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ZERO-COUPON BONDS  look up translate image
Bonds that do not pay interest periodically. Instead these bonds are purchased at a discount and held to maturity, when all compounded interest is paid and the bondholder collects the face value of the bond. Under U.S. tax laws, the imputed interest rate is still taxable as income, although there is no actual cash flow before maturity.
ZERO-COUPON CD  look up translate image
A certificate of deposit that pays interest only upon maturity.
ZERO-MINUS TICK  look up translate image
A stock trade at a price that is equal to the preceding trade but lower than the last different price.
ZERO-PLUS TICK  look up translate image
A stock trade at a price that is equal to the preceding trade but higher than the last different price.
ZEROS  look up translate image
See Zero-Coupon Bonds.
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