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ACCESS  look up translate image
To locate the needed data.
ACCESS RIGHTS  look up translate image
Access rights - a set of rules determining a set of actions which user is allowed to do with filesystem objects. Typical actions are read, write, and execute. An "Access Denied" error is reported when the current access rights configuration does not allow the action as requested.
ACCESS TIME  look up translate image
"Seek Time" + "Rotational Latency" = "Access Time" the time it takes to exactly locate data on a drive.
ACCIDENTAL FORMAT  look up translate image
Reformatting the disk by mistake. The important data was not backed up.
ACTIVE PARTITION  look up translate image
The partition of the drive that contains the operating system. If the drive has multiple partitions, only the primary partition can be made active. A hard drive can have only one active partition.
ACTIVE TERMINATION  look up translate image
One or more voltage regulators that produce termination voltage. The voltage regulator(s) drive a constant voltage along the bus to ensure that the data signal stays constant and strong over the entire length of the bus. The result is increased data integrity and reliability.
ACTUATOR  look up translate image
A mechanical assembly that positions the read/write head assembly over the appropriate tracks.
ACTUATOR ARM  look up translate image
The part of the actuator assembly that includes the positioning arm and the read/write heads.
ACTUATOR MOTOR  look up translate image
The motor that moves the read/write head assembly over the appropriate tracks.
ADAPTER  look up translate image
A device that serves as an interface between the system unit and a device attached to it, such as a SCSI Adapter. Often synonymous with expansion card, card, or board. Can also refer to a special type of connector.
ADAPTIVE CACHING  look up translate image
A feature of hard disk drives that enables them to improve performance and throughput by adapting to the application being run.
ADDRESS  look up translate image
In the hard drive industry, there are several types of addresses; an address may refer to that of a drive, called a unit address; radial position, called a cylinder address; or circumferential position, referred to as a sector address.
ADVANCED FORMAT  look up translate image
Advanced format - data storage format on a hard drive. It uses 4 kilobytes per sector instead of typical 512 bytes and ECC area of 100 bytes in size instead of typical 50 bytes. Using advanced format increases disk space available for user. However, the discrepancy between 512 bytes per logical sector used in the operating system and 4KB physical on-disk storage introduces a set of issues referred to as "alignment problem".
AFR  look up translate image
Annualized Failure Rate.
AIT  look up translate image
An acronym for Advanced Intelligent Tape, a magnetic tape and drive system used for computer data storage and archiving
ALIGNMENT  look up translate image
Alignment - a process of moving partition and filesystem so that data clusters are aligned on the boundaries of physical blocks on the storage device. The alignment is significant in SSDs and advanced format hard drives. If the partition is not aligned, then for each cluster written onto the filesystem, two underlying physical blocks need to be updated, slowing down a rotational hard drive or increasing wear on an SSD.
ALLOCATION  look up translate image
The method DOS uses to assign a specific area of the hard drive to a given file. (See also cluster.)
A governmental body of the United States responsible for approving US standards in many areas, including computers and communications. ANSI is a member of the International Standards Organization (ISO).
ANTI-VIRUS  look up translate image
Software that detects, repairs, cleans, or removes virus-infected files from a computer.
APM  look up translate image
APM (Apple Partition Map) - a format of partition table used in Apple Macintosh.
APPEND  look up translate image
In its most basic form, tape technology is linear in fashion. Later technologies employ serpentine recording where the tape is written/read in multiple passes moving forward and in reverse. There are also helical scan formats, such as DDS, 8mm and AIT, which are written diagonally across the tape.
APPLICATION  look up translate image
A more technical term for program.
ARBITRATED LOOP  look up translate image
Fibre channel topology where two or more ports can interconnect but only two ports can communicate at the same time.
ARBITRATION  look up translate image
The act of determining which command, device, or communication protocol controls the operating environment.
ARCHIVE  look up translate image
Long term on-site or off-site storage.
AREAL DENSITY  look up translate image
Important indicator of the performance of the disk and drive that corresponds to the number of magnetic bits per unit areaAuxiliary Storage/ External Storage/
ARRAY  look up translate image
Two or more hard disks that read and write the same data. In a RAID system, the operating system treats the array as if it were a single hard disk.
ASCII  look up translate image
American Standard Code Information Interchange. An ANSI (American National Standards Institute) code for transferring information from one computer language to another.
