits on an immediately adjacent square.
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