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A  look up translate image
Active Alford plea Arraign Arraignment
A AND B  look up translate image
Assault and Battery
A AND D  look up translate image
Apprehension and Detention Order, or Arrest and Detention
A/B  look up translate image
Assault and Battery
A/D  look up translate image
Arrest / Detention
AA  look up translate image
Aggravated Assault
AAA  look up translate image
American Ambulance AssociationAmerican Automobile Association At Above Address
AAC  look up translate image
Alaska Administrative Code
AAFP  look up translate image
American Academy of Forensic Psychology
AAFS  look up translate image
American Academy of Forensic Sciences
AAFTP  look up translate image
Advanced Asset Forfeiture Training Program
AAG  look up translate image
Assistant Attorney General
AAMVA  look up translate image
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
AAPP  look up translate image
Abbreviated Accident Prevention Plan, or American Association of Police Polygraphists
AAR  look up translate image
After Action Report, or Attempted Aggravated Robbery
AAR/IP  look up translate image
After Action Report / Improvement Plan
AASHTO  look up translate image
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
AATA  look up translate image
Arizona Automobile Theft Authority
ABC  look up translate image
Alcohol and Beverage ControlAmerican Board of Criminalistics Arizona Border Control Plan Atomic, Biological, and Chemical
ABFA  look up translate image
American Board of Forensic Anthropology
ABFDE  look up translate image
American Board of Forensic Document Examiners
ABFO  look up translate image
American Board of Forensic Odontology
ABFP  look up translate image
American Board of Forensic Psychology
ABH  look up translate image
Actual Bodily Harm
ABI  look up translate image
Alabama Bureau of Investigation, or Alaska Bureau of Investigation
ABIS  look up translate image
Automated Biometric Identification System (DoD)
ABLE  look up translate image
Airborne Law Enforcement
ABMDI  look up translate image
American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators
ABS  look up translate image
Anti-lock Braking SystemArson and Bomb Squad Automated Boat System Automated Booking Station Automated Booking System
ABTPA  look up translate image
Automobile Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority
ABWIK  look up translate image
Assault and Battery With Intent to Kill
AC  look up translate image
Animal Control
ACA  look up translate image
American Correctional Association
ACADA  look up translate image
Automatic Chemical Agent Detector and Alarm
ACAMS  look up translate image
Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering SpecialistsAutomated Critical Asset Management System (DHS)
ACC.  look up translate image
ACF  look up translate image
Administration for Children and Families, or Adult Correctional Facility
ACFE  look up translate image
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
ACHILD  look up translate image
Abandoned Child
ACHS  look up translate image
Automated Criminal History System
ACIC  look up translate image
Arkansas Crime Information Center
ACISS  look up translate image
Augmented Criminal Investigative Support System
ACJA  look up translate image
American Criminal Justice Association
ACJS  look up translate image
Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
ACJSS  look up translate image
Adult Criminal Justice Statistical System
ACOD  look up translate image
Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal
ACP  look up translate image
Area Contingency Plan, or Association of Contingency Planners
ACP/RCP  look up translate image
Area Contingency Plan / Regional Contingency Plan
ACPA  look up translate image
Arizona Crime Prevention Association
ACRS  look up translate image
Aircraft Registration System
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