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(CIVILIAN) POLICE ADVISER  look up translate image
[police officer; assists the SRSG in the preparation of cooperation agreements with the National Police, and in the supervision of civilian police monitors; advises on human rights verification; is a D-1 or P-5]
ABLUTION FACILITY  look up translate image
ablution unit; ablution module; Porta Cabin [prefabricated, relocatable units (usually 10' or 20' ISO containers) for use by up to 30 people, and equipped with showers, mirrors, WCs, wash basins, urinals, hot water tanks, fans, electrical wirings and fittings etc.; they are often made of sandwich panel construction and washable surfaces] see also : hard-walled camp; soft-walled camp
ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY  look up translate image
[when calling the medevac chopper, the call can be "priority" (for non-mortal wounds), '(absolute) emergency' (for mortal wounds or ailments) or 'tactical emergency' (casualties of a seriousness or on a scale such as to endanger mission)] see also: tactical emergency
ACCESS POINT  look up translate image
[point on the BZ boundary, where the police stops vehicles to check the drivers' and passengers' passes]
ACCOUNTS OFFICER  look up translate image
[of a PKO's finance section; is a civilian; FS or GS]
ACKNOWLEDGE  look up translate image
[A proword used by the originator of a comunication requiring the adressee(s) to advise the originator that his communication has been received and is understood.]
ACTUAL TIME OF ARRIVAL (ATA)/ DEPARTURE (ATD)  look up translate image
; estimated time of arrival (ETA); estimated time of departure [In difference to the assumed time of arrival/ departure, the time at which units supply, etc. are actually arriving, departing. ]
AU-EM [Personnel Management and Support Service, Field Administration and Logistics Division, Office of Planning and Support, Department of Peace-keeping Operations]
[Personnel Management and Support Service, Field Administration and Logistics Division, Office of Planning and Support, Department of Peace-keeping Operations]
ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER  look up translate image
AO [is a civilian]
ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT UNIT  look up translate image
ASU [Logistics and Communications Service, Field Administration and Logistics Division, Office of Planning and Support, Department of Peace-keeping Operations]
ADVANCE PARTY ADVANCE TEAM  look up translate image
[sent 1) prior to a PKO, to make a reconnaissance of the area in order to assess the availability of accomodation and logistic resources and establish a list of essential items and facilities which cannot be obtained locally. sent 2) to prepare the transition and contingent rotation: the incoming contingent's advance party include logistics personnel to enable a handover of stores and equipment]
AEROMEDICAL EVACUATION  look up translate image
AE [the movement of patients under medical supervision to and between medical treatment facilities by air transport; the evacuation can be inter-theatre or intra-theatre]
AIDEDECAMP  look up translate image
ADC [part of Force Commander personal staff]
AIR (OPERATION) CELL  look up translate image
[where the PKO has air support, a small air cell is deployed as part of the Ops branch; an air cell at HQ can be composed of a chief air staff officer (CASO) and several air liaison officers; it is also in charge of CASEVACs]
AIR CONTROLLER  look up translate image
[ At an airport the air traffic is coordinated and regulated by one or more air controller. ]
AIR LIAISON OFFICER  look up translate image
ALO [where the PKO has air support, a small air cell is deployed as part of the Ops branch; an air cell at HQ can be composed of a chief air staff officer (CASO) and several air liaison officers (ALO). The ALO advises the chief operations officier (COO) and staff on the capabilities, limitations, and employment of tactical air operations. He operates the Air Force request net. ]
AIR LOGISTIC SUPPORT  look up translate image
[support by air landing or air drops, including air supply, movement of personnel, evacuation of casualties and recovery of equipment and vehicles]
AIR OPERATIONS CENTRE  look up translate image
AOC [for standby forces: for a specified airfield, provides air traffic control, operates an air operations room, issues flights plans and briefs pilots and crews, provides ground handling services and meteorological services]
AIR POINT OF DISEMBARKATION  look up translate image
APOD [movement control; the destination airport]
AIR POINT OF EMBARKATION  look up translate image
APOE [movement control; also found as : place of embarkation] [see also: point of embarkation; sea point of embarkation]
AIR STRIKE  look up translate image
[refers to strikes against any tactical or strategic target and as such, should be distinguished from close air support, which involves protecting friendly troops on the ground against attack and striking directly at the immediate source of the threat] see also : punitive air strike; close air support
AIR TASKING ORDER  look up translate image
ATO [1. military operations: daily list of missions which includes take-off and landing times, air refueling tracks, the quantity of fuel to be transferred, altitudes to be flown as well as assigned targets; one is posted in the squadron room while a more detailed one is given to the aircrew; 2. movement control: form detailing a flight itinerary (location, ETD and ETA), cargo information (dimensions, weight, number of pieces) and passenger information (UNID, rank and name, etc.)]
AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL  look up translate image
ATC [is done by an air controller. The regulation of air traffic in an airspace. ]
AIRDROP  look up translate image
[a parachute jump or a supply delivery by parachute from an aircraft in flight; in logistics, an airdrop (for resupplying a unit) is sometimes called "vertical replenishment"] see also: platform drop
AIRLIFT  look up translate image
[the carrying of troops and equipment over large distances by air to bring them into crisis areas rapidly also found: 'airlifters' (referring to personnel or planes)] see also: air mobility command
AIRMOBILE TROOPS  look up translate image
[airborne troops which can be delivered into a battle zone by helicopter]
ALERT STATUS  look up translate image
[to 'remove from', or 'take off, alert status' = "to stand down" (to descend to a lower level of alert or combat readiness)]
ALLOWANCE AND PAYMENT OFFICER  look up translate image
[of a PKO's finance section; is a civilian; P-2, FS or GS]
AMMUNITION  look up translate image
ammo [include for infantry: small arms and cannon ammunitions, combat grenades, mortar ammo and pyrotechnics]
AMMUNITION DUMP  look up translate image
ammo dump [The place where ammunition is stored. ]
AMPHIBIOUS OPERATION  look up translate image
[ An operation launched from the sea by naval and landing forces embarked in ships or craft involving a landing a shore of a crisis area. ]
ANTIAIRCRAFT MACHINE GUN  look up translate image
AAMG [ Machine gun which is mounted on a special carriage and is used for air defence in addition to other air defence weapons, or if there are no other air defence weapons available. ]
ANTIPERSONNEL MINE  look up translate image
AP; Apers; bouncing betty [ Mine which is used to injure or kill soldiers who are dismounted. Especially anti personnel mines means a enormous danger for the civilian population (examples: Cambodia; Afghanistan).
ANTITANK BARRIER  look up translate image
[ Any objects which are used to stop the movement of tank (car wrecks; special designed steel bars;...). ]
ANTITANK GUIDED WEAPON  look up translate image
ATGW [ Any kind of anti tank weapon which is guided by means of laser-, or wire-, etc. guiding systems. ]
ANTITANK HELICOPTER  look up translate image
aka: tank killer [ Helicopter which is mainly equipped with anti tank weapons ( Hellfire ATGM,...) and which supports ground forces in antitank measures. ]
ANTITANK MINE  look up translate image
AT; Atk [Mine used for anti tank measures. Often AT's are layed in addition to other mines. ]
APPROXIMATE MAP REFERENCE  look up translate image
AMR [a means of identifying an approximate area on the surface of the Earth by relating it to information appearing on a map, generally the graticule or grid; in military field reports, Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid system is often used, combining the transverse Mercator projection with a series of zones designated for different parts of the Earth's surface; the approximate location being given by the grid zone (eg 31), the area designator and the grid reference]
APRON  look up translate image
[a defined area on an airfield, intended to accomodate aircraft for purposes of loading or unloading passengers or cargo, refuelling, parking, or maintenance] see also: hard-stand
ARBITRATOR  look up translate image
[member of a tribunal to which will be submitted some disputes and appeals from the award of the claims commission]
ABFDL see also: forward defended location
AREA OF INFLUENCE LINE  look up translate image
[in military operations, the area of influence is a geographical area wherein a commander is directly capable of influencing operations, by manoeuvre or fire support; in peace-keeping, such a line between areas of influence is drawn by various parties (including the UN) to clarify the situation on the ground for themselves; these 'lines' do not involve any formal agreement and are in fact seldom widely accepted]
AREA OF INTEREST  look up translate image
AOI [area of concern to the commander, including the area of influence, areas adjacent thereto, and extending into territory of the parties -of the conflict.]
AREA OF LIMITATION IN (OF) ARMAMENTS  look up translate image
AOL [area established beyond buffer zone; the usual arrangement is for the 2 sides to agree on equal numbers of small, lightly armed forces in the areas immediately adjacent to the buffer zone] see also: buffer zone; restricted weapons zone; arms limitation agreement; weapons-limitation zone
AREA OF OPERATION  look up translate image
AOO; AO [That portion of an area of conflict necessary for the conduct of a peace keeping operation. Areas of operations are geographical areas assigned to commanders for which they have responsibility.]
AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY  look up translate image
AOR [A defined area of land in which responsibility is specifically assigned to the commander of the area for the. development and maintenance of installations, control of movement, and the conduct of operations.]
AREA OF SEPARATION  look up translate image
AOS [also called buffer zone; area between the forward line of the parties, into which they have agreed not to deploy military forces and which may be placed under the control of a PKO] see also: zone of separation
ARMISTICE DEMARCATION LINE  look up translate image
ADL [line (more formal than a ceasefire line) to which the parties have agreed in an armistice agreement; it usually becomes a de-facto border]
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