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20 PVDCP  look up translate image
A SANCAP Liner Technology product. Saran, clay coated board. 20 PVDCP is a construction of clay coated board and Saran coating (PVDC). Color: White. Suggested product uses include after shave lotion, cold cream, cologne, cough syrup, hand soap, poison ivy lotion, hair shampoo, tincture of iodine, concentrated coffee, corn oil, fruit extract, syrup, vinegar, glass wax and radiator compound.
A-FLUTE  look up translate image
A piece of corrugation with a height of 3/16 inch excluding the facing, generally spaced about 33 to 39 flutes per foot.
A.C.L.  look up translate image
Applied color lettering. Colored lettering or design of a ceramic nature fused onto bottles. Employs screen printing to transfer glass frit (powdered glass colorant) to the surface of a bottle or glass container. The design is fired, heated in a lehr, and becomes permanently fused.
ABS  look up translate image
Acrylonitrile-butadiene styrene (ABS). Tough, hard, rigid, opaque plastic easily fabricated by injection molding, extrusion and thermoforming. More costly than general purpose and impact grades of polystyrene. Of limited use in packaging.
ACCELERATED TEST  look up translate image
Laboratory performance test of a container or coating to evaluate its performance in a shorter time interval than that required under actual service conditions. Example: Performing chemical-resistance tests at elevated temperatures.
ACID RAIN  look up translate image
Acid rain refers to a mixture of wet and dry deposition (deposited material) from the atmosphere containing higher than normal amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids. The precursors, or chemical forerunners, of acid rain formation result from both natural sources - volcanoes and decaying vegetation - and man-made sources - primarily emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) resulting from fossil fuel combustion. When fossil fuels are combusted, acid-forming nitrogen and sulfur oxides...(more)
ACRYLIC  look up translate image
Thermoplastic materials, such as Lucite and Plexiglas, made by polymerization of monomeric esters of acrylic acids.
ACRYLONITRILE  look up translate image
Abbreviation AN. Rigid, natural crystal color, transparent, generally excellent barrier properties, fair resistance to water permeation, good impact strength. Used in thermoforming.
ADDITIVE  look up translate image
A material such as a hardener, softener, preservative, slip agent, etc., added to a base material in order to achieve a specific result.
ADHESIVE BLEED  look up translate image
Exudation, or ooze, especially from pressure-sensitive label material. It is the result of cold flow, excessive roll winding tension, excessive heat or improper converting procedures.
AEROSOL  look up translate image
Describes any container which consists of (1) a gas-tight, pressure resistant container, (2) a valve (3) a desired product, and (4) a self-contained propellent which forces the product from the container when the valve is opened. Products dispensed from aerosol packages include true aerosols, "wet" sprays (coarse particles), foams, pastes, syrups and powders.
AEROSOL COMPONENTS  look up translate image
Extruded aluminum containers, plastic coated bottles, closures and overcaps. Aerosol bottles and containers are available in various sizes, shoulder configurations, diameters, and neck finishes. Decorating options are available.
AEROSOL PROPELLENTS  look up translate image
Liquefied or compressed gases that are packed with a product in a pressure-propulsion container in order to provide sufficient pressure to propel the product through a valve to give the form of discharge desired.
AEROSOL SERVICES  look up translate image
The filling of aerosol products, either customer-supplied or original formulations. Decorating options are available.
ALPHASEAL  look up translate image
A Unipac (formerly 3M Cap-Seal) product. A range of one piece lining materials with a substrate choice of either unbleached virgin pulpwood or folding box board. Both conform to the stringent requirements of food approval bodies in a majority of countries. Can be used to line plastic and metal closures. The functionality of the AlphaSeal liner depends on the facing material applied to the pulpwood or box board substrate. Choices for facing material include polyester, PVDC, Saran, aluminum/foil/polyester,...(more)
ALTERNATIVE FUELS  look up translate image
Alternative fuels, as described by the U.S. DOE, include bio-diesel, electricity, ethanol, methanol, natural gas, propane and hydrogen. Some alternative transportation fuels, such as ethanol and bio-diesel, are renewable while others, such as propane and natural gas, are non-renewable.
