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CAPITAL OFFENSE  look up translate image
In Missouri, the commission of murder in the first degree, i.e., killing another person with deliberation, is punishable by a sentence of death, or life imprisonment without the possibility of probation or parole.
CHARGE  look up translate image
A formal accusation filed by the prosecutor's office that a specific person has committed a specific crime; also referred to as "pressing charges."
CIRCUIT COURT  look up translate image
In Missouri, the Circuit Court has jurisdiction in criminal matters over all felonies.
COMPLAINT  look up translate image
A preliminary charge made by the state that a person has committed a specified offense.
CONCURRENT SENTENCES  look up translate image
Running together -- concurrent sentences run, or are served, at the same time.
CONSECUTIVE SENTENCES  look up translate image
Sentences run one after the other.
CONTINUANCE  look up translate image
A delay or postponement of a court hearing; the case is said to be "continued" when it has been delayed or postponed. A case can be continued for good cause, such as illness or witness unavailability, or by agreement of the parties.
CONVICTION  look up translate image
A judgment of the court, based either on the decision of a jury or judge that the defendant is guilty of the crime for which he or she was tried.
CRIME  look up translate image
A violation of the law.
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Criminal terms
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