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ACHIEVEMENT MOTIVATION  look up translate image
Finding joy in accomplishment for its own sake.
AFFIRMATIVE ACTION  look up translate image
A hiring policy that requires employers to analyze the work force for under-representation of protected classes. It involves recruiting minorities and members of protected classes, changing management attitudes or prejudices towards them, removing discriminatory employment practices, and giving preferred treatment to protected classes. See Diversity.
AFTER ACTION REVIEWS  look up translate image
An assessment conducted after a project or major activity that allows employees and leaders to discover (learn) what happened and why. It may be thought of as a professional discussion of an event that enable employees to understand why things happened during the progression of the process and to learn from that experience.
ALIGNMENT  look up translate image
a collaborative leadership process that gains buy-in and commitment; fosters teamwork by providing continual, relevant feedback; asks questions, listens, reframes, proposes, synthesizes, summarizes, and seeks consensus; maintained only through a process of collaborative communication that can never stop.
ANCHORING  look up translate image
A common human tendency to rely too strongly on one piece of information when making decisions or forecasting. Once the anchor is set, the person tends to maintain a bias toward that value. As an example, an employee may review the cost of a small prior project prior to creating an estimate for a new major project proposal. This will likely bias the estimate toward the cost of the prior project, understating the magnitude of the proposed work. I have seen this happen often when small contractors bid on large projects. Anchoring happens without any conscious intent to distort the forecast.
ASSERTIVENESS  look up translate image
Forthrightness in expressing demands, opinions, feelings, and attitudes.
ASSESSING  look up translate image
The process of conducting In Process Reviews (IPRs) and After Action Reviews (AARs). IPRs help to determine initial expectations, ascertain strengths and weakness of both employees and the organization, and identify key issues and organizations whose willing support is needed to accomplish the mission. AARs determine how well the goals are being accomplished, usually by identifying areas to sustain and improve.
ASSUMPTION  look up translate image
An idea or fact that is taken for granted as true. Leaders must make assumptions when creating a vision and planning or executing to achieve their goals. Necessary assumptions are usually time-dependent (e.g., "Sally is available to work on this for the next two months"), whereas people-dependent assumptions are usually best avoided (e.g., stereotypes). Read more on how assumptions affect leadership
ATTITUDE  look up translate image
an overall outlook on life; a mind-set or way of thinking that affects everything that we do; your demeanor
ATTRIBUTES  look up translate image
Characteristics or qualities or properties. Attributes of the leader fall into three categories: mental, physical, and emotional.
ATTRIBUTION THEORY  look up translate image
The process of attributing causality to events.
ATTRIBUTIONS  look up translate image
The judgments we make about the behavior and attitudes of others.
AUTHENTIC  look up translate image
being true to what you stand for; genuine.
AUTHORITARIAN LEADERSHIP  look up translate image
A style of leadership in which the leader tells the employees what needs to be done and how to perform it without getting their advice or ideas.
AUTOCRATIC LEADER  look up translate image
A person in charge who retains most of the authority for himself or herself.
BANDWAGON TECHNIQUE  look up translate image
A manipulative approach emphasizing that "everybody else is doing it."
BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION  look up translate image
An attempt to change behavior by manipulating rewards and punishment.
BEHAVIOR SHAPING  look up translate image
Rewarding any response in the right direction and then rewarding only the closest approximation.
BELIEFS  look up translate image
Assumptions and convictions that a person holds to be true regarding people, concepts, or things.
BENCHMARKING  look up translate image
The process of measuring the organization's products, services, cost, procedures, etc. against competitors or other organizations that display a "best in class" record.
BLEMISH  look up translate image
A simple game in which the manager always finds a flaw in a group member's work.
BRAINSTORMING  look up translate image
A technique for teams that is used to generate ideas on a subject. Each person on the team is asked to think creatively and write down as many ideas as possible. After the writing session, the ideas are discussed by the team.
BREAKTHROUGH CHANGE  look up translate image
advancement that is significant because it transforms; major action that goes beyond incremental improvement.
BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS  look up translate image
a major advance or quantum leap that fosters progress; overcoming an obstacle; going well beyond incremental steps; outcomes that are significant and impact many thousands of people.
BUILDING  look up translate image
An activity focused on sustaining and renewing the organization. It involves actions that indicate commitment to the achievement of group or organizational goals: timely and effective discharge of operational and organizational duties and obligations; working effectively with others; compliance with and active support of organizational goals, rules, and policies.
