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PACKAGE INSERT  look up translate image
A separate advertising or marketing material that is found included in merchandise packages that advertise goods or services. This is commonly referred to as a Package Stuffer.
PARITY PRODUCTS  look up translate image
Products that are in a product category with several other brands that posses the same functional attributes, making the products substitutes for each other
PARTICIPATION  look up translate image
Announcements made during a program rather than being shown during a commercial break.
PASS-ALONG RATE  look up translate image
The number of times a received document (article, newsletter, brochure, magazine, etc.) is shared with others. This number is often higher than the circulation numbers because it is an estimate of how many readers view the same copy rather than how many copies are distributed.
PASS-ALONG READERS  look up translate image
A reader who becomes familiar with a publication without actually purchasing it. These readers are often taken into account when measuring the number of readers of a publication.
PER INQUIRY  look up translate image
The agreement between a media representative and an advertiser in which the advertising fees are decided based on the percentage of all the money received form an advertiser's sales or inquires.
PERCEIVED RISK  look up translate image
The functional or psychosocial risk that a consumer feels s/he is taking on when purchasing a product.
PERCENT-OF-SALES METHOD  look up translate image
A method of determining the advertising budget based on an analysis of past sales and future sales forecast.
PERIODICALS  look up translate image
The agreement between a media representative and an advertiser in which the advertising fees are decided based on the percentage of all the money received form an advertiser's sales or inquires.
PERMALINK  look up translate image
Short for permanent link, this is a URL that points directly to a specific blog or other forum entry in the archives.
PERSONAL SELLING  look up translate image
Sales that are made through face-to-face communication, personal correspondence, phone conversations, etc. These are person and not a form of telemarketing.
PERSONS USING TELEVISION (PUT)  look up translate image
The percentage of people viewing TV during a particular time in a specific viewing area. This term is used by A.C. Nielsen.
PERSONS VIEWING TELEVISION (PVT)  look up translate image
The percentage of people viewing TV during a particular time in a specific viewing area. This term is used by Arbitron.
PERSUASION PROCESS  look up translate image
The process of influencing an audience or prospect attitudes through advertising, specifically purchase intent and product perception by appealing to emotion and reason.
PIGGYBACK  look up translate image
A direct mail offer included free with another offer, or two commercials that are shown back to back by the same advertiser.
PITCH  look up translate image
A full presentation of a recommended public relations campaign, carefully researched and costed, which usually takes a number of weeks to prepare.
PITCH / PITCHING  look up translate image
Making a proposal to a client to provide services or a product.
PITCH LETTER  look up translate image
A letter written to introduce a story idea and source to a member of the media.
PODCAST OR VIDEOCAST  look up translate image
An audio or visual file prepared to deliver specific information, give an example of a product/service/working style or simply to entertain. Podcasts are made available on websites for members of the public to listen to or watch on their own PC.
POINT-OF-PURCHASE (POP) DISPLAYS  look up translate image
An advertising display that is located near a store cash register, on the check-out webpage, or where ever payment is made. They are used to encourage impulse buys when waiting to check-out.
PR AGENCY  look up translate image
A privately owned and run agency that offers a public relations service to public and private sector organisations. Good PR agencies employ former journalists as they understand the media best and have most credibility among media contacts. A PR agency will represent a number of different clients.
PR CONTRACT  look up translate image
A signed agreement between a client and PR firm detailing the agreed terms of reference for a campaign, including the targeted goals, the amount of time to be spent on achieving those goals, fees for the work and standard of service expected.
PR JOURNALISTS  look up translate image
Qualified journalists who have first-hand experience of working in the print/broadcast/digital news media and have now moved into the public relations arena. Working as poacher turned gamekeeper, such specialists have the most in-depth understanding of how the media operates, the best way to write stories so they will get published and highest credibility among journalistic contacts.
PR MANAGER  look up translate image
A person appointed to oversee the total public relations strategy for a particular client or client company's project. He or she will manage the conception and delivery of on- and offline campaigns and ensure they are effective, informative, creative, and relevant to the targeted audience.
PREEMPTIBLE RATE  look up translate image
A discounted rate for commercial time, sold to an advertiser, but is not guaranteed. The time may be sold to another advertiser willing to pay more, and thus the advertiser paying this rate gambles in order to save money at the time.