ASP  look up translate image
Average selling price.
ASYNCHRONOUS TRANSMISSION  look up translate image
Each byte of information is synchronized individually through the use of request and acknowledge signals.
AT BUS ATTACHMENT (ATA-4)  look up translate image
The interface defined by IBM for the original AT disk controller.
AT/ATA  look up translate image
Name of standard interface and protocol for hard drives.
ATA  look up translate image
Advanced Technology Attachment, the more correct name for the IDE interface used for connecting the storage devices like hard drives and CD-ROM drives inside personal computer. There are multiple levels of ATA standards: ATA-1(IDE), ATA-2(EIDE), ATA-3, ATA/ATAPI-4(Ultra ATA/33), ATA/ATAPI-5(Ultra ATA/66), ATA/ATAPI-6(Ultra ATA/100), ATA/ATAPI-7(Ultra ATA/133), ATA/ATAPI-8.
A disk drive interface standard for IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics). A standard for storage devices that lets them be treated as if they were hard drives on the system. Any ATA compatible media can be read by any ATA device.
ATA/ATAPI  look up translate image
AT Attachment and ATA Packet Interface. ATA has three alternate levels; the base level 16 bit IDE, ATA-2 (enhanced IDE) and Ultra ATA. For peripheral devices that are connected to the ATA-2 other than hard drives, the ATAPI defines the interface set of commands.
ATAPI  look up translate image
Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface for devices like tape drives, zip drives and CD-ROM.
ATM  look up translate image
asynchronous transfer mode; a network architecture that divides messages into fixed-size units (cells) and establishes a switched connection between the originating and receiving stations; enables transmission of various types of data (video, audio, etc.) over the same line without one data type dominating the transmission.
ATTRIBUTE  look up translate image
Attribute - a property of an object (e.g. file). Attribute may be a binary value like "yes/no" which is then encoded by one bit. Some attributes are more complex, like creation and modification timestamps. NTFS filesystem even considers the file data to be the attribute of the file.
AUTO DEFECT RETIREMENT  look up translate image
If the drive finds defective sectors during reads or writes, they are automatically mapped out and relocated.
AUTO PARK  look up translate image
Turning off the drive power causes the drive to move the read/write heads to a safe non-data landing zone and lock them in place.
AUTOMATIC TURBO FATS  look up translate image
Improve the speed of disk reads because NetWare 386 automatically indexes large files. A Turbo-FAT exists for cads randomly accessed file that is large enough to take up more than 64 FAT entries. By utilizing this method, NetWare does not need to scan every FAT entry searching for pointers to disk allocation blocks because the Turbo FAT tables store the pointers where those disk allocation blocks are assembled.
AVERAGE ACCESS TIME  look up translate image
The average length of time a drive takes to perform seeks, usually measured with 1/3 stroke.
AVERAGE SEEK TIME  look up translate image
The average time a disk drive takes to locate a specific track and sector. It refers to the time taken by a read/write head to move to a specific location.
B-TREE  look up translate image
B-tree - a data structure. B-tree is used to store data when frequent and fast search, but relatively infrequent changes are needed. Various implementations of B-trees are used for directory and file indexing in NTFS, HFS, HFS+, ext3, ext4, and some other file systems.
BACKBONE  look up translate image
The underlying network of communication conduit or line by which all main servers and devices are connected; backbone devices are typically servers, routers, hubs, and bridges; client computers are not connected directly to the backbone.
BACKPLANE  look up translate image
A backplane is an electronic circuit board containing circuitry and sockets into which additional electronic devices on other circuit boards or cards can be plugged; in a computer, generally synonymous with or part of the motherboard.
BACKUP  look up translate image
To copy information from one type of data storage medium onto another data storage medium. Backup of data ensures information is preserved in case one medium is lost
BACKUP 2.0  look up translate image
It is analogous to the term "Web 2.0" but for backup. Dell AppAssure is the "Home of Backup 2.0". Backup 2.0 solutions are automatic processes that run over high-speed networks, prevent the loss of data and work, ensure access to data, and minimize downtime.
BACKUP FAILURE  look up translate image
Backup has a tendency to fail the same way as an original data. The reason is instability of data storage such us media failure, human error and hardware malfunction.
BACKUP FILE  look up translate image
A duplicate copy of a file.
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