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K  look up translate image
Abbreviation for King.
KARNAMAK  look up translate image
Persian epic written about 600 AD. Possibly the first piece of literature to refer to Chess.
KEY  look up translate image
The unique, first move in the solution to a Chess problem.
KIA  look up translate image
King's Indian Attack.
KIBITZ  look up translate image
To comment during a game, or during analysis following a game, within the hearing of the players. The term is often used in a pejorative sense, and is in many occasions applied to the comments of a spectator for whom the players have little respect.
KIBITZER  look up translate image
One who kibitzes.
KIBITZING  look up translate image
kibitzing - Observing and commenting on a Chess game, usually in a manner that disturbs the players.
KID  look up translate image
King's Indian Defense.
KING  look up translate image
The most important of the Chessman, and consequently usually the largest. The King may move one square in any direction, and a game is over when the King is checkmated.
KING HUNT  look up translate image
A prolonged attack on the opponent's King which usually dislodges it from a shielded, defensive position with a series of checks and sacrifices. A successful King-hunt ends in checkmate.
KING'S PAWN OPENING  look up translate image
The move 1. e4. Bobby Fischer's favorite opening. Moving the King Pawn opens lines for the King Bishop and the Queen, occupies a key central square and prevents the opponent from occupying squares diagonally in front of the Pawn.
KINGSIDE  look up translate image
The half of the board made up of the e, f, g, and h files. Kingside pieces are the King, the Bishop next to it, the Knight next to the Bishop, and the Rook next to the Knight. The half of the board from which the king starts. The e, f, g and h files.
KNIGHT  look up translate image
A Chess piece which moves either two squares vertically and one square horizontally or two squares horizontally and one square vertically. In the first step of this move, the Knight may pass "through" squares already occupied. The Knight's move has not changed since Chess was devised.
KNIGHT FORK  look up translate image
Any double attack by a Knight.
KNIGHT ON THE RIM  look up translate image
A knight on the edge of the board. Unless it is performing a specific duty, its future is said to be "dim," as it attacks very few squares, none in the centre. It may even become trapped on the edge.
KNIGHT'S TOUR  look up translate image
A Chess puzzle whereby the Knight is moved 64 times, landing on each square only once. A solution is called "re-entrant" if the Knight finishes on a square which is a Knight's move away from the square where it began.
KNIGHT'S TOUR  look up translate image
A chess problem where a knight on an empty board has to visit each square exactly once.
KT  look up translate image
Old abbreviation for Knight.
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