CAPACITY  look up translate image
The capability of a worker, system, or organization to produce output per time period. It can be classified as budgeted, dedicated, demonstrated, productive, protective, rated, safety, or theoretical.
CASUAL TIME ORIENTATION  look up translate image
The view that time is an unlimited and unending resource, leading toward extreme patience.
CENTRALITY  look up translate image
The extent to which a unit's activities are linked into the system of organized activities.
CHAOS  look up translate image
Chaos is not utter confusion. It is constrained, rather than explosive, instability. It is a combination of order and disorder in which patterns of behavior continually unfold in irregular but similar forms. When a system is either stable or unstable, its short- and long-term futures are perfectly predictable. When it is in chaos, however, the short-term behavior can be predicted because it takes time for small changes to escalate. But it is impossible, even in principle, to predict specific long-term...(more)
CHARACTER  look up translate image
The sum total of an individual's personality traits and the link between a person's values and her behavior.
CHARISMA  look up translate image
A special quality of leaders whose purposes, powers, and extraordinary determination differentiate them from others.
CLIMATE  look up translate image
The short-term phenomenon created by the current junior or senior leaders. Organizational climate is a system of the perception of people about the organization and its leaders, directly attributed to the leadership and management style of the leaders, based on the skills, knowledge and attitude and priorities of the leaders. The personality and behavior of the leaders creates a climate that influences everyone in the organization.
COALITION  look up translate image
A specific arrangement of parties working together to combine their power.
COERCIVE POWER  look up translate image
The power to punish for noncompliance; power based on fear.
COGNITIVE FACTORS  look up translate image
Problem-solving and intellectual skills.
COGNITIVE RESOURCE THEORY  look up translate image
An explanation of leadership emphasizing that stress plays a key role in determining how a leader's intelligence is related to group performance.
COLLABORATION  look up translate image
the process through which consensus is realized; an environment where cooperation results from working together and partnering in alliances.
COLLECTIVISIM  look up translate image
A belief that the group and society should receive top priority.
COMMAND & CONTROL  look up translate image
command is the forming and imparting of visions; while control is ensuring that resources go where they are supposed to go.
COMMITMENT  look up translate image
The most successful outcome of a leader's influence tactic: The person makes a full effort.
COMMUNICATING  look up translate image
Comprises the ability to express oneself effectively in individual and group situations, either orally or in writing. It involves a sender transmitting an idea to a receiver.
COMMUNITY  look up translate image
a group of people pursuing a common mission; often includes "communities of interest" encompassing various associations and organizations. Former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm says, "A community is much more than a place on a map; community is not where we live, but how we act toward each other." Scott Peck suggests that community can often be thought of more as a verb than a noun.
COMPLEX SYSTEM  look up translate image
"A complex system is one whose evolution is very sensitive to initial conditions or to small perturbations, one in which the number of independent interacting components is large, or one in which there are multiple pathways by which the system can evolve" (Whitesides & Ismagilov). "Complex systems are systems in process that constantly evolve and unfold over time" (W. Brian Arthur). Both definitions are found in Science Vol. 284. No. 5411 (1999) , a special edition on complex systems.
COMPLEXITY  look up translate image
Complexity results from the interaction of the parts of a system wherein each part is relatively simple and responds to the limited information presented to it. Complexity "entails that, in a system, there are more possibilities than can be actualized." It is hard to define precisely, as many systems that have complexity when viewed close up, appear to be simple when viewed from afar (Cilliers, P. pp. 2-5). Hence, it is common that in the executive suite, solutions appear simple, while when viewed at the staff level, many confounding situations are apparent.
COMPLIANCE  look up translate image
Partial success of an influence attempt by a leader: The person makes a modest effort.
CONCERN FOR OTHERS  look up translate image
In Hofstede's research, an emphasis on personal relationships, concern for others, and a high quality of life. (Also known as femininity.)
CONCERT BUILDING  look up translate image
A conception of the leader's role that involves both aligning and mobilizing.
CONFLICT OF INTEREST  look up translate image
Any business activity, personal or company related, that interferes with the company's goals or that entails unethical or illegal actions.
CONGRUENCE  look up translate image
The matching of verbal and nonverbal communication to what the sender is thinking and feeling.
CONJUNCTIVE COMMUNICATION  look up translate image
Communication that is linked logically to previous messages, thus enhancing communication.
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