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FAITH  look up translate image
the belief in something beyond ourselves
FARSIGHTEDNESS  look up translate image
The ability to understand the long-range implications of actions and policies.
FEEDBACK  look up translate image
The flow of information back to the learner so that actual performance can be compared with planned performance.
A learning experience that helps leaders develop by see- ing more clearly their patterns of behaviors, the reasons for such behaviors, and the impact of these behaviors and attitudes on their effectiveness.
FIVE WHY'S  look up translate image
A Japanese practice of asking "why" five times when confronted with a problem. By the time the fifth why is answered, they believe they have found the ultimate cause of the problem.
FLEXIBILITY  look up translate image
The ability of a system to respond quickly, in terms of range and time, to external or internal changes.
FLEXTIME  look up translate image
An arrangement in which employees are allowed to choose work hours as long as the standard number of work hours are met. Also, some flextime systems require that the hours fall within a certain range, e.g. 5:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
FOLLOW-UP  look up translate image
Monitoring of job, task, or project progress to see that operations are performed on schedule.
FORCED-ASSOCIATION TECHNIQUE  look up translate image
A method of releasing creativity in which individuals or groups solve a problem by making associations between the properties of two objects.
FORMALITY  look up translate image
The attachment of considerable importance to tradition, ceremony, social rules, and rank.
FUNDAMENTAL ATTRIBUTION ERROR  look up translate image
The attribution of the causes of others' behaviors to personal factors (personality, beliefs, attitudes and values) and the causes of one's own behavior to situational factors. The attributor underestimates the causal significance of situational pressures on the others' behaviors and underestimates the significance of personal factors on one's own behavior. (Johnson & Johnson, pg.598)
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