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3/4-SIZE GUITAR  look up translate image
A smaller than normal guitar with shorter strings and less space between frets.
ACCENT  look up translate image
An accented note is used to develop rhythms. Accented notes are not necessarily louder, but slightly more aggressive and have more attack than regular notes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accent_%28music%29

  • Notation_accents1.png [5.95 KB]
  • ACTION (độ cao của dây so với mặt phím)  look up translate image
    The distance between the strings of a guitar and the fretboard. A lower action makes the guitar easier to play but may result in a buzzing noise (See Fret Buzz).

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  • ALTERED AND OPEN TUNINGS  look up translate image
    The result of changing the tuning of one or more strings from standard EADGBE.
    ALTERNATE PICKING  look up translate image
    Picking in alternate directions (down-up-down-up).
    AMP  look up translate image
    The Amp is half of your rig, the other half is you and your guitar. . . Amps can range from a small 6 inch speaker to a wall of chaos. Amps go jointly with Volume.
    ARPEGGIO  look up translate image
    A broken chord, usually played evenly low to high and back again.
    ARPEGGIOS  look up translate image
    When a guitar player plays a solo and plucks the notes of a chord in succession he is using arpeggios. In other words, Arpeggios are the notes of chords plucked individually instead of strummed.
    ARRANGEMENT  look up translate image
    The setting of an original or standard tune for a given solo instrument or group of instruments
    BARRE CHORD  look up translate image
    From the French term barré. The technique of placing the left hand index finger over two to six strings in the fingering of a chord. The great advantage of using barre chords is that they are"moveable shapes"that can be applied at practically any fret.
    BENDING  look up translate image
    The act of pushing or pulling a string sideways across the a fret to raise the pitch of a note by a half to full tone or more. Used extensively in rock and blues playing as well as in jazz.
    BRIDGE (ngựa, cầu)  look up translate image
    The bridge is the (usually shiny and silver) piece of metal on your guitar that sets the string height. It is on the body of the guitar and contains the saddles that the strings sit in.

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  • CAPO (kẹp dây)  look up translate image
    A mechanical barre that attaches to the neck of a guitar by means of a string, spring, elastic or nylon band, or a lever and thumbscrew arrangement. The capo can be used to raise the key of a song to suit a vocalist as well as to lower the action and shorten the string length.

  • kapodaster-gitarre.jpg [155.10 KB]
  • CHANGES  look up translate image
    Jazz and Blues songs use changes where each measure may be in a range. The Changes' is the same as saying the Chord Progression'.
    CHORD (hợp âm)  look up translate image
    Three or more notes sounded simultaneously.
    CHORUS (OF A TUNE) (điệp khúc)  look up translate image
    Strictly speaking, the portion of a song lyric or melody that is repeated, often with other voices joining in. In jazz improvisation, however,"playing a chorus"would mean taking a turn improvising over the tune's chords progression.
    CLOSED VOICING  look up translate image
    The term"voicing"refers to the vertical arrangement of the notes of a given chord."Closed voicing"places the member notes as close together as possible, no matter the inversion as opposed to"open voicing"which spreads the member notes of the chord at larger intervals.
    CUTAWAY  look up translate image
    A concave area generally in the upper right bout of a normal right-hand guitar that allows the player easier access to the high frets.

  • cutaway.jpg [16.35 KB]
  • DOUBLE STOP  look up translate image
    A soloing technique, used a lot in Blues, where a play frets two notes adjacent to each other.
    DROPPED-D TUNING  look up translate image
    The practice of lowering the sixth string (E) by a whole tone, one octave lower than the fourth string.

  • drop-d-tuning.gif [2.90 KB]
  • FINGER PICKS  look up translate image
    Banjo-style picks that fingerstyle guitarists use when playing steel-string instruments.
    FINGERSTYLE  look up translate image
    Playing with the fingernails or fingertips with or without fingerpicks as opposed to playing with a flatpick.
    FLAMENCO  look up translate image
    A style of guitar from mexico that holds a complex tradition to the country. It is played with different flicks on the finger and hand to create odd rhythms and melodies.
    FLATPICK (miếng gảy)  look up translate image
    A triangular or teardrop-shaped piece of nylon or plastic used to pluck or strum guitar strings. Flatpicks are available in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and thickness.
    FOOTSTOOL (kê chân)  look up translate image
    A small adjustable stool used to raise the height of the guitar.

