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ABIOTIC  look up translate image
All the non-living things, which comprise the environment are known as abiotic factors. Rock, water, mountains are all examples of abiotic elements of environment.
ABLATION  look up translate image
The geographical term, ablation is defined as the net loss of water from the glacier due to melting, evaporation, sublimation, and calving.
ABRASION  look up translate image
Abrasion is the degeneration of land due to 'scouring action of materials'.
ABSOLUTE HUMIDITY  look up translate image
The mass of water vapor in the atmosphere per unit of volume of space.
ABSOLUTE LOCATION  look up translate image
The location of a point on the Earth's surface that can be expressed by a grid reference such as latitude and longitude.
ABSORPTION  look up translate image
Absorption is defined as the permeation of one substance into another. For example, the land absorbs the rain and increases the ground water level.
ABYSSAL PLAIN  look up translate image
Abyssal plain is a large flat area of the ocean, generally 5,000-6,000 m below sea level.
ACCESSIBILITY  look up translate image
A locational characteristic that permits a place to be reached by the efforts of those at other places.
ACCESSIBILITY RESOURCE  look up translate image
A naturally occurring landscape feature that facilitates interaction between places.
ACCULTURATION  look up translate image
A change or a modification in a culture due to adoption of new principles, customs, trends and traits is known by the term acculturation.
ACID LAVA  look up translate image
Lava which contains high levels of silica is known as acid lava. Acid lava has high viscosity and high melting points.
ACID RAIN  look up translate image
Rain that has become more acidic than normal (a pH below 5.0) as certain oxides present as airborne pollutants are absorbed by the water droplets. The term is often applied generically to all acidic precipitation.
ACTIVE VOLCANO  look up translate image
A volcano that is currently erupting, or has erupted during recorded history.
AEOLIAN  look up translate image
This geography term is derived from the Greek God of Winds, Aeolus. Aeolian refers to the erosion caused by winds or that is related to winds.
AERIAL PHOTOGRAPH  look up translate image
Aerial photograph is photography done from above the surface of the earth. These photographs help in providing an aerial (birdlike) view of a geographical terrain.
AEROSOL  look up translate image
Fine liquid or solid particles suspended in the atmosphere. Aerosols resulting from volcanic eruptions are tiny droplets of sulfuric acid—sulfur dioxide that has picked up oxygen and water.
AFFORESTATION  look up translate image
Afforestation refers to planting trees on barren lands and also in other deforested areas.
AFTERSHOCK  look up translate image
Aftershock is defined as the tremors that are felt after a major earthquake, from the epicenter.
AGE-SEX PYRAMID  look up translate image
Age-sex pyramid is also known as the population pyramid. This geographical term is a graph, which gives the age and sex distribution of a population.
AGRICULTURE  look up translate image
Agriculture is the science and business of growing crops, breeding livestock and cultivating soil.
AIR MASS  look up translate image
A very large body of atmosphere defined by essentially similar horizontal air temperatures. Moisture conditions are also usually similar throughout the mass.
AIR PRESSURE  look up translate image
Air pressure is the force that the air exerts on the surface.
ALBEDO  look up translate image
The amount of sun's rays that is reflected by an earthly body is called albedo. It is the reflection of a certain area of earth, like snow and mountains, on the surface. For example, the albedo of snow covered mountains hurts the eyes.
ALLUVIA  look up translate image
Clay, silt, gravel, or similar detrital material deposited by running water.
ALLUVIAL FAN  look up translate image
Alluvial Fan is a fan-shaped soil deposit formed due to sediments. This is usually found at the foot of the valley, where a stream fans out and deposits the sediments of the stream.alluvial fan
ALLUVIAL SOILS  look up translate image
Soils deposited through the action of moving water. These soils lack horizons and are usually highly fertile.
ALLUVIUM  look up translate image
Alluvium are deposits made by rivers. These are found near floodplains or at point-bars.
ALTITUDE  look up translate image
Height of an object in the atmosphere above sea level.
ANGLE OF RESPONSE  look up translate image
Angle of response is the maximum angle that a slope attains and at which it remains stable. It may be a pile of rocks or any granular pile. It is caused due to friction and cohesion.
ANTHRACITE  look up translate image
A hard coal containing little volatile matter.
ANTICYCLONE  look up translate image
As per geography definitions, anticyclone is a stable air mass, which produces high pressure and warm conditions.
ANTIPODE  look up translate image
The exact opposite point on the surface of the earth to any other given point is known as antipode. For example, south and north poles are considered as antipodes of each other.
APHELION  look up translate image
Aphelion is the point of time when the earth is farthest from the Sun, while it is revolving in the orbit. This occurs around July 3, when the earth is approximately 94,555,000 miles away from the Sun.
AQUATIC FAUNA  look up translate image
In the geography glossary, aquatic fauna is defined as the animal species living under and in water.
AQUATIC PLANTS  look up translate image
In the geography glossary, aquatic plants are defined as all the plants living and reproducing in the water.
AQUIFER  look up translate image
Aquifer is a water reserve in the Earth's belly. In other words, it is an underground water reserve which is extracted for surface applications.
ARCHIPELAGO  look up translate image
A collection of islands in a sea.
ARETE  look up translate image
A sharp, narrow mountain ridge. It often results from the erosive activity of alpine glaciers flowing in adjacent valleys.
ARID  look up translate image
Arid is a climatic condition characterized by extreme dryness.
ARROY  look up translate image
A deep gully cut by a stream that flows only part of the year; a dry gulch. A term normally used only in desert areas.
ARROYO  look up translate image
Arroyo is defined as a dry creek, which fills up only after a heavy spell of rain.
ASH  look up translate image
Fragments less than 2 millimeters (about 1/8 inch) in diameter of lava or rock blasted into the air by volcanic explosions.
ATLANTIC SEABOARD FALL LINE  look up translate image
The physiographic border between the Piedmont and Atlantic coastal plain regions. The name derives from the river rapids and falls that occur as the water flows from the hard rocks of the higher piedmont onto the softer rocks of the coastal plain.
ATLAS  look up translate image
A bound collection of maps.
ATMOSPHERE  look up translate image
The mixture of gases, aerosols, solid particles, and water vapor that envelops the Earth.
ATOLL  look up translate image
Atoll is a ring shaped coral reef, which encloses a shallow lagoon.
AURORA AUSTRALIS  look up translate image
Aurora Australis is a hypnotic band of lights that cascades in the Southern Hemisphere in the night sky. They are also known as the Southern Lights and commonly appear in shades of electric greenish-blue.aurora
AURORA BOREALIS  look up translate image
Aurora Borealis is a magnificent band of lights that appears in the far Northern Hemisphere. It appears at night and is also known as the Northern Lights.
AUTUMNAL EQUINOX  look up translate image
Autumnal Equinox is the day of the year, when the day is equal to night. In the Northern Hemisphere, the autumnal equinox occurs on 22 or 23 September and in Southern Hemisphere it occurs on 20 or 21 March.
AVALANCHE  look up translate image
When snow, debris or rocks slide down rapidly from a hill or a mountain, it is called an avalanche.
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