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ZEITNOT  look up translate image
A German term that means "time trouble". German "time trouble".
ZEPLER DOUBLING  look up translate image
A kind of doubling in which one piece moves along a line allowing a second to move onto the same line behind it; the first piece then moves again in the same direction as before. Named after Erich Zepler. Compare with Turton doubling.
ZRICH 1934  look up translate image
Swiss tournament featuring seven foreign players and seven Swiss players, won by Alekhine (13), followed by Euwe and Flohr (12), Bogoljubow (11-1/2).
ZUGZWANG  look up translate image
A German term that means "compulsion to move". It refers to a situation in which a player would prefer to do nothing because any move leads to a deterioration of his position, but he moves something because it is illegal to pass. German "forced to move". A position where a a player would prefer to pass his move (but of course cannot, as it is illegal) as any move damages his game.
ZWISCHENZUG  look up translate image
A German term that means "in between move". A surprising move that, when inserted in an apparently logical sequence (for example, a check that interrupts a series of exchanges), changes the result of that sequence.
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