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R  look up translate image
Abbreviation for Rook.
RANK  look up translate image
A row of squares running from side to side of the board each side numbers the ranks from one to eight, starting with the rank nearest him and running to the rank nearest his opponent. Also, any horizontal row on a Chessboard. A row of eight squares across the chessboard. In Algebraic Notation these are labelled 1 to 8, starting with the rank at White's end of the board.
RAPID CHESS  look up translate image
A Chess game where each player has 30 minutes in which complete the game; previously called Active Chess by FIDE. In the US, the preferred term is Action Chess and in the UK the expression Quick Play is employed.
RAT  look up translate image
Another name for the Modern Defense.
RATING  look up translate image
A number that measures a player's relative strength. The higher the number, the stronger the player. In the UK, the term grading is used in place of rating. A measure of a player's skill, calculated as a number using a generally accepted formula by an official organization. See "Elo rating".
REDEPLOY  look up translate image
To maneuver a piece onto a more effective square, file or diagonal.
REFLEXMATE  look up translate image
A selfmate in which both sides must deliver checkmate if they are able to do when it is their move. A problem where this stipulation applies only to black is a semi-reflexmate.
REFUTATION  look up translate image
A move or series of moves that demonstrates a flaw in a game, move, plan, variation, or analysis.
REFUTE  look up translate image
To prove that a previously accepted move, line, or opening is deficient when best play is pursued by both sides.
REMIS  look up translate image
German for draw.
REPETITION OF POSITION  look up translate image
A player may claim a draw if he can demonstrate that a three-fold repetition of the position has occurred, with the same player having the move each time.
RESIGN  look up translate image
When a player realizes that he is going to lose and graciously gives up the game without waiting for a Checkmate. When resigning, a player can simply say, "I resign", or he can tip over his King in a gesture of helplessness. When a player sees his position is hopeless, and ends the game before checkmate.
RESTRAIN  look up translate image
Controlling the enemy pieces in order to keep them from becoming active.
RETROGRADE ANALYSIS  look up translate image
To analyze a position to deduce previous moves or to explain how the position was reached.
Deduction of the move or moves leading up to a given position. A problem may be completely made up of retrograde analysis (as in a proof game, or a problem in which the task is to determine black's last move, for example), or it may be a part of some larger problem (for example, it may be necessary to determine that black has moved his king leading up to a given position, meaning he is unable to castle, and thus rendering correct a solution which would be otherwise incorrect).
RISK  look up translate image
A move or series of moves designed to gain an advantage but which has a chance of causing a disadvantage.
ROMANTIC  look up translate image
An era when all players attacked and sacrificed. If a sacrifice was offered, it was considered cowardly not to take it. A romantic player is one who enjoys attacking and sacrificing.
ROOK LIFT  look up translate image
Moving a rook off the bank rank, and up a few squares, in order to slide it to a new file so it can help in the attack without being blocked by its own pawns.
ROUND ROBIN  look up translate image
Tournament where each contestant plays one game with every other contestant.
ROUND TRIP  look up translate image
A piece leaves a square, and then later in the solution returns to it by a circuitous route (for example, a rook moves e3-g3-g5-e5-e3). Compare with switchback, in which the route taken to the original square is direct. In algebraic chess notation, the letter N is usually used to indicate the knight. In chess problems, however, the letter S (standing for Springer, the German name for the knight) is often used instead, with N instead being reserved for the popular fairy piece, the nightrider.
ROYAL FORK  look up translate image
A Fork that attacks both the King and the Queen. A fork between king and queen.
ROYAL GAME  look up translate image
Commonly used description for the game of Chess.
RUNNING  look up translate image
Rapidly transferring the king from one sector of the board to another in order to evade attack.
RUY LOPEZ  look up translate image
One of the oldest Chess openings. Also known as the Spanish Game, it was analyzed by Ruy Lopez in his 1561 book "Libro del Ajedrez".
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