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UDEMANN CODE  look up translate image
Chess notation created to be transmitted via telegraph.
UFIMTSEV DEFENSE  look up translate image
1 .e4 g6 2. d4 Bg7.
UNCLEAR  look up translate image
An uncertain situation in which is it not apparent whether either side has an advantage.
UNDER PROMOTION  look up translate image
Promoting a Pawn which has reached the eighth rank to a piece other than a Queen. A player may choose to under-promote his Pawn to gain advantage, or avoid stalemate.
UNDERPROMOTION  look up translate image
Promotion of a pawn to anything other than a queen.
UNDOUBLING  look up translate image
To move one of a set of doubled Pawns onto an adjacent file which contains no Pawns of its own color, via a capture.
UNIT  look up translate image
A term which refers to both pieces and Pawns.
USCF  look up translate image
United States Chess Federation. Official governing body for Chess in the United States. Often referred to by its abbreviation, USCF.
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