AMBER GLASS  look up translate image
A brown-colored glass used principally for beer, medicine and liquor containers. The color decreases the effect of some forms of light which would be injurious to the contents of the container.
AMPUL  look up translate image
Also ampoule, ampule, ampoul. A relatively small container made from a glass or plastic tube, the end of which is drawn into a stem and closed by fusion after filling. The bottom may be flat, convex or drawn out as required. Opening is achieved by breaking the stem.
AMPULES/ACCESSORIES  look up translate image
Glass and plastic ampules, and accessories such as holders, breakers, sleeves, etc.
AN  look up translate image
Acrylonitrile. A monomer with the following properties: rigid, natural crystal color, transparent, generally excellent barrier properties, fair resistance to water permeation, good impact strength. Material used in thermoforming.
ANIMAL HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS  look up translate image
Injection molded plastic items, such as open-tip syringes, nasal inoculation syringes and bolus dispensing guns, are available in USDA/FDA compliant and approved resins.
ANNEAL  look up translate image
A controlled temperature process in which glass is gradually cooled in ovens or lehrs to avoid the creation of stresses and strains within the glass due to natural or uneven cooling. The annealing temperature in glass is about 1000 degrees F.
ANTI-SKID CORRUGATED  look up translate image
Corrugated board with embossed or chemically-treated surface, to increase coefficient of friction, so containers made from the treated board will produce a more stable pallet or unit load.
ANTIOXIDANT  look up translate image
A chemical substance that can be added to plastic resin to minimize or prevent the effects of oxygen attack on the plastic (e.g., yellowing or degradation). Such chemical attack by oxygen may render a plastic brittle or cause it to lose desired mechanical properties.
ANTISTATIC AGENT  look up translate image
A substance applied to the surface of a plastic article, or incorporated in the plastic from which the article is to be made, so as to render the surface of the plastic less susceptible to accumulation of electrostatic charges which attract and hold fine dirt or dust on the surface. There are two types: (1) metallic devices, and (2) chemical additives, either internal or surface applied.
APPLICATOR CAP  look up translate image
A container closure designed so that it may be used to apply the contents of the container, such as oil and grease spouts or daubers.
APPLICATOR ROD  look up translate image
Short glass rod 2 mm to 4 mm in diameter used in conjunction with an applicator cap. The end which enters the cap is cut square. The other end may have a variety of glazed finishes.
AQL  look up translate image
Acceptable quality level. The maximum percentage or proportion of variant (or defective) units in a lot or batch that, for the purposes of acceptance sampling, can be considered satisfactory as a process average.
AROMATHERAPY PACKAGING  look up translate image
Items used to package aromatherapy products, including glass and aluminum bottles, vials, perfume samplers and candle holders.
ASEPTIC PACKAGING  look up translate image
A technique for creating a shelf-stable container by placing a commercially sterile product into a commercially sterile container. The process involves sterilizing a product and its intended container (usually separately) and then bringing them together within a sterile environment for filling and sealing. The sealed container is designed to maintain a sterile product until the seal is broken. In addition, when packaged aseptically, the product does not require refrigeration until the package seal is broken. Used for drink boxes, wine (bag-in-box), tomato products and soy milk.
ASSEMBLY  look up translate image
A wide variety of assembly services such as collating, filling, gluing, labeling, bagging, shrink wrapping, bag sealing, blister sealing, display assembly, package assembly, inspection, and bulk mail preparation are available. Some companies follow strict anti-contamination procedures to ensure a clean pack.
ATOMIZERS  look up translate image
Various styles of atomizers and purse sprayers are available, including metal, aluminum, molded glass, plastic, and pastel enamel.
