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WAITING MOVE  look up translate image
Any non-threatening Chess move that attempts to gain the advantage because one's opponent now must move.
WCC  look up translate image
The World Chess Council. During the opening ceremony at Linares, organizer Luis Rentero and Kasparov announced the creation of the World Chess Council (WCC). The two men proposed to sponsor a 10 game match between Kramnik and Anand in Cazorla, Spain, beginning on 20 May.
WEAK SQUARE  look up translate image
An important square which cannot be easily defended. See "Hole".
WEAKNESS  look up translate image
Any Pawn or square that is attackable and therefore hard to defend. A flaw in a position. An isolated or blockaded Pawn, lack of space, bad Bishop, or any other positional flaw that increases losing chances are examples of weaknesses. A pawn or square that is difficult to defend.
WGM  look up translate image
International Woman Grandmaster.
WHISPER  look up translate image
A comment about a Chess game not intended for the players. A command commonly used by spectators to comment on a Chess game played on the Internet via remote computers.
WIENER SCHACHZEITUNG  look up translate image
Austrian Chess periodical published from 1898-1916, 1923-38, and 1948-9.
WILD  look up translate image
Extremely unclear position or move, with almost unfathomable complications.
WIN  look up translate image
A common result in a game of Chess when the winning side checkmates or accepts the resignation before checkmate of his opponent. A win may result when a player makes the second to the last mistake or blunder.
WINNING CHANCES  look up translate image
The probability in any complex and roughly equal position that one side may successfully win a game of Chess with alert play. Such an estimate is based on an understanding of sometimes subtle criteria such as board position, player skills, time pressure, and strategy both on the board and off. Usually, winning, losing, and drawing chances are judged as either good or poor. If a position is sufficiently unclear that either side may win, lose, or draw, then that position is estimated to give both sides equal chances.
WINNING MOVE  look up translate image
A move which creates a position in which the player can or does win.
WINNING POSITION  look up translate image
Any Chess game position from which a player must win with accurate play. Many complex winning positions may still offer losing or drawing chances with alert play by one's opponent. It is unknown whether the starting position is also a winning position.
WINNING THE EXCHANGE  look up translate image
Giving up a Knight or a Bishop for a Rook.
WOODPUSHER  look up translate image
Derogatory term for a player who shows no understanding for Chess but rather appears to simply push his pieces around the board.
WURZBURG-PLACHUTTA  look up translate image
Mutual interference between two like-moving black pieces on different lines; essentially a pair of Holzhausen interferences where piece A interferes with pieces B in one variation, and piece B interferes with piece A in another. If the interference is brought about by a white sacrifice on the critical square, it is a Plachutta.
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