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ABBACCHIO  look up translate image
milk fed lamb; lamb in general
ABBACCHIO & AGNELLO  look up translate image
Lamb. Younger animals are called abbacchio and are usually spit roasted whole. Older lamb is called agnello, and has a stronger flavor. This lamb is usually roasted or stewed.
ABORIO RICE  look up translate image
Italian rice used in a lot of risotto dishes, the grain is a bit more stout and plumper than regular white rice
ACCIUGA  look up translate image
ACCIUGA; PL. ACCIUGHE  look up translate image
anchovies; anchovies
ACERBO  look up translate image
sour; unripe; harsh
ACETO  look up translate image
ACETO BALSAMIC  look up translate image
Balsamic vinegar
ACETO BALSAMICO  look up translate image
balsamic vinegar; the best quality is called " aceto balsamico tradizionale "
ACIDO  look up translate image
sour, acidic; sharp-tasting
ACQUA  look up translate image
water; acqua minerale is mineral water
ACQUACOTTA  look up translate image
vegetable soup, usually spiced with peppers and thickened with bread, sometimes containing egg and cheese
ACUQUA  look up translate image
AFFETTATI  look up translate image
cold cuds, sliced meats
AFFETTATO  look up translate image
A selection of cold cuts or cold meats often served as an antipasto.
AFFUMICATO  look up translate image
AGLIO  look up translate image
garlic; aglio e olio, literally, garlic and (olive) oil, a quick sauce for spaghetti of olive oil and sautèed garlic, sometimes with PEPERONCINO and/or parsley
AGLIO E OLIO  look up translate image
garlic and oil
AGNELLO  look up translate image
AGNOLOTTI  look up translate image
ravioli - like pasta usually filled with meat
AGRO  look up translate image
all' with olive oil and lemon
AGRODOLCE  look up translate image
Sweet and sour.
AGRUMI  look up translate image
citrus fruits
AL DENTE  look up translate image
Italians cook pasta "al dente," which means "to the tooth," meaning that it still has a little bite.
AL FORNO  look up translate image
In the oven.
AL MATTONE  look up translate image
A technique by which an ingredient is cooked under a brick so that it lies flat for sautéing or grilling.
ALBICOCCA  look up translate image
Appricot. Apricots, are not widely cultivated in Italy, although they are a popular fruit and used in many desserts.
ALCHERMES  look up translate image
A red-colored liqueur made from flowers and spices with a slightly bitter taste, traditionally used to make Zuppa Inglese.
ALICI  look up translate image
anchovies often served fresh
ALL'AGLIO E OLIO  look up translate image
A dish with this name is made with garlic and oil. A famous, easy-to-make pasta dish is spaghetti all'aglio e olio.
ALLA BOLOGNESE  look up translate image
Means in the style of Bologna, and usually refers to a slow-cooked meat sauce with vegetables and tomato.
ALLA CAPRESE  look up translate image
In the style of Capri, meaning made with tomato, basil, olive oil and mozzarella cheese.
ALLA GENOVESE  look up translate image
In the style of Genoa, which means "with basil, garlic and oil."
ALLA PUTTANESCA  look up translate image
A tomato sauce flavored with capers and anchovies, and often with olives, garlic and chile flakes, as well.
ALLORO  look up translate image
- (foglia di) bay leaf
ALMONDS  look up translate image
See Mandorle
AMARENA  look up translate image
Morello cherries. A bitter cherry grown in Italy most commonly preserved in syrup or brandy.
AMARETTI  look up translate image
crisp cookies made with bitter almonds
AMARETTO  look up translate image
a sweet liqueur flavored with almonds
AMARO  look up translate image
AMARO/AMARETTO  look up translate image
Almond and/or herb liquer served as a cordial, in espresso, and/or in desserts.
AMATRICIANA  look up translate image
all' (for pasta) with tomatoes, PECORINO and GUANCIALE
AMORETTO  look up translate image
almond liquor
ANACE/ANICE  look up translate image
ANANAS  look up translate image
ANATRA  look up translate image
ANATRA COL PIEN  look up translate image
venetian stuffed duck
ANCHOVIES  look up translate image
See Filletti di Acciughe
ANGUILLA  look up translate image
ANGUILLE  look up translate image
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