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A-SIDE  look up translate image
The mold half that mounts to the fixed side of the injection molding press, through which resin is injected into the part cavity via the sprue. Sometimes referred to as the cavity side of the mold, the A-side does not have ejector pins and for this reason it often produces the outside or cosmetic side of the part.
ACIS  look up translate image
A standard computer file format for exchanging CAD data, typically from AutoCAD programs. ACIS is an acronym that originally stood for "Andy, Charles and Ian's System"
ADDITIVES  look up translate image
Additives are materials that are added to a polymer to produce a desired change in material properties or characteristics. A wide variety of additives are currently used in thermoplastics, to expand or extend material properties, enhance processability, modify aesthetics, or increase environmental resistance. Additives enhance properties like flame retardancy and UV light stability.
AGGLOMERATE  look up translate image
A gathering of small particles into a larger mass.
AIR BURN  look up translate image
A particular streak or patch of black or brown material on the part caused by gasses or air that haven't been properly vented away from a mold and caused the material to burn and overheat.
AIR RELEASE  look up translate image
Test for determining the relative ease of removing air from a plastisol.
ANTIOXIDANT  look up translate image
An additive that is used to augment protection of plastic from loss of water through sources such as age, heat, chemicals and stress.
ANTISTATIC AGENT  look up translate image
An additive used to eliminate static electricity on a surface of the plastic part.
ASPECT RATIO  look up translate image
A numeric expression that is the ratio of total flow length to average wall thickness.
B-SIDE  look up translate image
The mold half that mounts to the moving side of the injection molding press. Sometimes referred to as the core side of the mold, the B-side has ejector pins to push the part out of the open mold. An analysis of the part geometry determines the optimal part orientation to ensure that it will remain on the B-side when the mold is opened.
BACK PRESSURE  look up translate image
The applied hydraulic pressure used to restrict the shot size formation. Applied to the back of a melt accumulator or reciprocating screw. Used to control screw drift, mixing, and shot size adjustments. In molding, back pressure increases the temperature of the melt, and contributes to better mixing of colors and homogeneity of the material.
BACKING PLATE  look up translate image
Plate utilized as to augment the mold cavity block, bushings, guide posts and guide pins.
BARREL  look up translate image
The part of the molding press where resin is melted.
BARREL HEATERS  look up translate image
Heaters that raise the barrel temperature in order to transform the thermoplastic material into a melt.
BEAD BLASTING  look up translate image
Using abrasives in a pressurized air blast to create a surface texture on the part.
BEVEL  look up translate image
See "chamfer".
BLISTER  look up translate image
Irregular area in the surface of a fused plastisol; usually caused by water, solvent, or air contamination.
BLISTERING  look up translate image
A layered and/or raised patch of plastic material on the top of the part.
Device used to pierce and inflate the parison, usually actuated by an air cylinder.
Dimension of bottle divided by the parison diameter. Bottles usually have many ratios. However, only the maximum ratio usually needs to be considered.
BLUSH  look up translate image
Cosmetic blemish at the point of injection in the finished part.
BOSS  look up translate image
A cylindrical protrusion within a part, often designed to accept fasteners.
BRIDGE TOOL  look up translate image
A temporary or interim mold made for the purpose of making production parts until a high-volume production mold is ready.
BROKEN MOLD MARKS  look up translate image
Areas that are filled in which are not like the design specification due to mold deterioration.
BROOKFIELD VISCOSITY  look up translate image
A measure of the low shear viscosity of a plastisol, as determined with a Brookfield rheometer.
BUBBLES  look up translate image
Pockets of air that are formed in the plastic of the part. Bubbles will vary in size.
BUMPOFF  look up translate image
A feature in the mold with an undercut. To eject the part, it must bend or stretch around the undercut.
CAD  look up translate image
Short for "computer aided design".
CAM  look up translate image
See "side action".
CAST MOLDING  look up translate image
Pouring plastisol into an open mold or injecting plastisol under low pressure into closed matching molds, then heating to achieve fusion.
CAVITY  look up translate image
A concave feature on either side of the mold into which an opposing core enters when the mold is closed. The void between the cavity and core is where the resin solidifies and forms the part. Often the A-side of a mold is referred to as the cavity side, and in the case of a part like a drinking cup, the entire A-side will be a cavity.
CHAMFER  look up translate image
Also known as a bevel, it is a flat truncated corner.
CHARGE  look up translate image
The measure or weight of material that is necessary to fill a mold during one cycle of creation.
CLAMP FORCE  look up translate image
The force required to hold the mold shut so resin cannot escape during injection. Measured in tons, as in "we have a 700 ton press"
CLAMPING PLATE  look up translate image
Part of an injection molding machine using the platens that provides the power necessary to hold the mold shut during injection of the melted resin and open the mold so it ejects the molded component.
CLAMPING PRESSURE  look up translate image
The pressure that is applied to a mold to keep it shut during a cycle, expressed in tons.
CLARIFIERS  look up translate image
Additive used in polypropylene random copolymers to enhance clarity.
COEXTRUSION  look up translate image
The process of extruding two or more materials through a single die with two or more orifices arranged so that the extrudates merge and weld together into a laminar structure before chilling.
COMPOUND  look up translate image
A mixture of resin and the ingredients necessary to modify the resin to a form suitable for processing into finished articles.
COMPOUNDING  look up translate image
The process of selection of additives and their incorporation into a polymer. Compounding is done to obtain desirable properties for particular uses. Modification of the polymer properties is done by ingredients such as polymeric resins, plasticizers, fillers, reinforcing agents, various stabilizers, lubricants, coloring agents, flame retardants, etc.
COMPRESSION MOLDING  look up translate image
A method of molding in which the molding material, generally preheated, is placed in an open heated mold cavity, the mold is closed with a top force, pressure is applied to force the material into contact with all mold areas, and heat and pressure are maintained until the molding material has cured. This process is most often used with thermoses.
CONTOURED PINS  look up translate image
Ejector pins with the ends shaped to match a sloping surface on the part.
COOLING TIME  look up translate image
The elapsed time required for the melt to reach its Vicat softening temperature.
COPOLYMER  look up translate image
This term usually, but not always, denotes a polymer of two chemically distinct monomers.
CORE  look up translate image
A convex feature on either side of the mold that will enter an opposing cavity when the mold is closed. The void between the cavity and core is where the resin solidifies and forms the part. Often the B-side of a mold is referred to as the core side, and in the case of a part like a drinking cup, the entire B-side will be a core.
CORE-CAVITY  look up translate image
The design of a mold where the A-side forms the outside of the part and the B-side forms the inside. The advantage to this approach is that the part will shrink onto the B-side so it can be ejected, and if the inside and outside are drafted with equal and opposite draft the wall thickness will be constant. A small or thin core may be made using a steel pin.
CYCLE  look up translate image
Complete, repeating sequence of operations for injection molding a part.
CYCLE TIME  look up translate image
The time it takes to make one part including the closing of the mold, the injection of the resin, the solidification of the part, the opening of the mold and the ejection of the part.
DEAERATION  look up translate image
The removal of entrapped air from a plastisol compound. This is usually accomplished by subjecting the vinyl dispersion to a vacuum ether during mixing or in a later operation.
DENSITY/SPECIFIC GRAVITY  look up translate image
Density and specific gravity are used interchangeably, which is formally incorrect. The difference is the following: density is mass per unit volume of a material at 73F (23C); specific gravity is the mass of a given volume of material at 73F (23C) divided by an equal volume of water at the same temperature. The conversion is: density = specific gravity X 0.99756. The often used English term "relative density" has the same meaning as "specific gravity.
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