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FACILITATOR  look up translate image
[in diplomacy, neutral person or country who brings warring parties or States to a meeting and helps them exchange views and maybe come to a preliminary agreement; less formal role than that of a mediator or broker in a treaty negociation] see also: honest broker
FEEDING STRENGTH  look up translate image
[number of soldiers entitled to draw rations in a contingent, used to calculate supplies and plan indents; the daily personnel strength is entered on the monthly "Ration Entitlement Register"] see also: rations; combat rations; bulk rations; pack rations
FALD [Department of Peace-keeping Operations]
FIELD AMBULANCE  look up translate image
[ all terrain vehicle, equipped as an ambulance. ]
FIELD ARTILLERY  look up translate image
[equipment, supplies, ammunition and personnel involved in the use of cannon, rocket or surface-to-surface missile launchers, and mobile enough to accompany and support infantry, mechanized, armoured, airborne and airmobile units in the field]
FIELD DEFENCE STORES  look up translate image
defence stores [includes: concertina wire, barbed wire, fence posts, sandbags, observation towers, gabions, T-walls, corrugated iron, timber, gates and chain link fences and barriers] see also: field defence equipment
FIELD DRESSING STATION  look up translate image
holding station [a medical aid station close to the locus of combat] see also: battalion dressing station
FIELD HOSPITAL  look up translate image
[a field hospital includes full accomodation (tented or prefabricated), ambulances, vehicles, operating theatre, sterilizer, x-ray, dentist, equipment workshop, intensive care unit, examination rooms, mortuary etc; as a standby forces standard component, the field hospital provides second and limited third line medical support to military units: 50 beds, clinical, surgical and dental services, sterilization and lab facilities, ambulance and catering services] see also: medical shelter
FIELD SUPPLY UNIT  look up translate image
FSU [Logistics and Communications Service, Field Administration and Logistics Division, Office of Planning and Support, Department of Peace-keeping Operations]
FIELDING  look up translate image
[acquisition, delivery and distribution of new equipment to the units who are destined to use it]
FINAL PROTECTIVE FIRE  look up translate image
FPF [an immediately available prearranged barrier of fire designed to impede enemy movement across defensive lines or areas]
FMSS [Field Administration and Logistics Division/Department of Peace-Keeping Operations]
(C)FO [of a PKO's finance section; civilian; usually a P-3]
FIRE CONTROL SYSTEM  look up translate image
FCS [fire control system: a system that performs the functions of target acquisition, tracking, data computation and engagement control, primarily using electronic means] see also: fire direction center
FIRE DIRECTION CENTER FDC  look up translate image
[that element of a command post by means of which a commander exercises fire direction (selection of targets, concentration or distribution of fire, allocation of ammunition) or fire control (applying fire on a target)] see also: fire control system
FIRE SUPPORT  look up translate image
[the collective use of mortars, field artillery, close air support and naval gunfire in support of a battle plan or of ground forces]
FIRSTLINE MAINTENANCE  look up translate image
[as applied to PKOs, first line maintenance refers to maintenance done by contingent/unit] see also: second line maintenance; third line maintenance; scale of issue; supply line
FLECHETTE ROUND  look up translate image
[anti-personnel ammunition for tube artillery and tank guns]
FLEET DISPATCH AND CONTROL (UNIT)  look up translate image
[also seen as 'transport dispatch and control (unit)'; allocates vehicles to the mission's various components, issues pool vehicles; the officer heading the unit is usually a FS] see also: dispatch pool
FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM  look up translate image
[hardware and software used in logistics: trucks are equipped with an antenna which transmits via satellite to the fleet management center, data regarding their exact position and thus any delays in the transport and delivery of their cargo]
FLIGHT  look up translate image
[the basic tactical unit in the air force, consisting of four or more aircraft in two or more elements] see also: squadron
FLIGHT SAFETY ELEMENT  look up translate image
[standby forces standard component; ensures that UN flight safety regulations and directives are followed by all UN assigned or contracted air services agencies]
FLOATING BASE SUPPORT  look up translate image
[fuel, ammunitions, parts, supplied by support ships such as the Royal Fleet Auxiliaries; Max Houghton]
FORCE COMMANDER  look up translate image
FC [is an ASG or D-2; responsible for carrying out the mandate of the mission in respect of all military operations; reports to HQ in NY through the SRSG on military personnel and operations]
FORCE LOGISTICS SUPPORT GROUP  look up translate image
FLSG [composed of national support element (NSE) provided by each contingent; it coordinates receipt of stocks and movement to forward bases, and the sustainment of the force]
FORCE MEDICAL OFFICER  look up translate image
FMEDO; FMO [military officer; heads all medical support activities in the mission area and is the senior medical adviser to the force commander and to all contingent senior medical officers of the mission; this term is now used for all types of missions, whether these have a force or not (such as observer missions); see: note under "chief medical officer"
FORCE MEDICAL SUPPLY OFFICER  look up translate image
FMSO [military officer] see also: medical equipment and supply depot
FORCE MOBILE RESERVE  look up translate image
FMR [may be based on an armoured car squadron or some similar sub-unit of mobile, lightly armoured troops who are called upon to reinforce peacekeepers if needed] see also: ready reaction group
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Glossary of UN Peacekeeping Terms
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