  • footstool.jpg [6.19 KB]
  • FRET BUZZ (dây bị chạm phím)  look up translate image
    The unwanted noise of the string vibrating against the frets. Can be fixed by increasing string tension or raising the action of your guitar.
    FRET HAND (tay ấn phím)  look up translate image
    The hand that is used to fret the notes. Usually the left if you are right handed.
    GEETAR  look up translate image
    Slang for Guitar. A Geetar may be used to describe a Guitar that is more folk or country in nature.
    GROOVIN'  look up translate image
    Slang used when your really getting down with the beat. When a bass player is really locked in with the drummer and they are playing really tight, they are groovin'.
    HAMMER-ON  look up translate image
    A note sounded literally by"hammering"down with a left hand finger, often performed in conjunction with a note first plucked by the right hand on the same string.
    HARMONIC NODE  look up translate image
    The point on a standing wave where is moves the least. Such as the middle of your hand if you pivot it.
    HARMONICS  look up translate image
    Chime-like sounds achieved in two ways: 1) natural harmonics - by touching a string at any equidistant division of the string length (typically 5th, 7th, and 12th fret), directly above the fret with left hand, and striking hard with the right-hand fingers or pick near the bridge where there is more string resistance; or 2) artificial harmonics - touching a string with the index finger of the right hand twelve frets higher than any fretted note and plucking the string with either the thumb or third finger of the right hand.
    HARMONY  look up translate image
    The use of different notes but the same rhythm to make a more expressive melody. Harmonies can be very complex or easy.
    HARP HARMONICS  look up translate image
    When you fret a string and pluck it at the respective node or halfway point of the string. You can do this by placeing you picking hand finger over the string and plucking the string with your thumb..
    HEADSTOCK (phần đầu đàn)  look up translate image
    The Headstock is the piece of your guitar that contains the tuning pegs and is separated from the neck by the nut. It will also contain the brand name of your guitar and model.

  • headstock.jpg [6.73 KB]
  • INTERVAL  look up translate image
    The distance between two notes.
    INVERSION  look up translate image
    Structuring a chord with a note other than the root as the lowest note.
    JAM SESSION  look up translate image
    A Jam session is between more than one player. Songs are usually based off of a simple groove and then improvised from beginning to end.
    LEAD  look up translate image
    The lead is the part of the song that has the melody or solo. A lead line, or player, is usually single notes but not limited to single notes.
    LEAD GUITAR  look up translate image
    The part played by a guitar soloist in a rock band
    LEGATO  look up translate image
    The opposite of Staccato, Legato is a technique where notes are played to their full value, long and connectected. Often to get a more Legato sound players will use long lines of slured notes on the same string.
    MODULATE  look up translate image
    To change keys within a piece of music
    NATURAL HARMONICS  look up translate image
    Natural harmonics are created when you place your finger on the string but done fret it and pluck it.
    NECK (cần đàn)  look up translate image
    The neck is connected to the body of the guitar with bolts or glue, and is sometimes a complete piece that runs through the guitars body. The neck contains the fretboard and often times is the same piece of wood that contains the Headstock of the guitar.
    NUT (miếng nhựa chia dây)  look up translate image
    The nut of the guitar is on the opposite side of the bridge and sets the width of the strings at the headstock end of the guitar. Nuts are susceptible to being brittle after age and can break, but are easily replaced.

  • tuning_3.jpg [59.67 KB]
  • OPEN VOICING  look up translate image
    A manner of chord construction in which the member notes are broadly separated. See closed voicing above.
    P I M A  look up translate image
    letters derived from the Spanish names for the fingers of the right hand: pulgar (thumb), indice (index), medio (middle), and anular (ring). Used to indicate fingering.

  • pima-guitar-hand-positions.jpg [10.61 KB]
  • PENTATONIC SCALE  look up translate image
    A five-tone scale used often in rock.
    PICKING  look up translate image
    Plucking or producing a sound on the guitar in general, either with the fingers or a flatpick. Sometimes refers to playing a single-note melody line.
    PICKING HAND (tay gảy)  look up translate image
    The opposite hand of the fretting hand, this is the hand that is placed above the pickups or sound hole and is usually the right hand if you are primarily right handed.
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