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"R-A" REGULATOR  look up translate image
Slang term for wall regulator with "R-A" on the pendulum. "R" stands for retard by turning the adjusting nut toward R to lower the pendulum bob. "A" stands for advance by turning the adjusting nut toward A to raise the pendulum bob.
1-DAY MOVEMENT CLOCKS  look up translate image
Traditionally apply to Cuckoo Clocks which call on both the hour and the half hour (every 30 minutes). These clocks require a simple winding process daily in order for the clock to function properly.
8-DAY MOVEMENT CLOCKS  look up translate image
Traditionally a Cuckoo Clock which calls on the hour. These cuckoo clocks need only be wound once a week and therefore require less maintenance than 1-Day movement clocks. 8-Day movement cuckoo clocks can be easily identified by their larger cone weights, as these weights are the mechanism which drives the clock movement.
ACCESS DOORS  look up translate image
Panels or doors on the upper sides of clocks, which open to allow access to the clock movement.
ALARM  look up translate image
Sound a clock makes to awaken the sleeper at a certain time. They come in various sounds: bell, double bell, chirp, beep, buzz, melody, etc.
ANALOG  look up translate image
Traditional look of time told by the angular positioning of hands on a dial.
ANNIVERSARY CLOCK  look up translate image
The name comes from the fact that when it was first invented, it needed winding just once a year on its anniversary (approximately 400 days). Characterized by a glass dome and a rotating pendulum. Also known as a "400 Day Clock".
ANNIVERSARY CLOCKS  look up translate image
So-called because they run approximately one year without winding or battery replacement. The clock movement is characterized by brass weights rotating horizontally on a spring. Many anniversary clocks today have accurate quartz battery movements.
ARABIC  look up translate image
Most familiar numeral style (1, 2, 3, etc.) used on clock dials, as distinguished from Roman numerals (I, II, III, etc.)
ARABIC DIAL  look up translate image
Utilizes numbers (1, 2, 3, etc) on the clock face as opposed to Roman numerals (I, II, III, etc)
ARABIC DIAL NUMBERS  look up translate image
Adapted by the Europeans in the Middle Ages, this style of numeral (1, 2, 3...) quickly replaced the difficult-to-use Roman Numeral system (I, II, III...).
ARABIC NUMERALS  look up translate image
Most common number style (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) used on clock dials.
ARCH  look up translate image
The curved part of a clock case that resembles a door arch.
ASCENDING ALARM  look up translate image
Clock alarm that gradually increases in volume.
ATOMIC CLOCK  look up translate image
Once a clock that worked much like a quartz watch, but receiving its frequency from the bombardment of radio activated isotopes and providing an degree of accuracy unmatched by any timepiece on the planet. Today "Atomic Clocks" are really earth bound receivers of electronic singles with ultra precise information, think GPS, cell phones, etc.
ATOMIC CLOCK MOVEMENT  look up translate image
(Battery-operated) This remarkable quartz movement contains a miniaturized radio receiver that monitors a low frequency time signal broadcast from Fort Collins, Colorado. That signal enables the movement to self-correct everyday so it always shows the exact time according to the national time standard.
BALLOON CLOCK  look up translate image
Mantel or tabletop clocks shaped like hot-air balloons of the late 18th Century.
BASE  look up translate image
The lower part of the clock, on which grandfather clocks for example have a different wood inlay or small cupboard.
BEAT  look up translate image
Term to describe the tick-tock of a mechanical timepiece. A clock is said to be in beat if the spacing between the tick and the tock are equal. If they are not equally spaced, the clock is out of eat and will generally stop after a short run. Click here for instructions on putting your keywound wall clock back into beat.
BEVELED GLASS  look up translate image
Glass used in the clock case with an angled surface beginning about 3/4" from the edge.
BEZEL  look up translate image
The ring that goes around the outside of the clock face or dial which holds the crystal in place.
BEZEL DIALS  look up translate image
A metal rimmed (usually hinged) glass-faced dial.
BIG BEN GONG  look up translate image
Deep-sounding chime that announces the hour. Modeled after the large bell clock in the tower of the House of Parliament in London.