PREFERRED POSITION  look up translate image
A position in a publication that is thought to attract the more reader attention and is in turn sold at a higher rate. For example, the back cover of a magazine is thought to be a preferred position.
PRESS CONFERENCE  look up translate image
The live dissemination of news information by an organisation to invited media. The format is usually a presentation of information by the organisation followed by a question and answer session. Also known as a news conference.
PRESS KIT  look up translate image
Also referred to as a media kit, this is a packet of marketing and promotional materials a company uses to send to prospective customers and clients. This can include a number of things, but normally includes company information and history, services offered, press coverage, and team players (key executives, etc.). It can also include advertising materials such as flyers, newspaper ads, or cards.
PRESS OFFICE  look up translate image
A press office handles all media enquiries and puts out all company messages or press releases to the media on behalf of an organisation. This may be an in-house function or outsourced to a PR consultancy.
PRESS PACK/KIT  look up translate image
A branded pack handed out to the media by an organisation. It normally contains background material, photographs, illustrations and news releases.
PRESS RELEASE  look up translate image
A written communication sent to all news media. Also known as a news release.
PRIMARY DEMAND ADVERTISING  look up translate image
A form of advertising geared towards the generic product category as opposed to selective demand advertising.
PRIME TIME  look up translate image
A period in broadcast with the greatest number of persons watching or listening, and of which a station charges the most for air time.
Proactive stories appear as a direct result of planned PR input. Reactive coverage occurs where editorial has appeared as a result of the media outlet's initiative and the organisation's PR department has responded to a request for a comment/information.
PROACTIVE PR / REACTIVE PR  look up translate image
Editorials that appear as a direct result of the public relations. Reactive PR is when an editorial has been placed as a response to a publication's input.
PROACTIVE PR/REACTIVE PR  look up translate image
Editorial that appears as a direct result of PR input is proactive PR. Reactive PR happens when an editorial has appeared as a result of the publication's initiative.
PRODUCER  look up translate image
The person responsible for the coordination of the details pertaining to a TV or radio program.
PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION  look up translate image
The development of unique product attributes so as to set a product apart form competitor products and to influence demand.
PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE  look up translate image
A marketing theory in which a product or brand goes through a series of stages during its lifetime, including : introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. During growth and maturity sales are at their highest. During decline there is a loss in sales, and eventually the product's demand is not high enough to support any longer. During introduction and growth the product or the brand experiences the greatest amount of hurdles with incumbent firms, economies of scale, and barriers to entry. Once...(more)
PRODUCT MANAGEMENT  look up translate image
The assignment of specific products or brands to be managed by a manger within the agency or firm.
PRODUCT PLACEMENT  look up translate image
Since February 2011 Ofcom (the regulator for all TV except the BBC) has allowed companies to pay to have their products featured in television programmes. Naturally there are restrictions and the price will vary from programme to programme and from channel to channel. Contact our TV expert Gwyn Williams for further information.
PRODUCT POSITIONING  look up translate image
The consumer perception of a product or service in comparison to competing brands.
PRODUCT-RELATED SEGMENTATION  look up translate image
The method of identifying consumers by consumption or amount of product usage, usually categorized psychographically or demographically.
PROFESSIONAL ADVERTISING  look up translate image
Advertising that is directed at professionals, such as doctors, dentists, etc., who are in a position to promote products or brands to patients and customers.
PROMOTION  look up translate image
Using techniques such as events, promotions, ads and stunts to create and stimulate interest in a person, product, organisation or cause.
PROMOTIONAL MIX  look up translate image
The use of several different types of communication to support marketing goals which include personal selling, publicity, sales, and advertising.
PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT  look up translate image
A product that is imprinted with or carrying a logo or promotional message, promoting the brand and company.
PROOFREADING  look up translate image
Checking an article for comprehension as well as grammatical and factual accuracy.
PROPOSAL  look up translate image
A document outlining a proposed PR campaign to an existing or potential client.
PSYCHOLOGICAL SEGMENTATION  look up translate image
The separation of consumers into psychological characteristic categories based on standardized tests.
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