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@USERNAME  look up translate image
A public message on Twitter aimed at a specific person, but which is also available for anyone else to see. Twitter calls @messages ‘mentions'.
"ABOVE THE FOLD"  look up translate image
News stories that appear above the fold in a newspaper, placing them at the top of the paper and easiest to see to a passerby in newspaper stands and newspaper dispensers.
"OFF  look up translate image
the-record" - Information provided by a source that is strictly intended as background information for a reporter and which cannot be published or used in any way.
"SPIN"  look up translate image
A pejorative term signifying a heavily biased portrayal in one's own favor of an event or situation. It often, though not always, implies disingenuous, deceptive and/or highly manipulative tactics.
ABC  look up translate image
The Audit Bureau of Circulations provides an independent verification of circulation figures for publications.
ACCORDION INSERT  look up translate image
An advertisement that is inserted in a magazine, with a fold resembling an accordion.
ACCOUNT  look up translate image
A programme or campaign created on behalf of a client, and managed by an agency or consultancy.
ACCOUNT TEAM  look up translate image
The team of agency staff assigned to a client and his/her programme. Generally consists of various members drawn from board director (overall strategy and top level advice); account director (team management and quality control); account manager (day-to-day management); senior account executive/account executive (execution of most day-to-day activities); and account assistant (research and admin support).
ACCUMULATION  look up translate image
A method of counting an audience where each person exposed to an advertisement or other vehicle is counted once during a specific time frame.
The Advertising Cost Equivalent or the Advertising Equivalent Value indicates how much an editorial piece would have cost if it had been paid-for advertising. ACE or advertising cost equivalent is the industry standard and gives PR a monetary value.
ACE/AEV PR VALUE  look up translate image
Unlike paid-for advertising, unpaid-for editorial is thought to be of higher value. This is because the reader sees the product as being endorsed by the publication or TV programme in which it appears. The PR industry considers ACE PR value to be approximately 2.5 times greater than that achieved by advertising.
ACETATE  look up translate image
Acetate : A clear sheet used routinely for overlays in the layout of advertisements.
AD COPY  look up translate image
The text or spoken words of an advertisement.
ADVERTISING  look up translate image
Presenting persuasive material to the public by means of paid space or broadcast time to promote a product, idea, or service.
ADVERTISING COST EQUIVALENT (ACE)  look up translate image
How much would this editorial piece cost if it had been paid-for advertising? ACE or advertising cost equivalent is sometimes used to give PR a monetary value.
ADVERTISING PAGE EXPOSURE  look up translate image
Advertising Page Exposure : The measure of the opportunity of a reader to be exposed or to see a particular print advertisement, regardless of if they look at the ad.
ADVERTORIAL  look up translate image
Advertorial is a paid-for feature that has the 'look and feel' of an editorial. Some publications may write the copy themselves whereas others may let you write it yourself. The article will have the words 'promotion' or 'advertorial' at the top of the page.
ADVOCACY  look up translate image
Support or argument for a group, an organisation or a cause.
AGATE LINE  look up translate image
A measurement of a newspaper's advertising space. It measure one column wide and 1/14th inch tall or deep.
AGENCY  look up translate image
Agency : A company of firm that has expertise and experience in public relations. These firms are hired by other companies to do a number of different tasks in the PR field, including campaigns, community relations, and writing of press materials.
AGENCY / CONSULTANCY  look up translate image
A company acting for others in a business context.
AGENT  look up translate image
An individual who works in a PR firm or agency who specializes in public relations.
AIDA  look up translate image
Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This historic model is used to suggest how advertising works. First, advertising gets a customer's attention, then their interest, their desire, and eventually gets them to act, theoretically to buy their product or service.
AIDED RECALL  look up translate image
A research method used to establish what a consumer remembers from an advertisement that they have seen or heard.
AIRBRUSHING  look up translate image
A technique used when creating an advertisement, typically print, in order to remove blemishes or imperfections. Generally, this is used to make models more appealing and attractive, or to make a food or product look more desirable. This is generally done in a digital editing program such as Photoshop.
AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ADVERTISING (AAA)  look up translate image
An association made up of students, educators, and former advertising educators.
An association of ad agencies.
ANCHOR  look up translate image
A news team member who coordinates reports and stories.
ANGLE  look up translate image
The approach or perspective from which a news fact or event is viewed, or the emphasis chosen for a story.
ANSWER PRINT  look up translate image
The final version or print of a TV commercial given to the client for approval and corrections needs.
APP  look up translate image
Widely-used generic term for an application that performs a specific function on a computer or handheld device eg the iPhone.
ART PROOF  look up translate image
An advertisement's artwork that is submitted for client approval.
The ANA is the only trade organization exclusively for client-side marketers providing indispensable business insights, extensive collaboration opportunities and strong industry advocacy."
ASTROTURFING  look up translate image
The practice of a company, industry, or interest group creating "front groups" and organizations to make it appear to relevant publics or decision-makers as if they are truly spontaneous, grassroots groups supporting the company's, industry's or interest group's positions. It is a frowned-upon and negative practice in the PR industry.
ATTITUDE SURVEY  look up translate image
A survey examining enduring systems of positive and negative evaluations, emotional feelings, and pro or con action tendencies with respect to social objects - people, places, things, and ideas.
AUDIENCE  look up translate image
The people you want to reach.
AUDIENCE DUPLICATION  look up translate image
The group of individuals or households who heard or saw more than one of the TV programs or publications in which an advertisement was placed.
AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION (ABC)  look up translate image
A non-profit association of advertisers, ad agencies and publishers. Provides media audits, publisher statements, news bulletins, and much more.
AVERAGE AUDIENCE (AA)  look up translate image
The number of homes or persons who are tuned in to a TV program during an average minute. Though harder to measure, this can also apply to the number of persons who viewed an issue of a print publication.
B2B  look up translate image
Business to Business. This can reference any sort of transaction or act, such as B2B Public Relations, advertising, marketing, sales, etc. This is simply the interaction between two businesses rather than between a company and a customer.
BAIT ADVERTISING  look up translate image
The advertising of a product at a low rate or price, when in reality there are terms and agreements that make it near impossible to obtain the advertised rate. This process is used to create store or web traffic and can often involve rebates and discounts subject to strict terms.
BIZ BLOGS  look up translate image
These are blogs which are written by companies and organisations as a modern means of communicating with their customers and stakeholders. They will offer information, advice and opinion, and often encourage customers to engage in a conversation about a product, service, or latest news announcement. Many companies now have publicly accessible blogs built into their websites.
BLANKET COVERAGE  look up translate image
In contrast to a targeted coverage, blanket coverage covers everything, including every newspaper and TV channel.
BLEED  look up translate image
When a picture or ad is allowed to go beyond a normal margin on a printed page or to the edge of a page.
BLOG  look up translate image
Short for weblog, a blog is a frequently updated personal online journal kept by a blogger. Or if created and maintained by a business it's known as a Biz Blog. A useful way to get information into the public arena - and quickly.
BLOG STORM  look up translate image
A blog storm or blog swarm is when bloggers in the blogosphere write thousands of posts about a subject which then forces the story into the mainstream media.
BLOG/BLOGGING (SEE ALSO BIZ BLOGS)  look up translate image
Short for web log, a blog http://outwrite.sigmaweb-dev.co.uk/blog is a frequently updated personal online journal, kept by a blogger. If created by a business it is known as a biz blog. By tagging key words this can help your blog be picked up by internet search engines. Blogs can be a useful way to get information into the public arena quickly.
BLOGGER  look up translate image
Someone who blogs
BLOGOSPHERE  look up translate image
Everything to do with the world of blogs.
BLOW-IN CARD  look up translate image
An advertisement, subscription card, or flyer that is added (or "blown" in) to a publication rather than being bound or printed in the publication itself.
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