BIM  look up translate image
Bam - Descriptive term for clock chimes which sound only at the half hour and hour
BIM-BAM  look up translate image
Chime which only counts the hour and announces the half-hour. Many of Loricron's Wood Case Wall Clocks, Quartz Mantel Clocks, and German Chiming Anniversary Clocks feature the Bim-Bam chime option
BIM-BAM CHIME  look up translate image
The two-note chime that sounds at the hour and half-hour.
BLIND MAN'S CHIME  look up translate image
Also known as 4/4 Chime. This means that a portion of the Westminster chime is played every quarter hour. Four notes on the quarter-hour, eight notes on the half-hour, twelve notes on the three-quarter hour, and on the hour it chimes sixteen notes and then strikes the hour. If you are in another room or 'Blind', you can tell if its 15, 30 or 45 after by the number of the notes or sequences of the chime.
BOB  look up translate image
Round, weighted end of a clock pendulum. Often made of brass.
BOW TOP  look up translate image
Decorative feature found in certain mantel and wood case wall clocks. Characterized by a curved top section. Loricron's 856-W Wood Case Wall Clock features a bow top case.
BRACKET CLOCK  look up translate image
Term used by the British to indicate a table or shelf clock. Characterized by a square case with a handle on top, as it was designed to be carried from room to room.
BRASS DIAL  look up translate image
A brass lacquered dial normally with a chapter ring indicating the hour markers normally in Roman numerals.
BURL  look up translate image
Decorative pattern in the wood grain caused by a seres of irregularities that add to the character of the wood.
CABINET  look up translate image
The wooden case of a wall, shelf or grandfather clock, that encloses the dial and movement and usually the pendulum.
CABLE DRIVEN  look up translate image
Mechanical movement powered by weights hanging on cables wound with a key or crank.
CABLE-DRIVEN  look up translate image
A clock powered by weights which are suspended from a thin cable and pulley system. This type of system uses a key which is inserted on the dial of the clock to raise the weights to the fully wound position.
A gravity-powered movement in which the weights are suspended by cables wound over the drums.
CARRIAGE CLOCK  look up translate image
Small portable clock, usually has a brass case with glass sides and a decorative handle on top. See Loricron's 1797-W carriage clock
CASE  look up translate image
The protective housing for the movement. May be a simple wood and glass case or extremely decorative using polished fine marble and additional statue embellishments.
CASE/CABINET  look up translate image
That which contains the clock, the housing or containment for the works (movement)
CENTER SHAFT  look up translate image
Shaft that the minute hand is attached to, geared to make one revolution every 60 minutes.
CHAIN DRIVEN  look up translate image
See also Weight Driven Traditional cuckoo clock movement. It is driven by weights hung from chains with engaged sprockets. Loricron offers 8 Day Weight Driven Wall Clocks
CHAIN-DRIVEN  look up translate image
A clock powered by weights that are suspended from a linked chain. The clock is wound by pulling down the free end of the chain to raise the weights to the fully wound position.
A gravity-powered movement in which the weights are suspended by chains running over the gears.
CHAPTER RING  look up translate image
A decorative ring on the clock face upn which the hours are indicated. A feature of many traditional style mantel clocks. Also a prominent feature of clocks with skeleton movements.
CHIME MELODY  look up translate image
Tune played by the clock on the hour. A 4/4 Chime plays music and counts the hour, quarter hour, half hour, & three-quarter hour.
CHIME RODS  look up translate image
Tuned rods which, when struck by small hammers powered by the clock movement, produce the chime melody and strike the hour. A component found in mechanical chime mantel and wall clcoks.
CHIME-SELECTOR  look up translate image
A feature which allows the chime tune or melody to be changed.
CHIMES  look up translate image
The deep, melodic bell-like sound made when a clock strikes. Three chimes traditionally found in clocks are Westminster Chimes, Whittington Chimes, and St. Michaels Chimes; although many clocks feature other melodies as well.
CHIP  look up translate image
Small silicon square onto which integrated circuits are imprinted. An integral part of the quartz movement.
CORNICE  look up translate image
Topmost molding of a clock case. The 833-W is a great example of a well-defined cornice.
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