AUTOCLAVABLE  look up translate image
Products produced from resins that can withstand 250 degrees for 45 minutes.
AUTOCLAVE  look up translate image
A pressure vessel into which steam or other vapor can be introduced at a suitably high temperature to sterilize packages or other objects placed therein. Similar pressure vessels used for sterilizing food products packed in glass jars or cans are normally called retorts.
AVERAGE WALL THICKNESS  look up translate image
A number obtained by adding the thickest wall section measurement of a container to the thinnest wall section and dividing by two. It does not describe the distribution of plastic material in a container.
AVOIRDUPOIS WEIGHT  look up translate image
System of weights used in Great Britain and U.S. for the measure of goods other than gems, precious metals and drugs. Designated by "oz" or "oz av" and "lb" or "lb av". Sometimes, when a container is meant to hold a specific product such as honey or talcum powder, the bottle capacity is stated in auvoirdupois ounces rather than in fluid ounces. For example, a typical 1 lb. honey bottle holds 11 to 12 fluid ounces.
B-FLUTE  look up translate image
A piece of corrugation with a height of 3/32 inch excluding the facing, generally spaced about 47 to 53 flutes per foot.
BABY BOTTLE NIPPLES  look up translate image
Plastic baby bottle nipples are available in various styles.
BACK OFF  look up translate image
Loosening of cap; can be caused by improper cap application torque, improper mating of the cap to the container, or improper liner facing and/or backing.
BACKING LINER  look up translate image
The compressible paper material, usually pulp or newsboard, to which the liner is attached or adhered. This compressible paper material compensates for any irregularities on the sealing surface. Also provides additional strength, or water resistance, or better appearance.
BAFFLE MARK  look up translate image
A bottom defect. A seam occurring between the baffle and the blank mold.
BAG-IN-BOX  look up translate image
A sealed, usually spouted plastic bag inside a rigid outer container, generally used for packaging liquid products of varying viscosities. The outer box may be disposable or reusable. The container itself may be be either partially emptied and resealed or may never be opened to ambient air (i.e., wine boxes). Consumer sizes usually range from one to six gallons while process and transportation sizes range from 55 to 300 gallons.
BAGS  look up translate image
Stock and custom polybags, shrink bags, shipping bags, protective mailing bags, bags with air vent holes, currency bags, anti-static bags, double-wall bags, trash can liners, recycled bags, specimen/bio-hazard bags, ice bags, ziplock bags, vinyl cosmetic bags, garment bags, sports bags, specialty bags, cloth bags, reclosable bags, and bags made with specialty films. Graphics and color printing options are available.
BAIL  look up translate image
Wire handle for carrying purposes, with or without grip, fastened to ears that are riveted or welded to opposite sides of a container.
BANDING  look up translate image
Banding is used to unitize a product for shipment. Steel, plastic and cord banding is available along with seals and buckle and strapping tools.
BAR CODE  look up translate image
An identification symbol where the value is encoded in a sequence of high contrast, rectangular bars and spaces. The relative widths of these bars and spaces contain the information. Identification is by visual or electronic means.
BAREX  look up translate image
Barex is a polymer composed primarily of acrylonitrile, with methylacrylate and butadiene as comonomers. It offers excellent gas barrier properties, good impact and chemical reistance. Barex containers are used for many agricultural chemicals. Barex is a registered trademark of BP Chemical Inc.
BARRELS, WOOD  look up translate image
Wine barrels, garden barrels, and food storage barrels are available, some with plastic or paraffin liners.
BARRIER MATERIAL  look up translate image
Term used to prescribe one of two classes of specialized packaging materials that provide environmental protection to the package contents: (1) gas-, moisture-, or light-proof materials that control or eliminate the amount of these environmental constituents that pass into or out of a package; (2) a porous material possessing a structure that prevents the passage of microorganisms that might contaminate the contents of a package.
BASELINE PERFORMANCE  look up translate image
Baseline performance is the benchmark against which future measurements can be compared over time.
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